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  In honor of our September Release each member of the design team has put together a Tricky Treat idea just in time for Halloween!!

 Be sure you take the time to visit each one of our talented design team members for a unique idea: 



 Now it’s my turn to share my Tricky Treat ideas with you 😀

 You can hardly buy ONE gift bag in the store for $5, let alone re-use, re-size, or customize it! Our templates grant you the option of making as many as you possibly can for a one time purchase, of what ONE gift bag would cost you. You can design it to coordinate with any gift, all year round, year after year, and you can resize it! Now that is the true meaning of VALUE!

So all that being said I made three Tricky Treat Totes © to show you some fun ideas 😀

With Halloween on the horizon, I know many of you like to create treats for those trick or treaters! Just in time for Halloween we have an amazing treat bag called the Tricky Treat Tote ©. I designed these three totes for my children, and left the images on each blank so they can color them however they want! So it’s a fun customizable tote, filled with treats!

Color Me Witch Way

This Tricky Treat Tote © was designed for my 7 year old daughter Amber. As you can see her tote includes a new box of crayons, so she can color as she chooses.

She loved the Witch Way Single © so I knew this one was perfect for her! I just chose what size I wanted to print my Witch Way Single ©, and used Using Cut Files With Digital Images  TUTORIAL > HERE to cut out the decorative panel.

Her favorite color is purple, so I chose to use the Traditional Halloween © paper to accent it! As you can see on the bottom I used the Witchy pattern in the collection for the front, and the back!

DON’T FORGET to design all sides of your creations! It gives them that compete,  finished, professional detail that is so important 😀 If you can see it, you could make sure it looks good! On the side panels I chose to use the Traditional Halloween © paper. I love the way it looks and it was SO SIMPLE to do!

Each tote has a pack of crayons, a coordinating PEZ dispenser, Ghost PEEPS, A Reese Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Pumpkin, and some other fun candies in the bottom.

Frankin Fun Color

Now an idea for the boys! This one was approved by my 8 year old son, Noah. He is one tough critic, as everything has to be very BOYISH!

We have several great Halloween Singles this month that can be used for the boys 😀 My son loved the The Count Single © – Digital, so I designed his Tricky Treat Tote © using him 😀 I think he is actually excited to get to color him, once I give these over to them. They have to wait, for now!

I added a few lil’ bats to complete The Count theme! Noah said since I put a bat in the middle of the “bow” then the bow was OK to how on here! Oh boy! He is PICKY! LOL!

Now the paper I used for this one is actually the same Traditional Halloween © paper I used in the Witch Way (above) project, I just changed the purple to gray, and it suddenly took on a very BOYISH color scheme!

Pretty cool huh?!

I also used the Collegiate pattern from Academic Hodge Podge ©, recolored to black & white for the side panels. Since I was going with “The Count” theme I thought the numbers would be FUN!

You have to LOVE the possibilities that our Pretty Printable Digital Papers offer! You NEVER run out of a pattern! No more hoarding your paper! You can re-color the paper to suit your projects, you can print only what size you need, and the scale of the paper can change…to name a few perks. Printing your own paper is actually more affordable than people realize too. READ THIS POST HERE!!!

Color Me Kitty

Last but not least!

A pink Halloween Tote?! Why not? Who says everything has to be all dark, creepy and black? That is the beauty of being an artist and customizing gifts for the person receiving them! My daughter is a PINK girl. She loves pink any and everything and really didn’t want your typical Halloween color themed gift. Can’t say I blame her!

This tote was designed using the ever adorable Purr-Fect Pumpkin Single © !

It’s oh, so cute, and far from creepy!

Alexa, my almost 12 year old loves to color, and that is actually how this idea to leave these BLANK for them to color, came to me! She asked me if instead of ME coloring it, if she could instead. GREAT IDEA Alexa 😀

Now for the paper on this one I used the Chocolate Halloween © collection! It’s amazing that using all the same patterns, just in different color, you get such different results!
This is the back!
I think you will agree it is a much needed and nice touch, as I’ve mentioned previously. Again I used all the same papers, just in various colors. It allowed me to create 3 DIFFERENT, personal totes, just my changing up the colors!
It was fun to fill these up, and I know my kids are so excited each holiday when mom makes them something special, that you cannot buy in the stores. I hope it’s this type of thing that they will remember when they are grown.
They want me to make these for their classmates this year! I think that is something I can do, I would resize it to probably 50% for their classmates. Maybe even make it a class project to cut and let the kids assemble during a craft time activity! We live in a small town, and parent participation in school is always encouraged. I like being involved in the school because it helps me get to know the faculty and the kids my children interact with everyday!

 So, open yourself up to the versatility our products really can offer!!

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Pretty Packaging Templates: Tricky Treat Tote

Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Purr-Fect Pumpkin, The Count, Witch Way

Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Traditional & Chocolate Halloween

Now for non craft related stuff…

My kids are back at school

 Where did the little kids, with little faces, and soft tiny voices, who I use to bathe, use to let me pick out their clothes, brush their teeth and do their hair go? They now pretty much take care of themselves. Time has certainly flown and my little kids aren’t looking so little these days. They are now these amazing mini adults with amazing thoughts, and dreams for their life and future. Each has a variety of likes, loves, and opinions that they freely express daily! Each one is so different from the other, while all raised the same.

Amber is 7, and now in 2nd Grade

Amber-only 7, yet so old! She is the type of girl that wants to conquer the world, and I have no doubt she will do whatever she sets her mind to. She is the most independent of the group, and is the other mommy in the house, often bossing around the siblings to follow through with their chores, be responsible and help out. She is my cleaning and crafting buddy. She is also the girl that puts on a dress and goes out in it to catch bugs, or play soccer. She loves arts and crafts, and getting her hands dirty in the garden at the same time. She is very maternal, and has wanted to be a Vetranarian for the last 3 years. She is invloved in so many activities, and just loves keeping busy, much like me I think!

Noah is 8 and he is now in 3rd Grade.

Noah- here I can see what he will look like at 24! He has become the sweetest boy, and gets taller and taller everyday! He towers over his older sister, and is just inches away from being as tall as my mom! He is ever changing and becomes more and more like his dad everyday! Since Jay is the best guy on two feet, that is definitely a good thing. Noah is my most outgoing child. He will talk to anyone and makes a friend wherever he goes. He is so funny, and sweet, I can really tell what kind of man he will become. When I am sick he checks on me often, and even makes me toast 😀 He is definitely a “people pleaser” and is often a favorite with the teachers. He has an obsession with the “law” and people obeying the rules! He says he wants to be a dentist, but I think given his need for people to do what is right, and follow the rules, he should become a prosecuting attorney (as I can’t see him defending criminals) or a cop (but that would FREAK me out)! Whatever he does he has to be the best at, so I know whatever he chooses to do he will try his best, and I will be as proud as can be.

Alexa is almost 12! She is now in 5th Grade

Oh Alexa! She is growing so fast. I recall all the milestones I struggled to get her to meet. Now she is just a few years from being a woman herself. I am always pushing her to be independent, and I am now struggling to let her be just that when it comes to picking and choosing her clothing!! She is afterall almost 12, and what SHE wants to wear, and what I want her to wear are two different things! I want her in feminine, sweet clothes (like her younger sister), and she wants a very different style of glittery, mis-matchy, rocker style stuff like Hannah Montana, I Carly, Victoious,  and other popular “role models”a little older than her wear . Needless to say school shopping was tough (for me), allowing Alexa to express herself. If I want her to be so independent then I have to get over having control over everything she does, and let her make her own choices. Her clothing isn’t inappropriate or anything, just not MY style, but she ins’t ME. It’s great to see her come into her own and trying to express herself as she enters her pre-teen years. I just pray I can handle all that is to come. as she gets older, and more mature, before my eyes. My “baby” is no longer a “baby, and that is hard to accept sometimes, but part of being a parent is letting them live and learn on their own. I need to give her the oppourtunity to spread her wings and utilitze the skills I’ve been trying to teach her all these years. She has overcome so much in her life. I look forward to all she has yet to accomplish 😀

Thanks for letting me share today!

Return tomorrow for more projects and ideas.