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Well I just have to start today by saying a HUGE thank you to each of you who have helped me with links and advice on my NEW! Cricut Expression! YOU ROCK!

While it sits in the box (I simply CAN’T open it until I get my WORK done!) I have LOTS to review now 😀 thanks to you all.

I have a HUGE list of TO Buys! LOL! Thanks to all the wonderful suggestions you made (and what can I say I’m EASY to persuade!). I will keep you posted.

So far I got the Design Studio and Juke Box (both on sale)

I purchased Sure Cuts A Lot 2.o (since you all said I NEED it :D) and GUESS WHAT! Canda of Canda Craft (where I found the SCAL 2.0 for the CHEAPEST price around WOOT! WOOT!) not only has it on SALE! , but emailed me after I placed my order, to tell me that YOU, my PRECIOUS, much loved and HELPFUL readers will get an ADDITIONAL 10% off!


The code is: MYTIME10.

This offer will expire on 10/15/09.

The coupon will take 10% off of their entire purchase which will make SCAL even cheaper!

So seriously how cool is that? Those of you on the fence can now jump off! 

Let me know if you took the plunge with me 😀 OK!

Obviously I’ll keep you posted on my success once I get past the next 3 weeks of work stuff. (NO my Cricut won’t be in the box all that time :D) I know once I get going, everything else will fall apart till I had my FUN FILL.

OK on to business people!

Now I have the start of a week of peeks featuring designs from C.C. Designs September Release. Check out the BLOG for your chance to win the peeking set each day!

The release will be Monday Sept 7th!!

First up……

Too Cute to Spook


And is it ever! I love the owl on the moon like that-Great job Diane 😀

I missed posting day one of peeks yesterday which began with Dianes set: Ollie and Griselda

I decided to stamp, color and cut the owl image, and make a QUICK pixie stix holder for a sweet treat! Easy peasy.

The bling is my starry night sky (in case you were wondering).

Next up is AmyR’s Halloween Sentiments set

Something good-


I adore the sentiment with that sad lookin lil clown! How cute is he?!

I bet he’d perk right up with some candy.

I had to mimic the circles in his out fit, by adding all the FUN buttons. The reminded me of gumballs too.

He was part of the Fall Kit-but will be available as a single for the Autumn Sugar Plums Stamps-which have kids, sentiments and accessories (like the bench he is on). Really AWESOME stuff let me tell you. These are part of the images I brought to the hospital to color when Jay had surgery. Oh did the nurses go NUTS!!!!!!!!

Well that does it for me. I’m having a hard time getting back into my mojo these days. Almost a month of LITTLE to NO stamping about KILLED me, and my mojo is SLOW to return. Normally my ideas are flowing and I’m whipping it out, but jeesh, this past week has been ROUGH.

Hopefully it returns before the end of the week! I got stuff to do!

Fresh Flowers and Balloon Rally

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Well I have a large post to share today, some eye candy and some family photos, so ready whatever interests you! LOL!

C.C. Designsis having their release tomorrow! 😀 I have shared several samples from this month’s stamp line up over the last couple of days. So scroll on down my blog.

One of the latest and greatest sets is byAmyR called Fresh Flowers. Its a very pretty set with some solid and open line art, with some sentiments too!

Here is what I got when I combined AmyR’s Sympathy Sentiment set, with her Fresh Flowers from this months Release, along with her Butterflies from last month (I love that set :D)


I thought it was just so pretty and elegant. I didn’t want anything overdone.

My colors are Sweet Blush, Ruby Red, and Ripe Avocado.

I stamped the floral image onto sweet blush cardstock.  Then I cut away the border around the flowers.


I knew I wanted the butterfly to appear behind the flowers. I loved the clean and simple look.

The sentiment was stamped on sweet blush as well, and punched out with a large oval from SU! I also used a SU! Labels die.

Make sure you check out theATS Blog for more samples, and your chance to win this set!

Well it was a full weekend here at the Meader home.

It was full of things to do as we went to our town Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally!


This is a view on the field as they blow up some of the balloons

(note I really need to read up on HOW to work my awesome camera! LOL!)

It is really cool to see them all go up. I love seeing them blow up. They are HUGE inside. Me being terrified of heights, you couldn’t PAY ME to go up in one, even tethered!

I look forward to this event every year, since I met Jason. There are some great benfits to the type of “community” you have when living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone 😀 I really enjoy all our small town activities.

Here are the kids, fooling around for the photo, as we watch the balloons get blown up


The kids LOVE this event too. Its just a really cool thing to expierience.

Here is one on lift off


Poor Jay, he was laying on the ground at the park! LOL! So, he got this shot! LOL! He has to either stand of lay down for at least the next week!

I had my niece Gabby for the day. She is almost 6 months old, and getting so big!


She is in 12 month summer clothing! She just cracks me up too. He has quite the personality.

She looks so much like my brother! Its really crazy. All my kids look like thier father, so I don’t know what having your own child, look like you feels like. That being said, since he looks like me, people we ran into, that I hadn’t seen in a while, thought I had another baby! LOL! And saying how much she looked like me! Um, NO! It was hilarious though.


She was SOOOO good the whole day. You’d never know she had a double ear infection! She is just the best little thing. I enjoy her so much. She like a 4th child to me 😀 She is at such a fun age, when they start making all kinds of sounds and imitating things you do. I could just squeeze her! (OK I do! And between the kids and I she is kissed to death! LOL!) The kids just fawn all over her. I can totally understand why people go for that 4th! LOL! That isn’t a hint that I’m ever having anymore, I’m just SAYING! We fixed that from ever happening again. All my friends have “babies” so I can get my fix!

Speaking of “babies” here are some more photos of MY babies 😀

me-and-kids.JPG click to enlarge

Note: End of the HOT HUMID day at the Balloon Rally! I look tired, and hot! And I was 😀

Here are the girls eating lunch


Then again, while the balloons go off


Another end of day messy photo! LOL!

Noah and Amber going down the big slide


Here is Alexa and her funny look she always gives when I want to take her picture


I have kids wear a Whistle around their necks, in case they get lost in the crowds! They are really good about holding hands, and sticking together, but sometimes people push through you and you just never know! I also wear a back pack and make them hold on the stings if my hands are full. We have like a little people train. They are all PERFECT ages to do stuff with. I am really enjoying them more and more all the time.


Here is Amber and her whistle. I cannot believe my “baby” turns 5 in less than 2 weeks!

Noah taking a drink of a yummy fruit smoothy.


Looking at this photo I can easily see what he will look like at 17! LOL! Makes me a wee bit sad.

This is Noah on the Sizzler


The girls and I can’t handle the fast spinning of this one, so he went alone!


He has lost 5 teeth-so he has a toothless grin!

Then the girls on the spinning dragons


They liked that one.

The fave was of course the Bouncy House! I got photos, but they aren’t very good.

So there you have some highlights from our day. We spent some time with our friends that day too, which was nice and fun!

Now I know summer is close to an end. Funny yesterday was sweltering HOT and HUMID and today and cool and rainy! Go figure. Gotta love New England weather.

Well that is all for me. Time to recover from a hot summer day.

Till tomorow……

Thoughts and Prayers

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Well I hope those of you, like me, stuck home during CHA, are finding things to do! I have been creating up a storm here. The creative juices are slowly flowing in between taking care of everything. I’m just pretending Jay is at work, and its a normal day! LOL! I have had a few play-dates for the kids to keep them busy, so that has helped too.

 I have a FAB weekend planned here, as it is our towns annual Hot Air Balloon Rally! We have a huge turnout each year, and it is just a blast!

It is the one thing I look forward too each summer. It is also a bit sad because I know summer is ending soon.

Amber was DUE on Balloon Rally the year she was born, so I always remember the way I felt that year! She was actually quite late, arriving August 13th! I was about as big as the hot air balloons that year! I do recall eating 3 pieces of fried dough during the course of that day! LOL! It was my LAST excuse to eat like that-and boy was it yummy!! I planned my eating this week around indulging at the Rally this year. I won’t go overboard, but I AM having my fried dough, with Nutella on it 😀 Oh! How yummy.

I can’t believe I have to start school shopping soon. My kids are still in Summer School! LOL! Anywho…….

Time to kick off the next day of Sneak Peeks of the NEWEST C.C. Designs stamp sets!

 The images will all be released Monday August 3rd. Be sure to check out the C.C. Designs blog, each day, for your chance to WIN the set revealed. They are ALL fab.

Today is AmyR’s Sympathy Sentiments set.

There are several really nice sentiments for the saddest of occasions. Finding the right words when someone loses a loved one is truly a difficult task, but this set makes it easier.

Amy included a pretty flower branch in this set too. To me it looked like a Cherry Blossom. (I’m not a flower person, so if it’s not, sorry! But to me, that was my thought when designing this card)


I stamped the image onto shimmery white cardstock, and cut out a circle around it. I love the branch hanging off

I then layered some pink colors


Simple layout, but I really loved it.

Well that does it for me today. I have much to do. Lots of fun to be had with the kids. I hope to get some photos for ya! Really cool stuff 😀

Tomorrow is our weekly challenge, and I have the Senior Design Team Challenge from Papertrey Ink-so see ya then

School Days Preview

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Oh man! Am I the ONLY one who didn’t get to go to CHA?

I feel like it :C Such a bummer. I have never been and would love to go, someday. I would so enjoy meeting all the people out there in the stamping community!

I’m so green for the girls that did get to go.

I can’t afford to take a trip like that, and a huge part of me would feel VERY guilty leaving my family behind while I have a blast. Oh and spending the money it would take to get me there. Maybe someday.

Jay is doing well. He is trying his best to get up and move around to avoid blood clots and whatnot. Obviously tons of pain, but he isn’t being as awful as I anticipated! He is actually 1,000 times better that I thought he’d be.

 I know that sounds "cold", but if you don’t know, this is the guy who had a vasectomy (2 TINY stitches on "the boys") and was SLEEPING day and night (oh and lots of whining) for almost a WEEK! I finally freaked out and said " ENOUGH ALREADY!! You can’t even SEE the incision. Be a man! " I know! I’m terrible. I just figured he was SO awful over that, that I was DOOMED after this OBVIOUSLY more painful procedure. I expected lots of pain and to be lovingly waiting on him hand and foot, but he has done quite well. Plus our kids are older, so they are our mini-slaves! LOL!!!! They are helping me take care of dad, and fetching this, that and the other thing! LOL! I am also having them help with the household "chores" which they are PLENTY old enough for. Funny thing is Amber, who is almost 5, does the BEST! She is a great duster, she vacuums and BEGS to wash dishes and fold laundry! She does such a good job that she CAN do all that, just as good as I would. She watches everything I do! I’m always amazed. The other two need lots of NAGGING! I swear they do a bad job on purpose! They are no fools! LOL!

OK now I know you didn’t come here to hear all the insane ramblings of thoughts in my head. Sorry about that. (I had more typed but opted to delete all the nonsense rambling! LOL!)

Another day has passed and that means MORE previews! C.C. Designs is having their release on Monday August 3rd.

Today is a UBER cute set called School Days


Teacher is a special word (that is the sentiment from the set :D)

How adorable is that dog?

I had a blast using this set. I plan on doing much more with it 😀

Overall I kept it SIMPLE.


Love the apple. Looks like he is saying “Here you go!”

The school themed paper is my Imaginesce-Teachers PetIt is THE BEST school themed paper, I have ever seen! I also used some rub-ons and ribbon from that collection as well.

I can’t say enough about it.

OK now we move on to my 2nd card.

Book worm


Oh my goodness gracious! I almost died when I say how cute this lil worm was! Who’d of thunk it? Me, loving a worm!

How can you not? He is just so cute

I paired a few patterned papers from various companies for this total look. Used a punch for the “torn paper” look.

Apparently I was going through a BLUE phase for my colors! LOL! Both cards are similar in color. Didn’t even notice till now.

The file folder is a Sizzix die I had from forever and a day ago. I just used the paper I wanted, and cut the folder. I love that particular die. Seems I only use ot for school themed stuff! EEK! LOL!


I just stamped him, and colored with my Copic markers. I then cut him out of a 1/2 circle. Had to use a clip to add him onto my card 😀

Then added a few flowers.

I just thought this was adorable.

Want to see more adorable samples? Want your chance to WIN this set?

Check out the ATS Blog!

I’ll be back tomorrow, with MORE samples, from new sets 😀

Thanks for stopping by.

Till tomorrow

Swiss Pixies in the Garden

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Well guess what today is?

Day 1-

Time to kick off the next 5 days of Sneak Peeks of the NEWEST C.C. Designs stamp sets!

 The images will all be released Monday August 3rd. Be sure to check out the C.C. Designs blog, each day, for your chance to WIN the set revealed. They are ALL fab.

Oh, yes, I fell in love again! I swear it just gets better and better!

Christine’s new girls Swiss Pixie’s are just -ADORABLE! There is just no better word 😀 I adore the “precious moments” sort of appeal they have. They are also fun and easy to color. Sometimes I don’t enjoy messing with LOTS of details. In fact, to be quite honest, it scares the bejeebers out of me! I’m not that good at coloring, so it can often be intimidating.

That being said-these are fab!


Heidi among the flowers

I think she is just beyond adorable. I had fun pairing her with some bright cheery colors, because she just needed to be CHEERY to me. If I sent this to you wouldn’t you feel happy? It just sunny, in its own way.

Of course, I colored her with my Copic markers. I am working on getting LOTS of refills now that I have owned mine so long, and have gotten SO MUCH use out of them. One of my very best purchases, ever!!!!


I added a little “pattern” to her dress using my colorless blender, to remove the color.

The “sky” is very lightly colored in the background. I wanted SUBTLE!

Now we move onto the other UBER cute Swiss Pixie image for August (OH! MY! WORD! Did I just type AUGUST?! Seriously-where did the summer go?)


Leisel and her Wheelbarrow

C’mon now! How cute is she?

Another fun one to color.

(Oh yeah and you should see next months!! If you didn’t get the Fall Kit, kick yourself NOW! LOL! Or plan on getting it again when it is available!) I *just* got mine, and those were all the images people at the hospital were OHing and AHHing over while Jay was in the hospital!)


LOVE the wheelbarrow. I HAD to add some felt flowers to it!! It matched my K& Co paper that Im so in love with. I alos added a heart epoxy sticker by Cloud 9 (thanks Sonia :D), over the heart on the wheelbarrow.

I also added some bling to her ponytail holders, glitter to her wings, and dots to the barrow bottom.

All just little details, yet all important 😀

OK that does it for me.

I have so much more to share tomorrow, so see ya then (Oh boy real cuteness tomorrow too!)

On a creative note, drop me a line telling me your fave color combo! Im needing some new and refreshing ideas 😀

Till Tomorrow

Chasing Butterflies

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Im loving today’s samples!

Today is the release for C.C. Designs! YEAH! The wait is O-V-E-R! 

I have to say I was OVER the MOON for this new line of images from C.C. Designs! One of my favorite sets released to date 😀

This one is called Chasing Butterflies-so you KNOW I was ALL ABOUT IT!


Seriously! How flippin cute is that?

I love her! I kept the card relatively simple. I had fun coloring this one.

I was once again inspired by the K & Co paper I got a few weeks ago. My favorite paper pack yet. K&Co is a fave of mine.

The paper clip/bow combo was a little added touch to the corner for balance-and it appeared to be similar to a butterfly (IMO!)

Here is the close up


The sentiment was stamped as I saw fit for my card. I stamped/colored/cut the little butterfly. LOVE it.

Then I went on to the CUTEST little Fox image I have ever seen!  I don’t own ANY foxes! Till now!

Play amongst the butterflies…


Now you can see WHY I’m flipping for this set?


I used the same paper from the K & co pack. Funky little forest!

I think this image is just too cute and fun. Also easy peasy to color! I like that too.

So that is it for me.

Short, sweet and to the point. I have many errands to run, so no real time for chatter!

I think I saved the best for last with this release!

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by.

We had a great 4th of July! I hope you did as well.

I have been posting all weekend, so SCROLL on down! You don’t want to miss anything, right?!

I couldn’t help but think of all our families with Soldiers fighting this very LONG war. Made me sad, and thankful for our freedom. Something I THINK we can easily forget or take for granted. So if you are a military family-THANK YOU! 

Tomorrow Alexa and Noah start Summer School. Only 4 days a week, 3 hours a day, for 5 weeks. I will say I enjoyed  the 2 week hiatus from the daily “grind” that the school year brings.

I know, it seems “mean” to send kids to summer school, but kids lose so much over the summer! Plus it keeps them in a “routine” of school. They get home at almost noon, so I can still do PLENTY with them, the remainder of the day.

Alexa LOVES it (thankfully) and Noah is far from happy with me! But, I have to remember my “job” as a mom is to do what is BEST for them and their future! Not always an easy thing to do.  I really feel they BOTH will benefit from going. I’m not put on this earth to be their best friend! I’m suppose to guide them, and do what I can, by example, to mold them into educated, caring, and loving individuals, with a good heart, sense of community, and honesty. That is just the beginning of it! LOL!

Alexa really needs to expand her Math skills. We are going to try a new Math Program, thanks to all the suggestions here-the Saxon 3rd Grade Math series. It is based on repetition, which we NEED for Alexa. I was fortunate that one of my readers Cindy Coutts,  a retired teacher, had that program and sent EVERYTHING to us!! Isn’t that amazing?! So a huge thank you to Cindy! I wihs you MUCH success on your new venture!

Cindy retired from teaching and saw my blog post and contacted me! I was assured she didn’t need the program now that has started a Christian Paper Crafts Magazine <—-check it out!  (WOW! That is very cool!!) They also have a design team and blog—> HERE! 

I know many of you hoped for something like this, so after seeing Cindy’s signature I asked her about it! So I hope you check it out. God definitely used her to bless our life with the Math program at the perfect time!! I hope you find her Christian based magazine a help to you. I figured the least I could do was spread the word!

 I am taking the kids to the library this week to learn about bee’s! LOL! That seems to be the BIG interest going on in the family this week. The kids keep seeing bees and want to learn ALL about them. Gotta LOVE kids. I never normally would even think to find out more on my own, but after being asked a ZILLION questions, that I did NOT know the answer to, I found it a good time to brush up on my bee knowledge. PLUS, Noah is having a hard time getting into reading. He likes non-fiction books (as I JUST learned) so I HOPE this will really spark his interest in reading. Funny-he is 6 and can do Alexa’s math homework (2nd grade level) yet his reading is definitely NOT his strong point.

I need to get him into it somehow, so I hope weekly trips to the library will help a little.

OK speaking of bees, I have a peek for you.

This is another peek from the C.C. Designs release (tomorrow is FINALLY the release day!) called Bumble B. Bear.

Really cute set!

Bee Joyful-


There is a LARGE & small image of this bear in the set-I used the lil bear, and stamped him/her in the middle of myGiga Marvy flower punched flower.

Call me crazy, but I like the bear in green! LOL! I’m LOVING this paper by K& Co. LOVE!! This is a very clean and simple layout, but I’m liking it a lot!


The colors were inspired by my paper! I usually choose an image, then my paper or colors, so things just flow! If you color first, then you (or should I say “I”) often struggle to find the RIGHT paper to match my already colored image. So I just avoid pre-coloring anything like that!

When you are a busy person, you don’t have time to waste! So just make the most of your time by pre-selecting everything, easy peasy done! I also sketch out most of my ideas, so everything just flows quickly and smoothly, then next thing you know, one idea turns into another, then another! I have had quite the creative streak the past 2 weeks, so I’m happy!

Much you won’t see until I can reveal things 😀 but its been great!

Well here is to wishing you some mojo!

Enter on THE BLOG <—– to win this set (and see a few samples)

Thank you, as always for taking time out of YOUR busy day to ready my insane ramblings and see what I have been up to!

Till tomorrow (boy do I have 2 cute cards then! LOL!) I’m also waiting on some “deliveries” of NEW! images! WAHOO!!

OK I’m seriously done rambling now!


Under Water Adventures Peek

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Happy 4th of July! 

Sorry, I’m a bit late.

Jay and I had a GREAT date! WOW! Did it feel SO good to get out alone. We will be trying to do that at least twice a month, from now on 😀

We are going to friends tonight for a Bar-B-Q and to see the fireworks, and for some reason I decided to give my house a complete SCRUB DOWN, and RE-ORGANIZE! AGAIN! We are going to be putting our house on the market in a few months (sometime after Jay’s back surgery) so I want to keep de-cluttering! Not that my house is cluttered, but the less stuff in my closets the better! Plus when people view a home I think its nicer to get a good CLEAR picture of the space.

I have much to do BEFORE we put it on the market, but I do ahve 3 kids, so I have to PACE myself 😀 Just the idea of moving is exciting. NO we haven’t put a bid on a home yet. We figured its easier to SELL ours first, then move! We have about 5 homes we LOVE, all relatively NEW 😀 So MORE space and a BIG yard is what we are in the market for. We also NEED for me to have a room for my stamping 😀 That is another MUST!

OK so I know no cares to hear me babble about my cleaning, so I’ll move onto the stamping!

I have another peek for you!

It is from C.C. Designs-Under Water Adventure.



So I went with aquatic colors (I think! LOL!) I like the purple hair! LOL!

The yellow layer is suppose to be like the sandy bottom of the sea. Lame, I know! But bear with me here!

I had a bit of fun with this one!
LOTS of cutting.


The mermaid is cut out. Her face/bangs are also cut out, popped up on dimensionals…….the rock…..seaweed….. and……the fish……the bubbles…….lots of cutting! Oh and I added a little shell! Loved it.


I love her sparkly fin, and head piece. I just enjoyed making this one.

 The release is Monday July 6th!

Enter to win this set—>HERE<—

Tomorrow, there is one last set, and then I have some more samples for Monday! Crazy!

Well I’m off to our friends. Enjoy the holiday!

Make a Wish Digi image

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Hi all!

Busy busy these days 😀

I’m so excited today because we 1) have some sun! Granted mixed with down pouring  rain at time-like a sun shower

2) I ordered a new work out series that will HOPEFULLY help me achieve my body goals!! It is from the same guy who does the P90X workouts, only THIS ONE seems much more do-able to me 😀

Its called the 10 minute trainer <—click it

I seriously cannot wait to get started! I told the woman on the phone (since they ask)I just want to really FIRM up and get my 6 pack!! I’m 5’11 and now weigh 135lbs. So I just need to get that 6 pack I WANT/DESIRE/NEED!

She was like” That is ALL you want this program to do? Well you will be REALLY happy because people use it to usually transform their body and lose many many ponds and inches”

So I say give it try! LOL!

Now I know LOTS of people DON’T believe in the infomercials, but I do! I could have been one! I did Mitch Gaylords Melt, and lost more than the 40lbs I wanted, I lost 65lbs to date!! So I KNOW this one can work for me too! I basically believe ANY workout WILL work, if you STICK WITH IT, and then don’t go eat a box of twinkies! CONTROL!!!!

I love the 10 minute workout! I KNOW I can do it, as these exercises seemed to be more achieve-able to me than the P90X. Its the SAME guy so I totally trust it.

Jay has a friend at work who did the P90X (this is HARDCORE stuff )and I guess he has a rock solid body now

So I’ll keep you posted when I get it, on my progress, and results!

Now another reason I’m HAPPY! HAPPY!!

3)  Jay and I FINALLY found a baby sitter! After 9 years of having NO SITTER, we finally have someone we can use! YIPPEE!!!

So we have a HOT date tonight! WOOT! WOOT!

She has come over a few times to get to know the kids. I also wanted to get to know her better as well. She is a neighborhood girl, and she completed her babysitters course, so it should be good to have her around. My kids are also pretty low maintenance as they are obviously potty trained, can talk, dress themselves, and are pretty self sufficient! So I’m not too worried

 I will also use her this Summer as a Mother’s Helper! Someone to help out a little so I can catch up on my to do list, or to use when I go places with the kids, like a theme park.

Jay is having his back surgery to repair 2 herniated discs in his back on the 16th. OH BOY! Will life be crazy then.

He will be out of work a minimum of 4 weeks. So it will be like having another child. I’m always on the GO! GO! GO! so this will be hard for me to get use to! LOL!  I want to be able to still do things with the kids, while they are on Summer vacation, and another set of eyes and hands is always a good idea! I’m paranoid my kids will get lost of abducted! LOL! So the more eyes the better! LOL!

So cross our fingers Jay’s surgery heals his back pain, and he heals quickly.

OK now onto the card. All That Scraps is having their July Release countdown! Sets go on SALE Monday the 6th! Today’s peek is Underwater Sentiments (I don’t have anything for that one) so check out the BLOG —>HERE to enter to win!

If you are itching for new images, then this is the post for you!!

Now All That Scraps has a Digi Duo for July called—> July Kiki<—-click there to purchase the 2 digi images, for only $3!

I made a CUTE card using one of them.

{make a wish }


Isn’t she SO adorable?!

I LOVE her! I didn’t want it to be *just* a 4th of July card. I think it looks like a “celebration” card.

The “make a wish” sentiment isAmyR birthday sentiments

The paper is by Cosmo Cricket-Early Bird (love that line)

I used my Star nestability, and a sponge for the effects.

I had some star shaped sticky tape, that I adhered to my card base, and added soem glitter! I think it looks cute.

Details photo:


You can’t SEE it but there is some bling to her star headband, and bracelets too!

Now MANY people ask

Q:”Can you color with your Copic markers, and digi images that used your printer ink?”

A. YES! You can! No smudging here :D) I used Papertrey Ink white cardstock, so I cannot vouch for any other brand, but never had an issue 😀

Another question I get ask A LOT (especially since I have the My Timeless Template © line

Q. What printer do you use? My printer won’t take cardstock!!

A. I have a Canon. Now my make/model is retired, but (I swear I should have bought STOCK in Canon BEFORE starting my printable template line! LOL! ) have not heard of ANYONE with a Canon (any Canon printer) have any issues with PTI heavy duty cardstock going through their printer!

Also many makes/models of other printers have a paper setting, so when you ARE using cardstock you can usually adjust your settings to accept the thicker paper! So check that out before you run out and spend any more money than you HAVE to!!

So that does it for me today!

Tomorrow I have a peek at another set for the countdown to the C.C. Designs release!

We are taking a week off from challenges, due to the holiday! I needed a break anyway. Im working on my newest template release! YEAH!

So see ya tomorrow.

PS If you have any questions you want me to answer I’ll do a Q& A on Sunday, so drop a comment here!

ATS: AmyR Butterflies Peek

Jul 2, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

Well, today is like the umpteenth day of down pouring rain here! BLAH!

It is VERY depressing and unmotivating! I guess I could NEVER live in Seattle! LOL! I NEED sun!  It hasn’t even felt close to SPRING, let alone summer!

Right now my kids are playing Rock Band in the other room! The Disney soundtrack one! I’m cracking up listening to them do Karaoke! With the 3 of them we do have a little “band” Noah on guitar, Alexa on drums and Amber singing! LOL! They crack me up when they play all of it together. Noah is REALLY good at Guitar Hero and on the drums. Alexa prefers to dance and sing all over, and Amber ALWAYS hogs the microphone!

Its great rainy day play! I better HURRY so I get some stamp time in while the gettin is good! LOL!

HOPEFULLY these cards today will brighten your day (and mine!) I feel like I should be working with tons of GRAY!

Anyway, today’s peeks are from All That Scraps-C.C. Designs.

The release will be Monday July 6th

This set is AmyR Butterflies

You know me and my butterflies…………


I have to say I LOVE this card 😀

There is a lot if dimension, and I love the “fluttering around” effect/feel I think this has.

Sentiment reads: What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

I obviously was inspired by the Monarch Butterfly for this card!


I stamped them in Black Brilliance ink, onto Lemon tart, then colored in with my Copic markers. I added a bit of Shimmerz to them when I was done. I like stamping and coloring on a COLORED base. A great look as oppose to always stamping on WHITE ir IVORY! I’ll have to do that more often!

I also used Papertrey Ink:Cardstock, Friends til the End patterned paper, and Borders & Corners circle set for this. I wanted a subtle colored bkgd paper, and it was pretty perfect.

Now for another one….


I think this is the perfect card of encouragement, or sympathy.

I stamped my butterfly on vellum cardstock, then embossed it with white EP. I dry embossed the open lines, then colored with my Fantastix stix and Versamagic ink, for a RICH look. I thne cut it out, and adhered it to my card with a dimensional.

I love the softness it has.

The patterned paper is STUNNING! It is Basic Grey–>Rochelle I used a tall nestability rectangle to make my panels.

I used the nestabilities tags on both my cards today. I LOVE them!


Anyone who knows me, knows this is by far my FAVORITE sentiment ever! I use it all the time.  It reminds ME that life is too short, and should be about living every MOMENT to the fullest. I never put the good things off till tomorrow. Life is about the QUALITY , not the quantity. You could live to be 100 and not have had a full life. You also never know what tomorrow brings, so take it all in today. No regrets!

So that is my share of peeks for today

Check out the —> ATS BLOG <— daily for more peeks and a chance to WIN! Each set that is peeked along the way!

Tomorrow I will have even more to share!

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your favorite sentiment, if you have one 😀

Till tomorrow…………..

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