Hi everyone

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!! I had a great day.

Sadly there was a death in Jason’s family right before the weekend, and it hit him very hard. We have a funeral to attend today. I haven’t written about it out of respect to Jason’s family (and won’t go inot detail). Jason is very upset by this loss. He is far more “private” person so I need to respect that.

Jason has a slipped disc in his back (ongoing for about 5 months now :C) and has been getting coritsone shots in his back. We have hours of driving today and I just hope he fairs it well. I know it will be very diffiuclat as he has a ahrd time with sitting and driving in a car. It is sure to be a emotional and physically challenging day for him.

Anyway given life’s events I didn’t get my other samples uploaded or anything for today. It’s just been very hectic with everything.

I will do that this week :C

Today is the releast at All That Scraps so check it out! Also check the blog for more peeks and give-aways!

Check out the release party thread later!