Hi Everyone!

Just checking in quick with a little family update.

I always find something to keep me busy, and my family definitely does that. I always have something going on, and when things slow down, I manage to find something else to pile on my plate!

Our recent addition to the schedule is something that has kept me VERY busy lately!

Amber has started modeling for a very reputable modeling  agency in Boston Ma.

We have a 3 year contract as of right now (and yes we can get out if she doesn’t want to do it anymore-WHEW!). They have several agencies, and have represented some of the biggest names in the industry.

Now this isn’t like PAGEANTS! It’s totally different. You don’t get them glammed up, to look 21, put them in a ton of make-up, spray tan, froofy hair, and poofy dresses. They keep them natural looking and age appropriate! Nothing creepy.

I love how they tell the girls your schooling is first, and we don’t want you to think of this as a career, but a hobby. Much like taking dance classes, or playing soccer! You need to have a life goal for an actual career. Honestly the chance of becoming “big” is very minimal, so a career plan is great. So far Amber wants to be a veterinarian. That may change, but I am certainly encouraging that! She has said that the last 2+ years, so fingers crossed, that is a great goal.

As for the modeling, this is something Amber has wanted to do for some time now. She is photogenic, and loves getting in front of the camera. She is almost 7, so she is arriving at the perfect age to start in this industry, should she actually have a chance at doing something. The goal is to possibly allow her to do photo shoots for magazines, runway, ads, and possibly commercials or MAYBE act, in any capacity.

She is currently taking some classes that will hopefully help her break into the acting aspect of it, should an opportunity arise. If not, the classes are great in general because they are teaching her a lot about herself, how to interact with people, memorize lines (which can help in school), and project a positive image. She absolutely loves everything about this.

I’m surprised at how seriously she is taking this, given her age, but then again, she is an “old” 6 year old. I think our family dynamic has made Amber into being a mature, polite, self sufficient, responsible, confident, care taking, and loving girl. She always strives to do her best at everything, and this is no different.

She had her first photo shoot last week!

CLICK EACH PHOTO TO VIEW (this is the gallery option for my blog)

Out these photos, they will only pick 2 ! CRAZY!

Her next shoot is in 2 weeks.

I’m very proud of her 😀

I am especially proud that she is always well behaved (especially in this situation – as its very important), polite and patient. We have a long drive and even longer waits for meetings, photos etc. It’s not all always fun, but I’m always proud to introduce her to people because she is so good about all of it. She always speaks clearly, makes eye contact, and thanks the people involved for their time. It’s cool to see your children actually put into practice, what you teach them at home. Amber is actually kinda shy, although she does well interacting with others. Not so shy that she wouldn’t talk, just a little shy, and quiet. I am the polar opposite, being extremely outgoing. My son Noah is much more like me personality. We can’t go anywhere without him talking to someone and making a ton of friends instantly. Alexa is so shy its scary! She is often mute in public! We have been trying to work on that for some time, and she is getting much better 😀

As for her photo shoot she was VERY nervous! I didn’t expect her to get so nervous. The photographer actually had to tell her to breath! LOL! You could tell she was nervous, this being her first time in front of a professional team, in a  huge room of people, with large lights, and a big camera in her face, with various people telling her what to do. The photographer having a heavy French accent. By the end of the shoot, she got more comfortable, and started really enjoying it, and switching from serious to smiling, from this position to that.

As time goes on she will get more comfortable. Right now we are working on exposing her to the camera and getting her portfolio built up. She has her first runway show in October, unless something comes up before hand, so she is preparing for that as well. By that time she will have her photo portfolio complete, along with a video profile for the agency. That is also where the classes come in! It will really help her with that. I guess with the Internet being what it is they do a lot with that, and given her age, they want photos updated monthly. Thankfully we don’t have to pay for them! LOL!! It will be cool to see her grow and change over the next 3 years, having a professionally documented photo album. I love too, that I can print, post and do what I want/need with the agency photos. The photographer signs a waiver to us that allows us to make prints etc. Very cool.

Anyway, this is a big part of what we are doing right now. It feels nice to divide some of my time to the baby of the family. When Alexa got Leukemia, Amber had just turned one, and I was away in the hospital for 9 months, and even then after that much time has been dedicated to Alexa. I think Amber enjoys the time she and I are spending as we do the photo shoots, meetings, classes and whatever else may come. So this help alleviate some of my guilt, not being in two places at once!

Now speaking of Alexa…she just had her port-a-cath removed, and celebrates her 4th year in remission!! Now we only need to see the doctors every 6 months. Amazing! I promise that I will do my best to get some photos of her as soon as we have a nice sunny day! What can I say…she is 11! I’ve tried getting her photos the last 2 months and she gives me TOTAL attitude! She’d rather keep drawing, writing, reading and playing on her laptop! I’m a little freaked because she’s started with her yearly bout of congestion, that starts late Spring, then turns to pneumonia in the fall, despite everything we try to do. Last September she ended up in the ICU for 2 weeks. That was by far the scariest time I’ve ever had with her, heat surgery, Croup, Cancer and all! So I’m praying that encouraging her coughing will curb this.

My mom had her surgery, to remove her tumor, and is recovering well, but not as quickly as she would like. It’s been a very long year and a half for her. She still has 4 months left of Chemo. Her divorce is coming up at month’s end, and her soon to be ex-husbands attempted murder trail is in July. I of course will be there for her through all of it, so that will be a little crazy, as the drive is about 2 1/2 hours ONE WAY. Its so emotionally and physically draining. There is so much on her plate, and I try to unload it, but there isn’t much I can do about the emotional toll things are taking on her other that to be here for her and listen.

Um, what else…Noah, he is great! He can’t wait to end the school year, and start up Soccer. He SOOOOOO tall it’s insane. He is literally the height of most 13 year olds, based on the growth chart, from what the doctor says. They expect him to be at least 6’5. He’s been picking me daisies, and writing me notes,then leaving them under my pillow at night! So sweet. (minus a bug of two from the flower-EW!)

Hubby-he is good. I have the best, most supportive husband/father. He is hard at work on the house,landscaping and getting a patio done so we can have a family/friend BBQ 4th of July or during Annual Balloon Rally 😀 As for Amber, he was initially not on board, but then seeing the agency is legit, and how much Amber wanted to do this, he is OK with it. He was actually proud too when he saw how well she conducted herself amongst adults.

Anyway, that is it,  in a nutshell. I just wanted to get on here and tell you all what I’m up to these days, aside from WORK, and creating. I feel like I go from one release to the next, and don’t want to forget about the time I’ve spent just sharing and connecting with other here in this amazing cyberland of friends (and real one of course).

So I hope you are all enjoying the start of Summer. I would love to hear something that is going on in your life now if you want to share!

Happy thoughts!