Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a FAB weekend. I know we certainly did.

We went to the Deerfield Fair, and celebrated my hubby’s birthday. I’ll share some cute photos this week, and you can see my hair that I cut off! LOL! Its just below my shoulders now-EEK! I’m getting use to it, and actually like it-when I straighten it, anyway! Something different.

What did you all do yesterday for WCMD?

Nichole has some challenges, so take a peek!

On WCMD I actually got to stamp ALL day (preparing for my template release)! Now my back is killing! LOL! I stand to stamp, I just can’t SIT, so it took its toll on my poor back. I tried not to hunch forward, but apparently I failed miserably at that quest.

Add that to the fact that my card making mojo has been lost! I cannot find it. I do not know WHERE it went! I just know I can’t for the life of me get ANYTHING to workout! Maybe I’m over-thinking things???? Not sure. I just know what usually takes me a few moments, has turned into a LONGER process, and I’m NOT liking it ONE bit! That is what happens when I take a “break”. Now my breaks are never intentional-I just usually have this little thing called a FAMILY (LOL!), and they need to eat, and clean clothes are always a plus! I know YOU KNOW what I mean! Let’s not forget teacher meetings, doctor appointments, and the MANY activities they all par-take in! So sometimes before you know it its been DAYS since I have seen ink and images :C If I have a break its usually hard to get back into it. The MORE I stamp the easier the ideas just flow and keep coming.

Anyway….I have more samples for you today!

Tomorrow is the October Release at All That Scraps! Check out the blog for your chance to win some FREE rubbah!

6 sets are being released:

AmyR Congrats sentiments

Angel Emma

Swiss Pixie Birthday Bash

Swiss Pixie Birgitta

Pond Life

and Reason for Season

So don’t miss out 😀

First up-

The Angels Sing


I adored the angel trio Christine has drawn. I kept it SIMPLE, and I loved the outcome.

I had this music bkgd stamp-forever, and rarely get to use it. It was perfect, stamped in gold on this creation.

My mojo is still on vacation, so I find starting off simple is often best for me.


As you can see she is 3D. Her arms, and horn are on dimensionals. I have to say making things POP forward is so easy, but definitely packs that little something extra, and is well worth the time 😀

I colored her halo with a gold pen, and glittered her wings (of course!)

Next up we have a Cupcake Pup


One thing I DON’T do enough of-BOYISH style/gender neutral stuff! So I tried to keep it neutral/boyish here.

I think the dog is cute, and who doesn’t love cupcakes??


I then added some Liquid applique on the “frosting” part. You cannot tell but I added glitter prior to heat setting 😀

The buttons were used to create a “balloon” bouquet.

I had that FUN ribbon from American Crafts for quite some time, I just love it! It was perfect with my colors on this too.

Now last, but not least-Birgitta


I think she is SOOOO cute 😀 I really love all the Swiss Pixie’s most of all. How can you not?

Again-simple card-no mojo here! LOL! I did have fun coloring her though


A little close up view

Well that is all for me today. More time with the kids today, before its back to the daily grind.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Oh, and if you find my mojo, kindly return it to me! I have too much to do for it to be lost :C

As always, thanks for stopping by 😀