Boy did Noah ever SCREAM when they yanked his poor tooth! OUCH!

I guess they ONLY gave him the laughing gas! GRR! I thought they’d numb it with Novocaine at LEAST. Poor kid.

Tooth Fairy gave him $10 for being so brave 😀 He still loves the dentist though-CRAZY KID! LOL!

That being said I’m still pretty crazy busy here, so Im keepin this short and sweet.

I’ve been REALLY tired an lazy (in  exercise department) the past 2 or 3 weeks. I haven’t given a “pep talk” in a while and this is more for ME than YOU!! Unless YOU find it helpful too-then YEAH! Win! Win!!

So SADLY I realized I have been getting addicted to the FREE Turbo Shot in my ice coffee! Can’t function well without it. Im certain that is NOT good.  So this week I decided to SHOCK my system, and cut coffee out of my HEALTHY living, and get my hiney BACK ON TRACK!!! I had a little lapse there since all the sweet treats on my birthday, and need to put a stop to it now! Remember I promised myself to NEVER let myself outgrow the jeans I’m in! I work too hard to let my love of all naughty food sabotage me and all my hard work! NO WAY!

Now don’t get me wrong, they still fit (my jeans that is), but if I want some REAL 6 pack abs, I need to work hard, and get on track. So thats what Im doing. Im “re-setting” my calendar for week one. I keep track of how many weeks I have been living my “healthy lifestyle” and after it being 41 weeks (a pregnancy term! LOL!) I decided to set NEW goals, and start over. REFRESH everything, to keep it interesting. So back to WEEK ONE of new refreshing goals. Fresh start! TODAY is the day.

Its all about healthier choices. Take it ONE obstacle at a time, and just say NO! to Girl Scout cookies 😀 Opt for the donation for the box you buy to go to out Soldiers instead of YOUR goody cabinet 😀

That also means drinking lots more water, less other stuff-like HUGE ice coffees, and NO snacking after dinner!! Unless its popcorn or fruit if you really ARE hungry. And make sure you are eating because you are hungry, NOT because you are bored or EMOTIONAL! Oh and if you got for ice cream with the kids-get a KIDDIE size, and try to make it LOW fat 😀

Jay has been getting steroid shots in is back and his after dinner binging is affecting ME! So that is it for me—-> NO MORE!!! He is usually a very healthy eater, and that really helps when you need support or someone to keep YOU on track. When they fall off, don’t let them take you with them, you need to be THEIR support instead.

Keeping healthy snacks on hand is KEY, along with fresh fruits and veggies.With summer near its much easier to do. I love snacking on snap peas! They are sweet and yummy and replace the CHIPS I love (for some reason salt and vinegar are my downfall these days) NOT GOOD.

So I did a video today-Turbo Jam-I hadn’t in a LONG time and boy did it kick my hiney!! OUCH! I did the Turbo Sculpt 40 minute workout today. But hey-SORE is good! The fact I can’t get out of a chair or sit down, without pain, means Im workin lazy muscles-GO LAUREN! Breaking a huge sweat-even better! I think after a good workout you FEEL great, and don’t want to eat those Salt and Vinegar Chips that stare at you when you open the cabinet! I moved the bag out of sight so I don’t think about them
I REALLY think I want to get Wii Fit! What are YOUR thoughts on that??

Anyone?? I need to keep my interest since I am a SAHM to 3 kids and the ONLY way I can get a workout in is at home. I need to keep motivated and FRESH. I LOVE buying myself clothes so that definitely keeps me motivated-the whole I like this shirt, its in my size, and Im buying it! Then I take it home and it looks great 😀 Makes every ache and pain worth it. Plus I know its good for my overall healthy, and it sets a good example for my kids-who KNOW I need to do my workout before THEY get to play Wii or do anything else for that matter.

OK who cares about my workout issues. Sorry for that painful detour. It just helps me keep focus.


I have a mini peek at another ATS set called Oh! Baby-pardon the mojo lapse. This was made on the return of the mojo-but figured I’d share anyway

little bug:


I just LOVED this little “bug” image/baby from the set. I just got some ladybug paper, so I used it. This set will be released June 1st (Monday)

Amber’s shirt matched my card so I made her hold it for my photo! LOL! Im so lazy with my photo tent set up these days! Its just easier and quicker to go outside.

Now to me, it looked like the baby bug was flying to the flower-then I realized-Um, no wings! Oh well! Its cute anyway. No one claimed I was perfect! LOL! I like it-period

SOOO if you want a chance to win the set, and see peeks—->Go to the BLOG!

I can PROMISE my samples got better with the rest of the peeks to come! LOL!

Well I hope you have a happy and healthy day-no matter what you do!