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Speaking of stickers…..

Jul 20, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

My son decided that they make excellent, decorative tape, for his art work, in his room!


This face looks sweet doesn’t it?

YEAH! Can you say OH! MY! WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did a tornado of stickers whip though Manchester St while I was asleep?!

Um, no-just Noah, being what he calls “creative”.

I have a touch OCD, and it has gotten MUCH better over the years. BUT, my kids bedrooms drive me INSANE!! I spend so much time cleaning and decorating them, to have it all destroyed in an hour. I make them clean up every night before bed, but its never really what I’d call CLEAN. It totally stresses me out, and I KNOW there are MORE important things to life than stressing about the toy bomb that went off in their room’s daily. That being said, that is why I limit myself from looking at them!

So as I TRY to avoid going and checking too often, after ONE week, this is what I get.


Now-I didn’t edit ALL the photos but this goes around ALL 4 walls!!! Floor to ceiling.


When I saw it I didn’t even KNOW what to say!

Noah said “Doesn’t my room look awesome! I decorated it all by myself!”

I just stuttered a bit at first, then asked “WHY  did you do that to your walls?”

He said “Mom, its all my pictures I made, just like you put on the fridge, and all your cards and stuff in your stamp room, this is my room. Can’t I do what I want in my room?

(I didn’t say it out loud but I thought NO!)

I asked how long he planned on keeping it like that, and he said “forever”.

OH! NO!!!

My honest first thought, when I saw it was when police go into a serial killers homes, and there are TONS of newspaper clipping and stuff ALL over the walls-well this is the 6 year old version! LOL!!!

Is there such a thing as letting your children have TOO much creative liberty? I mean seriously , where do we draw the line between expressing yourself and um,……. that?

Then I felt awful for thinking such stuff. I wanted to take down every sticker and picture, and go back to the clean walls. He had a LITTLE point, but I think this was overkill!

Now me, being into papercrafts myself, I encourage my own children to be creative. I think that I need to set some boundaries though because Noah has decided to save MOST of every page he scribbles colors.

I bought a binder and told him he can put all his pictures in the binder, and that he can keep 6 pictures up at a time (one for each year of his life! LOL!).

OYE! I think I will be checking the room situation more often now!

Now that it is all said and done (as this happened back in May-I just forgot to share it) it is rather AMUSING, but at the time, not so much!

Now its your turn to share something SHOCKING you or your children did!

I have one more story-about myself.

When I was 6, my neighbor got a shiny new black sports car!

I don’t know WHAT possessed me, but I found a rusty nail on the ground. I then decided I would draw (OK Scratch into the paint) a HUGE whale, with water coming out its spout, with my NAME-Lauren, written on top of the spout!

I KNEW when I did it, that it was bad, and I had no idea WHY I did it. I also don’t know why I was so insane to scratch the PROOF I did it, by writing my name! I was a very sweet girl and my brother would have gotten blamed for SURE if I hadn’t “signed” my art work!

Needless to say it was going to cost my mom several hundred dollars (which we didn’t have ANY money) to have the woman’s car re-painted! The woman loved me and I cried a river over it. She felt bad, and decided to NOT make my mom pay for it. If I met her again today I would apologize profusely and thank her for doing that for my poor mom. She was so embarssed and upset I would do that. I can totally understand why.

I don’t think I ever did anything remotely close to that horrible again!

Now its your turn!

CPS Sketch for JustRite Stampers

Jul 20, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Contests, JustRite Stampers

This week I did a quickie card for the CPS card sketch 125

This Week\

If you get to play, link your creation  –>HERE

It is being sponsored by JustRite Stampers, so I figured I’d give it a go!


I used my JustRite Stampers Girl Time Borders & Centers Set 2″

Stamped on lemon tart cardstock, colored, then glitterized! Easy peasy.

I let the paper by K& Co. be my color guide. I thought it was PERFECT for a “happy hour” mixed drink 😀

Seriously, I think this shows just how easy and quick a card can be! These would make perfect invites for a cocktail hour, or girls nigh out!!

Now looking I didn’t follow the sketch to the “T” but I’m happy with the outcome.

Well now its your turn to try out the sketch!

The COOL thing……

CPS will be announcing later this week what our prize is for one lucky participant.

Good luck

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