Hi all!

Busy busy these days 😀

I’m so excited today because we 1) have some sun! Granted mixed with down pouring  rain at time-like a sun shower

2) I ordered a new work out series that will HOPEFULLY help me achieve my body goals!! It is from the same guy who does the P90X workouts, only THIS ONE seems much more do-able to me 😀

Its called the 10 minute trainer <—click it

I seriously cannot wait to get started! I told the woman on the phone (since they ask)I just want to really FIRM up and get my 6 pack!! I’m 5’11 and now weigh 135lbs. So I just need to get that 6 pack I WANT/DESIRE/NEED!

She was like” That is ALL you want this program to do? Well you will be REALLY happy because people use it to usually transform their body and lose many many ponds and inches”

So I say give it try! LOL!

Now I know LOTS of people DON’T believe in the infomercials, but I do! I could have been one! I did Mitch Gaylords Melt, and lost more than the 40lbs I wanted, I lost 65lbs to date!! So I KNOW this one can work for me too! I basically believe ANY workout WILL work, if you STICK WITH IT, and then don’t go eat a box of twinkies! CONTROL!!!!

I love the 10 minute workout! I KNOW I can do it, as these exercises seemed to be more achieve-able to me than the P90X. Its the SAME guy so I totally trust it.

Jay has a friend at work who did the P90X (this is HARDCORE stuff )and I guess he has a rock solid body now

So I’ll keep you posted when I get it, on my progress, and results!

Now another reason I’m HAPPY! HAPPY!!

3)  Jay and I FINALLY found a baby sitter! After 9 years of having NO SITTER, we finally have someone we can use! YIPPEE!!!

So we have a HOT date tonight! WOOT! WOOT!

She has come over a few times to get to know the kids. I also wanted to get to know her better as well. She is a neighborhood girl, and she completed her babysitters course, so it should be good to have her around. My kids are also pretty low maintenance as they are obviously potty trained, can talk, dress themselves, and are pretty self sufficient! So I’m not too worried

 I will also use her this Summer as a Mother’s Helper! Someone to help out a little so I can catch up on my to do list, or to use when I go places with the kids, like a theme park.

Jay is having his back surgery to repair 2 herniated discs in his back on the 16th. OH BOY! Will life be crazy then.

He will be out of work a minimum of 4 weeks. So it will be like having another child. I’m always on the GO! GO! GO! so this will be hard for me to get use to! LOL!  I want to be able to still do things with the kids, while they are on Summer vacation, and another set of eyes and hands is always a good idea! I’m paranoid my kids will get lost of abducted! LOL! So the more eyes the better! LOL!

So cross our fingers Jay’s surgery heals his back pain, and he heals quickly.

OK now onto the card. All That Scraps is having their July Release countdown! Sets go on SALE Monday the 6th! Today’s peek is Underwater Sentiments (I don’t have anything for that one) so check out the BLOG —>HERE to enter to win!

If you are itching for new images, then this is the post for you!!

Now All That Scraps has a Digi Duo for July called—> July Kiki<—-click there to purchase the 2 digi images, for only $3!

I made a CUTE card using one of them.

{make a wish }


Isn’t she SO adorable?!

I LOVE her! I didn’t want it to be *just* a 4th of July card. I think it looks like a “celebration” card.

The “make a wish” sentiment isAmyR birthday sentiments

The paper is by Cosmo Cricket-Early Bird (love that line)

I used my Star nestability, and a sponge for the effects.

I had some star shaped sticky tape, that I adhered to my card base, and added soem glitter! I think it looks cute.

Details photo:


You can’t SEE it but there is some bling to her star headband, and bracelets too!

Now MANY people ask

Q:”Can you color with your Copic markers, and digi images that used your printer ink?”

A. YES! You can! No smudging here :D) I used Papertrey Ink white cardstock, so I cannot vouch for any other brand, but never had an issue 😀

Another question I get ask A LOT (especially since I have the My Timeless Template © line

Q. What printer do you use? My printer won’t take cardstock!!

A. I have a Canon. Now my make/model is retired, but (I swear I should have bought STOCK in Canon BEFORE starting my printable template line! LOL! ) have not heard of ANYONE with a Canon (any Canon printer) have any issues with PTI heavy duty cardstock going through their printer!

Also many makes/models of other printers have a paper setting, so when you ARE using cardstock you can usually adjust your settings to accept the thicker paper! So check that out before you run out and spend any more money than you HAVE to!!

So that does it for me today!

Tomorrow I have a peek at another set for the countdown to the C.C. Designs release!

We are taking a week off from challenges, due to the holiday! I needed a break anyway. Im working on my newest template release! YEAH!

So see ya tomorrow.

PS If you have any questions you want me to answer I’ll do a Q& A on Sunday, so drop a comment here!