OH boy!

Im sorry this is SO late (again) life has been crazy and challenging here! Summer is always busy at my house.

Here is a photo of my kids at Story Land from the other day.


The kids had a great time! They are at perfect ages to do stuff with.

I have a photo of Alexa and Noah in this same pumpkin YEARS ago, long before Amber was even a thought. Cool to see how much they have grown.

I always have lots of things I want to do with my children and have just been busy. I love taking advantage of the nice weather.


The GOOD news is I went “off”, tactfully I believe, on the OR scheduler and Jay’s surgery will be Monday July 27th! Not too far away. Jay wouldn’t let me talk to them before (for fear of what I may say! LOL!), but since he was at work I took it upon myself to call! LOL! I am the “fighter” in the family. Jay is very easy going and passive, so I always take on that role! LOL!

I am authorized to all his medical stuff, so I took full advantage of that! I think because I have been fighting for Alexa since pregnancy, that I’m just used to having to fight for what my family needs.  I make no apologies for it, and make sure that I’m realistic when it comes to what I am asking or expecting. I feel like I am kind of like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

 I am so glad I did because we were looking into late Sept. He wouldn’t make it that much longer.

Many of you mentioned we would have had a call for all the preliminary blood-work and procedures, and we did have all that done already. When I had my gallbladder surgery they called the NIGHT before to set everything up for that next day, so when we didn’t get a call sooner, we weren’t curious about WHY.

On another note, Jay had tried every avenue possible for his condition to avoid the surgery. This have gotten progressively worse, and this was his only option. His test results showed that there were no other safe options without risking permanent nerve damage. There is no guarantee it will even work! Poor guy.

I threw my back out yesterday, and have been in so much pain since! I can only imagine how he feels daily. I know, usually by day’s end today that I will feel better. I don’t think I could do this every day!

Today we have what is called Old Home Day! It is when our town has a parade and crafts and stuff for the kids. I LOVE living in a small town! Its so great for “family”

So I am going to make this QUICK so I can go.

Anway……today is Saturday, so that means it is time for a My Time To Create challenge.


This is the inspiration challenge. Get inspored by the pattern, or colors…….whatever!

If you play link your creations here:

Keyword MTTI 03

I used variation of the colors.

Here is my card—>Using paler versions of the inspiration colors! LOL!


I adore The Greeting Farm images! I have bought many, but sadly forget or don’t have time to use them! I decided if it killed me, I would use one this week 😀

This is Dahlia! She is just the CUTEST! So I decided this sentiment “Cutie Pie” from JustRite Tiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″ would be PERFECT!!

Close up-


The paper is by Basic Grey! I love the colors and they really made my image POP!!!

I *just* got the nestability Pinking Circles. They are so cute too.

Well I’m off and running!
Be sure to pop over to the Design Team blogs for more inspiration from the challenge! They are really Rockin out the samples!

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