We had a great 4th of July! I hope you did as well.

I have been posting all weekend, so SCROLL on down! You don’t want to miss anything, right?!

I couldn’t help but think of all our families with Soldiers fighting this very LONG war. Made me sad, and thankful for our freedom. Something I THINK we can easily forget or take for granted. So if you are a military family-THANK YOU! 

Tomorrow Alexa and Noah start Summer School. Only 4 days a week, 3 hours a day, for 5 weeks. I will say I enjoyed  the 2 week hiatus from the daily “grind” that the school year brings.

I know, it seems “mean” to send kids to summer school, but kids lose so much over the summer! Plus it keeps them in a “routine” of school. They get home at almost noon, so I can still do PLENTY with them, the remainder of the day.

Alexa LOVES it (thankfully) and Noah is far from happy with me! But, I have to remember my “job” as a mom is to do what is BEST for them and their future! Not always an easy thing to do.  I really feel they BOTH will benefit from going. I’m not put on this earth to be their best friend! I’m suppose to guide them, and do what I can, by example, to mold them into educated, caring, and loving individuals, with a good heart, sense of community, and honesty. That is just the beginning of it! LOL!

Alexa really needs to expand her Math skills. We are going to try a new Math Program, thanks to all the suggestions here-the Saxon 3rd Grade Math series. It is based on repetition, which we NEED for Alexa. I was fortunate that one of my readers Cindy Coutts,  a retired teacher, had that program and sent EVERYTHING to us!! Isn’t that amazing?! So a huge thank you to Cindy! I wihs you MUCH success on your new venture!

Cindy retired from teaching and saw my blog post and contacted me! I was assured she didn’t need the program now that has started a Christian Paper Crafts Magazine <—-check it out!  (WOW! That is very cool!!) They also have a design team and blog—> HERE! 

I know many of you hoped for something like this, so after seeing Cindy’s signature I asked her about it! So I hope you check it out. God definitely used her to bless our life with the Math program at the perfect time!! I hope you find her Christian based magazine a help to you. I figured the least I could do was spread the word!

 I am taking the kids to the library this week to learn about bee’s! LOL! That seems to be the BIG interest going on in the family this week. The kids keep seeing bees and want to learn ALL about them. Gotta LOVE kids. I never normally would even think to find out more on my own, but after being asked a ZILLION questions, that I did NOT know the answer to, I found it a good time to brush up on my bee knowledge. PLUS, Noah is having a hard time getting into reading. He likes non-fiction books (as I JUST learned) so I HOPE this will really spark his interest in reading. Funny-he is 6 and can do Alexa’s math homework (2nd grade level) yet his reading is definitely NOT his strong point.

I need to get him into it somehow, so I hope weekly trips to the library will help a little.

OK speaking of bees, I have a peek for you.

This is another peek from the C.C. Designs release (tomorrow is FINALLY the release day!) called Bumble B. Bear.

Really cute set!

Bee Joyful-


There is a LARGE & small image of this bear in the set-I used the lil bear, and stamped him/her in the middle of myGiga Marvy flower punched flower.

Call me crazy, but I like the bear in green! LOL! I’m LOVING this paper by K& Co. LOVE!! This is a very clean and simple layout, but I’m liking it a lot!


The colors were inspired by my paper! I usually choose an image, then my paper or colors, so things just flow! If you color first, then you (or should I say “I”) often struggle to find the RIGHT paper to match my already colored image. So I just avoid pre-coloring anything like that!

When you are a busy person, you don’t have time to waste! So just make the most of your time by pre-selecting everything, easy peasy done! I also sketch out most of my ideas, so everything just flows quickly and smoothly, then next thing you know, one idea turns into another, then another! I have had quite the creative streak the past 2 weeks, so I’m happy!

Much you won’t see until I can reveal things 😀 but its been great!

Well here is to wishing you some mojo!

Enter on THE BLOG <—– to win this set (and see a few samples)

Thank you, as always for taking time out of YOUR busy day to ready my insane ramblings and see what I have been up to!

Till tomorrow (boy do I have 2 cute cards then! LOL!) I’m also waiting on some “deliveries” of NEW! images! WAHOO!!

OK I’m seriously done rambling now!