I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!! I know I did. Amber did AMAZING at her dance recital!!! I was SOOOOOO proud of her. She looked adorable and knew every step. I’ll share photos soon. We spent the day doing all sorts of fun stuff. It was great.


 OK another day of PEEKS! YIPPEE!

If you like Stars, you are going to LOVE Star Prints!

I had so much fun with this set this month. What I TOTALLY love is the co-ordination of Star Prints with the punch 😀 I don’t like CUTTING stuff like that out, and having this quick & simple option is fabulous for me. Makes great star themed projects easy peasy.

Nichole had the girls all use Star Prints to create a variety of cards/gift ideas!

My Timeless Templates to the rescue 😀 I used my newest-to be released in the 15th-template Ready, Set, Wrap! (No worries you will see the next template tomorrow!! Trust me its worth the wait!! Im in love it :D)

Like always, I NEVER know what I am going to do until I get to work. I usually start with ONE idea and somehow that becomes obsolete, and turns into a totally different idea!

I WAS going to do a Teacher theme (I did do a teacher theme project-but that ended up being used for the Idea Book for the other template I am peeking tomorrow :D) then had a MALE family friend have a BIG birthday-he turned 40! So, my idea turned ended up changing, to be used to create this set, for the PERFECT (in my humble opinion) MALE gift set.

I am trying to make MORE male/boy themed stuff with my templates for you all to see! I know I so lack in creating for that group! Sorry, I just LOVE GIRLY!! But, hey, guys/boys need gifts too!

Me, LOVING gift giving, had a BLAST adding a masculine twist-so show you that ALL my templates  REALLY are GENDER NEUTRAL!

The BIG 4-0! Set


Here is what I made him. Kept is clean, simple and FRILL FREE :O) That is easier said than done. I did add some bling STARS, but felt that was acceptable!

I used the Star Print with the numbers, and colored JUST the 4-0 RED for some POP!  Lucky for me they were RIGHT next to each-other! YEAH!! Gotta love when things just work like that.

Here is the card


Crisp, clean and as I said FRILL free!

(the swirl is a little peeky at another set you will LOVE-coming out on the 15th)

Since it was the BIG 4-0, I thought the sentiment was perfect too.

Honestly my photographs took WAY longer than the MAKING of this gift set.


I had this DONE in 15 minutes!

The Ready, Set, Wrap!  is my newest template! It is SO fast and EASY! You are going to LOVE it.

Making a card/gift box set has never been easier! I swear! I used the largest SU! oval punch for this one.

Now I made this literally one hour before the dinner. So my GIFT was bought ON THE RUN! I got him a $40 (because he was turning 40 :D) gift card to his favorite sporting goods store! Gift cards are ALWAYS the perfect option for me, especially for MEN!


So, I popped it inside here!

I have to admit stuffing in the filler wasn’t easy, without having pieces try to POP out of it! LOL! But it looked cool when you open it, so I made it work. My trick-pull out the pieces that pop out! LOL! OR snip them with scissors. This is the foil kind, not the paper-which is much easier to manage.


My Timeless Template: Ready, Set, Wrap!

Stamps: Star Prints, Fancy Flourishes

Cardstock: Pure Poppy, White, True Black

Ink: Black and a red marker

Punches: 2 inch circle, XL Twinkle Twinkle Star Punch by Fiskars

other: Adhesive Rhinestones

Be sure you check out the entire team for their gift ideas using this set and their choice of My Timeless Templates!

Tomorrow I will share the peek at my second template for this month!

HINT: Lets just say Lunch is the theme 😀 HAHAHAHAHA

I think you will all really be excited for it 😀 (Or I HOPE you will be.)

 I’m loving it.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement. You all make my day:D

 I also hope you like that more masculine stuff I will be sharing this release.

Till tomorrow :D)