We have some more peek projects for you today!

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  • Now it’s time to share my sample with you!

    I made this for my son Noah 😀 He is 9 and loves putting his “treasures” in boxes, and hiding them in his room where no one will find them.

    Note: My sample is altered to be wider than the initial template. This template was designed to allow you to quickly and easily extend the length. Simply cut the top and bottom panels to be longer and you are good to go!


    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    6 1/4 Inches Tall

    4 X 4 Inches Wide

    This Pretty Package is a real treasure with all the versatility it can offer! With this template you can create a plethora of gifts for all ages.

    I made my box into a treasure chest by creating it in a Kraft cardstock, then cutting strips in a darker Kraft cardstock, that I had printed the woodgrain pattern from the Custom Construction Materials © paper!

    It looks amazing and realistic all the way around 😀 I really love how this turned out.

    My ONLY regret was not having enough brads to make this llok more authentic. I didn’t have enough to complete the box and time was ticking. Remeber I will have just had surgery and needed to get stuff done ahead of time. Oh well! I don’t think Noah will care!

    The top I chose to use the “build your own” sailboat image from the NEW! set called Seas the Day. I added the customized sentiment “For my amazing Son” to the flag from the Seas the Day Sentiments set.

    Now what to put inside…..

    Here I found some super cute Pirate designed Easter Eggs, so I filled them with various “treasures” and put them in here. How cute huh? This would make a great gift box or an excellent party favor, or table centerpiece!!

     The top and bottom panels of this are easily alterable so you can create a longer version of this box with ease, as I did in my sample today.

    The package also comes complete with the lock, hinge and handle pieces to really make this simple box one to treasure for much time to come.

    Use this package to create a treasure chest (long or stout), a stunning gift box, a mail box, tackle box, lunch box, robot box, jukebox, owl/other animal….wherever your creativity takes you!

    Now how about a feminine version?

    Now this is the original sample for the Treasured Template, complete with all the bells ans whistles this template comes with, such as the pretty base, handles, hinges and lock details!

    I used the stunning paper from Regal Round Up © for my box design.

    The top features flowers from the Bloom Builders © cut file. I just resized each smaller version to 75%.

    The flowers really added that something special to the top and my tag, which was made using the Fine Finish ©set and cut using the Fine Finish © cut file.

    Here I have packaged a large candle and stand!

    I love how the paper matches my candle holder 😀

    This template just hinges open…..

    and my candle/stand fits perfectly-with room to spare!

    The dome top allows you to package up a variety of sizable items too. You can put much taller gifts in here as well 😀 I love that!

    See-this can be both masculine AND feminine 😀

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:


    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Seas the Day & Seas the Day Sentiments, Fine Finish

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Custom Construction Materials, Regal Round Up

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Fine Finish, Bloom Builders

    Tomorrow is THE day, so I hope you will come back to see our amazing NEW products, which we will feature in a blog hop/group post!

    See you then!