Happy 4th of July! 

Sorry, I’m a bit late.

Jay and I had a GREAT date! WOW! Did it feel SO good to get out alone. We will be trying to do that at least twice a month, from now on 😀

We are going to friends tonight for a Bar-B-Q and to see the fireworks, and for some reason I decided to give my house a complete SCRUB DOWN, and RE-ORGANIZE! AGAIN! We are going to be putting our house on the market in a few months (sometime after Jay’s back surgery) so I want to keep de-cluttering! Not that my house is cluttered, but the less stuff in my closets the better! Plus when people view a home I think its nicer to get a good CLEAR picture of the space.

I have much to do BEFORE we put it on the market, but I do ahve 3 kids, so I have to PACE myself 😀 Just the idea of moving is exciting. NO we haven’t put a bid on a home yet. We figured its easier to SELL ours first, then move! We have about 5 homes we LOVE, all relatively NEW 😀 So MORE space and a BIG yard is what we are in the market for. We also NEED for me to have a room for my stamping 😀 That is another MUST!

OK so I know no cares to hear me babble about my cleaning, so I’ll move onto the stamping!

I have another peek for you!

It is from C.C. Designs-Under Water Adventure.



So I went with aquatic colors (I think! LOL!) I like the purple hair! LOL!

The yellow layer is suppose to be like the sandy bottom of the sea. Lame, I know! But bear with me here!

I had a bit of fun with this one!
LOTS of cutting.


The mermaid is cut out. Her face/bangs are also cut out, popped up on dimensionals…….the rock…..seaweed….. and……the fish……the bubbles…….lots of cutting! Oh and I added a little shell! Loved it.


I love her sparkly fin, and head piece. I just enjoyed making this one.

 The release is Monday July 6th!

Enter to win this set—>HERE<—

Tomorrow, there is one last set, and then I have some more samples for Monday! Crazy!

Well I’m off to our friends. Enjoy the holiday!