Let’s Do Lunch!


NOTE: templates released on the 15th!

Great Guide-This was my concept project for this template. AKA hard copy from my original template.

I am so excited about this template that I nearly did a cartwheel . I’m OVER THE MOON that I was able to figure out HOW to get a CARDSTOCK version of one of my most favorite gift packaging items ever–>the rounded top, metal lunch box, is NOW a gift packaging template for papercrafters! WOOT! WOOT!!

 I cannot tell you HOW MANY, metal lunch box tins I have personally purchased for my children and/or for their friends for gifts! I mean let’s face it, they are pretty darn cute! They can hold a boat load of fabulous stuff , and look super cute altered.


 BUT………..there is always a BUT!………… They cost UPWARDS of $6 EACH!! If you don’t believe me-price them out yourself.

Lots of time and money wasted, I finally decided that my paper version is just what was needed, to not only make life easier, but personalization, as well as the expense! Now there is NO FUSS! You get an amazing Lunch Box Tin, every time, in much less time than it takes to cover something you don’t like to begin with.You can make it for ANYONE!

Here are some links to the kind you BUY in a store







Now we have the Let’s Do Lunch by My Timeless Templates!

You can just print, cut, score and assemble! EASY PEASY! I promise. Seriously goes together very quickly.


Side/back view


My Timeless Template: Let’s Do Lunch

Stamps: Guidelines 2

Cardstock : True LBack, Raspberry Fizz, Guidelines 2

Ink: Gray, Raspberry Fizz, Black

Ribbonin Prasberry Fizz, True Black

Vintage Button in True Black

Other: Scallop punch, large eyelet colored black with Sharpie marker, Paint can handle, Prima Flower

 As you can see they are 2 pieces so you can mix and match. So many possibilities.

And HELLO! ONLY $5! For LESS than ONE metal lunch-box, you get our template, 5 exclusive ideas, and unlimited gifts that you can easily design for yourself, over and over again. Just ONE use of this template pays for itself.

This template is SERIOUSLY easy and fabulous 😀 Yes I’m tooting my own horn, because it wasn’t easy to figure out HOW to get this one perfect. It took me MANY HOURS to design this so that the lid had a PERFECT curve-that is ONE piece, and folded together SMOOTHLY, and EASILY!

For handle options you can:

Use a thick wire, and bend your own (template provided!)

Use paint can handle-with large eyelets (like sample above)

Use Ribbon

Use cardstock

 or omit handle and make it a gift box, or decorative box.

Buy purse handle at store for $1.99

Now we have another project sample!

Darling Daisy



My Timeless Template: Lets Do Lunch

Stamps: Floral Frenzy

Cardstock: Smokey Shadow, Black, Lemon Tart

Ink: Snow White, Craft ink in yellow, Smokey Shadow

Ribbon-Michaels stitched ribbon

Other: Hodge Podge Hardware, banana brads, purse handle

Included in the template is the scoring guide, to help you get the PERFECT curve when folding, a guide to create a perfect hidden latch closure (if you want that type of closure), as well as the curved decorative side panels for EASY layering for the sides of your Let’s Do Lunch Box! We also added a printable guide for you to create your own decorative handle from special wire 😀

For my box I purchased a metal pocketbook handle at Michaels Craft Store of only $1.99!


You just unscrew the bottom, and insert it into the box top 😀 In the idea book, I have another idea using the same handle 😀 BUT you gotta purchase the template to see the Idea Book 😀

You can also use many ways to CLOSE your box!


Here I used some Hodge Podge hardware to make closures to tie my Let’s Do Lunch Box closed!

Other easy Latch Options:

Use latch template provided

Use hardware to close

Use ribbons to tie shut

Use scallop borders to secure closed

Inside this box I purchases some Gourmet Popcorn from PoppyCock-Caramel Cashew! YUM-A-Licious!


I just put it in a adhesive bag, and wrapped it in tulle, then added a Prima Flower.

Fits perfectly in here, and make a nice keepsake for the receiver to keep and use at their discretion.

Now I loved the Black , Smokey Shadow and Lemon together, so I made another variation of this box, only this one is being used with NO handle, and given as a CARD BOX!

Let’s Do Lunch goes Decorative Gift box!

Poppy Color Pop OSW


I LOVE making my own patterned paper! Which is exactly what I did in ALL three samples today. Its CHEAP, FUN and EASY. I can make as much or as little as I want, and not worry about “running out”.

I think this is SUCH a pretty BOX! Weather you use a fun and funky handle, or closure, or just keep it BASIC-its stunning for packaging anything!

I made this a card box-but it would be a STUNNING Recipe box too 😀



My Timeless Template: Let’s Do Lunch

Stamps: Remember, Mega Mixed Messages, Background Basics :Text Style

Cardstock: Smokey Shadow, Soft Stone, True Black and Lemon Tart

Ink: Smokey Shadow, Sahara Sand, Lemon Tart, True Black

Ribbon: Lemon Tart

Vintage Buttons in True Black

Other: Scallop Border punch, circle punches

Here is the lid open. I made a scallop border, which I adhered INSIDE the top lid, so that the scallop borders fits IN the box bottom, and hold it closed, but looks SO pretty when you open it!


 I designed 6 cards (and 6 envelopes for 4 1/4 squared) 2 lemon base, 2 smokey shadow base, and 2 black base

2 each of the 3 different designs you see here-and put them in the box


I basically stamped a One Sheet Wonder, and used the elements from that ONE sheet of stamped cardstock to make my gift set!

I love the look. I hope you do too!

Now I would SO love to hear your thoughts on the newest templates!!  It took forever to get this one done, so I hope you are as excited by it as I am!!

So that is my peek for tonigh! I have SOOOOO many more ideas 😀 As always! So wait until you see my next post. More of making my own patterned paper too. These projects are what keep me SOOOO crazy busy-but its a good crazy and a fun kind of busy 😀

I LOVE my job. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world being able to share what I LOVE to do daily. I can’t even express how much enjoyment it brings me. Then when I see what YOU do with the templates, its the best feeling ever!!!!!!

So thank you all for the excitment, love and support. Thank you for allowing me to share my dream and love of papercrafting with each of you, every time you visit, and when you share your ideas with me 😀

Now for more peeks be sure to check out Kelly’s blog for another template peek (tomorrow), as well as  Nicholes blog, Melissa, Lisa and Candice.

Thanks again for stopping by!