Hi everyone

Sorry I’m so MIA-but I have LOTS of eye candy to come, I swear! With all my hustling my mojo is coming back 😀 YEAH!

Sadly I have 344 photos to edit before I can really share too much :C That should tell you something 😀 Plus I have dates to wait for too.

As I shared the other day, my family played hookie from school so we could all go to the annual Deerfield Fair! This is something we do EVERY year, and all look forward to. This was by far the easiest year with the kids. No needing to LUG too much stuff, and Alexa is much stronger and was able to keep up with all the walking. Usually she has a hard time getting around all day long.

Really a FAB time, except for the CHILL.

This year was especially FABULOUS because  Amber won FIRST PLACE for a Sunflower she painted!! It was featured at the Fair 😀


Here it is

Isn’t it so cute?? She just loves to do anything crafty. Melts my heart.


 I was so excited about this.

This is the first time we had anything featured at the fair 😀 We didn’t know she won first place-until we got there. I could have done a cartwheel for her. She can’t wait to get it back and buy a special frame for it. OK that part was my idea! LOL! But I really was proud of her.

Here we are – posing in front of her flower


Sorry-I went with Black & white because when Jay took the photo it was a bit out of focus, and this was the ONLY one I had of us here, so it looked better in B&W

Here she is with daddy


See mommy knows how to take a good photo-first try! LOL!

Here she is later with the clown


She is a camera HOG 😀 Most kids would run from teh clown (as Alexa did! LOL!) but not Amber-she loved her.

This is how poor Noah spent the day at the fair! He cracks me up.


I have to say it was especially STINKY this year :C He isn’t big on me getting any pictures of him.


I do love this one though-taken right before he lost his 2 top teeth, one right after the other. No bottoms in this one.

I felt the need to share it as he is MIA in most of these photos.


Visiting the sheep is one of Alexa’s FAVORITE things to do. Most are so friendly. They all flock to her when she goes to the gate, and that makes her feel like the sheep whisperer! LOL! She gets SO excited.

Here we have the trio


We always get a photo in front of the pumpkin winners. This year was busy and people kept passing in front of the camera, so this was the quick shot.

Got one with dad in there too….


 Fun to see how much changes year to year……


IT was chilly! I had 3 sweaters on that day, and still a bit cool. It was like 50 degrees. To ME that is freezing to be out all day

Now here I am again with my crazy girls-Noah didn’t want in :C


Alexa is mocking me here-gotta lover her sense of humor! She always makes fun of my “posing” for the camera smile stuff.

As you can see my hair is VERY short!!! But I’m OK with it-I think.

Well I figure I should share at least ONE card with you-

I made this a few weeks ago, and forgot to share it-I’ve needed some BOYISH cards, so here goes…


Ruffles has a birthday!

This image is beyond perfect for a birthday card! BEYOND!

It is called Ruffles Party. I think its beyond cute. Best part of these images is they are so gender neutral, which is a plus when you have girls AND boys. My mojo was still away when I made this, so I kept it simple. I love the COLOR. I don’t think it needed to be overdone with tons of layering.


I had a blast coloring it most. I have been itching to use it for some time now, and was FINALLY able to ink’er up.

Cute, detailed , but not too overwhelming.

I felt it was boyish until my son pointed out the fact I added a PINK button-and colored a pink balloon! I could just slap myself! He said its NOT a boy card if it has ANY girl colors-like pink. A point I will remember in the future!! I would not have thought otherwise, had he not said that.

Well thanks for hanging in with me and ALL my craziness. I know NONE of it makes sense till you see WHAT I have been working on, in between family. I have a lot on my plate these days, and its ALL good stuff!!

I feel so blessed to be where I am in my life right now. So blessed with my family (especially),and  myself-coming into my 30’s I know what I want, where I want to go, and HOW to get there (I think! LOL!), I have gotten healthy and stayed that way, I have continued with my "career"/ hobby. I have set so many new goals and am working so hard to just make it all happen.

So, while I get it all done, I appreciate all of you who stop by and visit. I have especially enjoyed a recent flood of kind emails from readers who have totally brightened my day, and made my remember why I keep trying to push forward and better my best.

You all make my time shared here so worth every moment.

I really just open up my life and every ounce of me. Its cool to be able to do so.