The end of the school year nears, and Summer is just about here!

It is time to show you some of the products we are releasing tomorrow, June 1st.

I don’t know about you but I have tons of gifts to give all year round, especially with the end of the school year. Today we are all sharing our latest template Tapered Off, and the many great gift ideas you can use no matter what the occassion, event or season.

Tapered Off $3.99

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

The box has 2 parts. The box itself, and an optional lid for a finished look.

Completed Project Size:

  • 6  Inches Tall
  • 6 Inches Wide
  • 3 1/8  Inches Deep

This amazing package has a tapered top, giving it the name Tapered Off. This is a fantastic sized gift box with many limitless possibilities. The many layers included allows you so many fun design options, including an “cap” topper to top off this fun tapered package!

The way it unfolds open allows you many gift giving options as well! You can even add a window to the front and/or back.

Here I chose to use come pretty patterned paper from the Parade of Patterns ©.  The decorative layers allow you to quickly and easily cover the box, but the lid really can help you dress it up a bit more.

I added the scalloped detail to my lid using the Border Builders Open Scallop © cut file, and I also made a simple band with the striped pattern in the Parade of Patterns © paper and then layered the scallops again from the Border Builders Open Scallop ©, for a simple touch of elegance, without a lot of work. It just slips right off the box.

The tag topper was created using the Framed Elegance © set, and was cut using the Framed Elegance © cut file. I used the roses from the Well Rounded © set. I cut and layered them several times for a little more depth and interest. It was quick and easy, and looks really pretty in real life.

The hanging tag was also created using the Well Rounded © set, and was cut using the Well Rounded Tag © cut file. I think it is just an additional touch that adds to the overall box design.

With this template you can package up items for every occasion! Some great ideas include: making it a three dimensional house, monogram or homemade cards/stationary set, home baked treats, knitting /embroidery supplies, arts & crafts, candles, bath & beauty products, handmade items: hat, gloves, scarves or mittens, a snowman kit, lollipops, candy, chocolate dipped pretzels, candy apple kit, two cupcakes, dolls/stuffed animals,  baking products/mixes for breads, dips, cakes, cookies, or even soup!

The list just goes on and on!

Come back tomorrow as we celebrate our release and share even more amazing ideas using our latest products.