Hi everyone

Hope you are having a great weekend. I’d love to hear what everyone is doing this summer! Maybe give me some ideas 😀

 We are trying to squeeze out as many FAMILY day trips we can before Jay’s surgery next week. Today we spent the day at the beach, getting ice cream and Chinese food. OH MAN! I can feel the fat sticking to me already! LOL! Tomorrow will be a HARD CORE workout! LOL!! Its good to splurge here and there though (or so I tell myself! LOL!).

As I said before Im not on a diet of any kind! Just healthy lifestyle. Making better choices and limiting BAD foods. Overall I eat healthy daily, and when I do splurge I feel so awful! LOL! Its a good reminder why it is better to eat good foods regularly 😀

I have begun the Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer DVD series. Honestly this week I only did it 3 times. So I can’t judge yet. I’m going all out this week-I swear!! I like to really follow the calendar set up, and give it 110%. Since I knew we’d be eating bad, I just stuck to my other workouts, so I can TRULY judge how effective the workouts are, when I actually do them as directed.  I have to say, from what I have done, that the work outs are HARD CORE KILLER!! For it being only 10 minutes, it TRULY kicks your hiney. Which I guess is the point! Maximum results in 10 minutes. You have to plan on working HARD! It is just what I needed! The bad part was I was STARVING!! Must have kicked my metabolism into high gear and I was CRAVING fatty foods, which means it was definitely burning fat! Again, I’ll let you know after the week of sticking to the program, what I think. In 10 days I’m suppose to see results, so I will report!

I can HONESTLY say it is NOT the type of series I would begin if I wasn’t in some sort of shape. That is just my opinion. BUT! If you stick with it,  (like ANY program) you will get better and be stronger and able to do more! The key to all these workouts is DON’T GIVE UP! Just do your best and stick with it. Before you know it, you will be able to do stuff you couldn’t! I wasn’t able to do the entire Mitch Gaylord workout when I started, then before I knew it I was kickin butt 😀 So I’m looking forward to seeing the same thing with this series.

In between  all I have been doing I FINALLY updated my Etsy Shop! <—-Check it out!! I’m happy to have gotten that done.

While I wait for Jay’s surgery I’m going to upload all the cards and other stuff I have too. Keep my mind busy. I don’t like to have time to THINK about stuff, and I think that is why I make so much stuff. If I didn’t stamp I’d definitely have an ulcer.

OK lets get to the reason for my post (boy did I ever get off track!)

Post Card for you


If you didn’t know Stampavie has a NEW! line of images! Oh yes! They are FAB!!

I love CUTESY,  and this line is definitely that, and then some! The images are by a designer named Tina Wenke <—-click to view collection 😀 Prepare your purses people! The “sad” part is they won’t ship till end of July.

I have to say I adore this particular image to pieces.

When I saw this raccoon-called Thinking of You, I about fell out of my chair. It brought back a great memory from my childhood!

When I was a child, my Aunt Becky would ALWAYS send me the cutest animal stickers with a card for my birthday. She LOVED raccoons, and would always make sure the stickers were FUZZY!! I loved them! I would just feel them all the time. I always felt special, that she remembered me on my birthday.

 I loved collecting stickers! I had a HUGE Pink sticker book, with a pretty Unicorn and rainbow in it. While posting this I got sidetracked for over 2 hours TRYING to find that same book online!  I loved that book, and was always very particular about WHERE I put WHAT stickers. I remember that album like it was yesterday! I’m sad typing this because I have ALL my toys in MINT condition from my childhood (yes I was OCD about my dolls when I was a girl!) and for the LIFE of me, I cannot remember where that book is, or what happened to it!

So I made this card, all the while thinking about those special memories as a girl. I also thought it was funny that I remembered the sheer JOY of getting a card in the mail! I feel like my journey towards this craft started so long ago! LOL!

This is the close up photo of my raccoon, that I flocked, in honor of my childhood stickers


Like I did as a girl, I just reminisced as I rubbed the cute fuzzy image 😀 I colored it just like I remembered the stickers I use to receive. She would also always include SOMETHING with my NAME on it! Back in the 80’s Lauren was NOT popular, at all! So I loved having something personalized.

Now given the “mail” theme going on, I have had the Post Card Sizzix die cut for AGES! I dusted it off and got some more use from it with this card. I also used the mini envelope/card Sizzix die I had too. So fun.

Its is no nice to be reminded of times like that. I so love this hobby 😀 This card brough back so much to me.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings! I did get off on a tangent, didn’t I?

I’d love to hear too, if you have a memory to share from your childhood 😀 Maybe a certain toy or something that you loved and lost (like me :C)

Thanks for sharing.

Till tomorrow