Oh man! Am I the ONLY one who didn’t get to go to CHA?

I feel like it :C Such a bummer. I have never been and would love to go, someday. I would so enjoy meeting all the people out there in the stamping community!

I’m so green for the girls that did get to go.

I can’t afford to take a trip like that, and a huge part of me would feel VERY guilty leaving my family behind while I have a blast. Oh and spending the money it would take to get me there. Maybe someday.

Jay is doing well. He is trying his best to get up and move around to avoid blood clots and whatnot. Obviously tons of pain, but he isn’t being as awful as I anticipated! He is actually 1,000 times better that I thought he’d be.

 I know that sounds "cold", but if you don’t know, this is the guy who had a vasectomy (2 TINY stitches on "the boys") and was SLEEPING day and night (oh and lots of whining) for almost a WEEK! I finally freaked out and said " ENOUGH ALREADY!! You can’t even SEE the incision. Be a man! " I know! I’m terrible. I just figured he was SO awful over that, that I was DOOMED after this OBVIOUSLY more painful procedure. I expected lots of pain and to be lovingly waiting on him hand and foot, but he has done quite well. Plus our kids are older, so they are our mini-slaves! LOL!!!! They are helping me take care of dad, and fetching this, that and the other thing! LOL! I am also having them help with the household "chores" which they are PLENTY old enough for. Funny thing is Amber, who is almost 5, does the BEST! She is a great duster, she vacuums and BEGS to wash dishes and fold laundry! She does such a good job that she CAN do all that, just as good as I would. She watches everything I do! I’m always amazed. The other two need lots of NAGGING! I swear they do a bad job on purpose! They are no fools! LOL!

OK now I know you didn’t come here to hear all the insane ramblings of thoughts in my head. Sorry about that. (I had more typed but opted to delete all the nonsense rambling! LOL!)

Another day has passed and that means MORE previews! C.C. Designs is having their release on Monday August 3rd.

Today is a UBER cute set called School Days


Teacher is a special word (that is the sentiment from the set :D)

How adorable is that dog?

I had a blast using this set. I plan on doing much more with it 😀

Overall I kept it SIMPLE.


Love the apple. Looks like he is saying “Here you go!”

The school themed paper is my Imaginesce-Teachers PetIt is THE BEST school themed paper, I have ever seen! I also used some rub-ons and ribbon from that collection as well.

I can’t say enough about it.

OK now we move on to my 2nd card.

Book worm


Oh my goodness gracious! I almost died when I say how cute this lil worm was! Who’d of thunk it? Me, loving a worm!

How can you not? He is just so cute

I paired a few patterned papers from various companies for this total look. Used a punch for the “torn paper” look.

Apparently I was going through a BLUE phase for my colors! LOL! Both cards are similar in color. Didn’t even notice till now.

The file folder is a Sizzix die I had from forever and a day ago. I just used the paper I wanted, and cut the folder. I love that particular die. Seems I only use ot for school themed stuff! EEK! LOL!


I just stamped him, and colored with my Copic markers. I then cut him out of a 1/2 circle. Had to use a clip to add him onto my card 😀

Then added a few flowers.

I just thought this was adorable.

Want to see more adorable samples? Want your chance to WIN this set?

Check out the ATS Blog!

I’ll be back tomorrow, with MORE samples, from new sets 😀

Thanks for stopping by.

Till tomorrow