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Happiest of Holidays to you all!!

On a personal note, thank you ALL for the kind comments, prayers and emails in regards to my mother. She has a tough road ahead, and DAILY treatment, so it will be a busy time. I know she is strong and can beat this 😀 She has already done several grueling tests that she didn’t think she could make it through!! We have received good news yesterday that her cancer is contained to one area, and hasn’t metastasized to her brain or other organs. She has a VERY good chance of being cured 😀 While my mom is still dealing withthe shock of having a cancerous tumor, I am elated to received such wonderful news. I accepted this info day one, and knew I had to be focused on caring for her immediately. She is still in a little denial, and I don’t think it ever feels real. My daughters ordeal felt like a foggy dream when it was over, even though I KNOW it was very real.

I am the one who will be taking her to her any/all appointments. I also ensure he errands are run and she eats. I will ensure her pets are cared for and house stays clean (she and I can’t rest if the house is messy! LOL!) I personally talk to ALL her medical team (we set that permission into place immediately!), I organize all her appointments, and carry all her info around with me. I believe I was a nurse at one point in my life so I could properly care for me family at this point! LOL! Having been through a lot of this and the uncanny ability to retain medical information, its easy for me to do all that, and good for her because it is TOO MUCH to take in for the person going through it. She doesn’t have to worry about any of it 😀 I just tell her what time to be ready the next day.

I have to say it makes me feel so good to be able to do all this for her. I don’t feel helpless. I enjoy it, and it gives me purpose. She told me the other day that when I am by her side she feels like she can conquer the world. To know that I can help her feel that way is a wonderful feeling. That is what I try to do, because I KNOW she can, she just has to believe it herself 😀

My brother lives with her currently, so I feel good knowing in my absence she isn’t alone. He also has overtaken her Commercial Cleaning Company, so she will be able to keep her company/income.

On a note about her court case…she had court on Monday. They tried to plea bargain with her husband for him serving ONLY 5 years, then deportation back to Portugal. He refused the plea bargain, as he thinks if he is heard, he will be acquitted! He think he should walk, and actually thought he’s get out on bail Monday! He has told his lawyer this is my mom’s fault. If she just kept her mouth shut, he’d be free and walking. He thinks many people on the “jury” will share his thoughts/feelings on this matter, so he wants to go to trial!!

He faces 6 charges:

Attempted Murder

Assault and Battery

Assault with a deadly weapon


Attempt to do harm

Intimidating a witness

Each charge I believe has  a MINIMUM of 5 years jail time. 

Now we have to go through the drama of a trail which my mom is so upset over. She just wants this to end, and for him to go back where he came from. I told her we will do whatever we have to, to be sure he is placed wherever God intends. One step at a time.

Now about the trail, if I understand the way this is suppose to work, I interpreted the system to work as follows:

A jury will decide after seeing photos, hearing the police, doctors, my mother and her ex testify,  on what charges he is guilty of (and they could say he isn’t guilty-but the photos alone prove otherwise). From there, based on what the jury decides the judge will be the one to decide how many years for each charge he will receive.

For example for the Attempted Murder charge, lets say the guideline for sentencing was 5 to 15 years, the judge could say for the Attempted Murder change he will serve 12 years, for the Kidnapping charge 7 years…and so on.

There is also a video of him confessing but now he claims he didn’t understand what he was saying (despite the fact he speaks perfect English) and there will be a hearing on that alone on Jan 20th.

So lots going on.

My favorite quote ” The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

So here we are at step one.