Well tomorrow is the BIG Release for All That Scraps!

Everything I have previewed over the last few days will FINALLY be available to you! YIPEE!!

Check out the blogfor more peeks and your chance to win todays set.

Feeling Fowl?


This set is called Get Well Critters from the  Cookie Crumbs (aka Diane Zechman) line

Oh and yes this horrific photo was taken the same day as the last bad 2! LOL!

I have to say I ADORE this card! I love the FARM FRIENDLY (hahahaha) colors, and especially the layout!!

The chicken, to me, is cutest image in the set. I just loved him when I saw him-along with the sentiment.

So I hope you like the set too.

Now onto a personal level


8 hours in, and its still not done! My body hurts. So YES! “I ” am feeling “fowl”. We had some very big unexpected issues arise

The WORST part-the darn company “forgot” to include the instructions (we printed them online-all 48 pages!!!) some of the wood pieces and ALL the hardware! So Jay had to go out and BUY over $100 worth of nuts, blots and washers!

He spent 3 hours at the store getting every nut and blot known to man, while I was in the backyard, trying to keep the kids entertained at home, while sorting out the wood pieces, and then laying each one out on the ground in section for the pieces for

The rock wall, Swing Post, Ladder, Base, sides etc

Now if you KNEW me, you would know Im your typical GIRLY GIRL. This is so not a Lauren activity! LOL! Figuring it all out was far from enjoyable.

Keep in mind they label NOTHING! So I have to MEASURE each wood piece to ensure its the correct one-YEAH! So not fun.

It is also missing some decorative elements-like ONE window, the roof awning for shade, the chalkboard and swing stuff. GRR!!!

So after spending SO MUCH money on a swing set, to be missing so much is seriously upsetting. After we got the 2 HUGE heavy boxes down our HILL in the yard, we realized just WHAT the heck was missing. Had we known it was missing like everything other than the WOOD, we wouldn’t have LUGGED it down our HILL of a yard!

Keep in mind Jay has 2 herniated discs, and the shots have done NOTHING. We are looking at surgery-so I had to do the brunt of the lifting and pulling.

I called Toys R Us FUMING over our findings. Their response was-pack it back up and return it then!

NICE. Oh and not happening after I got THAT far into it.

I am calling the manufacturer tomorrow and trust me, someone else will know just how fowl I feel.

Toys R Us said they had NUMEROUS boxes like this missing hardware, and key parts to the set. I want to know how you can charge like a 1,000 for a wooden swing set, and NOT make sure EVERYTHING is included?!

OK Sorry-Im just very upset about this whole situation.

They should at the least ship out what was missing, and refund the hardware we HAD to buy (since we PROMISED our kids we would put it together this weekend) Can’t make them wait the 3 weeks for shipping hardware! Summer will be half done!
Granted I don’t mind that some of the decorative stuff will be missing-like the roof and whatnot. They can still PLAY and use it.

Anywho-enough of that disaster.

I hope to share HAPPY photos of the ids playing on the half decorated swing set this week! LOL!

OH! I will definitely keep you posted on what the swing company has to say.

Tomorrow is my Papertrey Ink Design Team Challenge! You won’t want to miss that. I busted my HINEY on it.

OK back to the yard