My son decided that they make excellent, decorative tape, for his art work, in his room!


This face looks sweet doesn’t it?

YEAH! Can you say OH! MY! WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did a tornado of stickers whip though Manchester St while I was asleep?!

Um, no-just Noah, being what he calls “creative”.

I have a touch OCD, and it has gotten MUCH better over the years. BUT, my kids bedrooms drive me INSANE!! I spend so much time cleaning and decorating them, to have it all destroyed in an hour. I make them clean up every night before bed, but its never really what I’d call CLEAN. It totally stresses me out, and I KNOW there are MORE important things to life than stressing about the toy bomb that went off in their room’s daily. That being said, that is why I limit myself from looking at them!

So as I TRY to avoid going and checking too often, after ONE week, this is what I get.


Now-I didn’t edit ALL the photos but this goes around ALL 4 walls!!! Floor to ceiling.


When I saw it I didn’t even KNOW what to say!

Noah said “Doesn’t my room look awesome! I decorated it all by myself!”

I just stuttered a bit at first, then asked “WHY  did you do that to your walls?”

He said “Mom, its all my pictures I made, just like you put on the fridge, and all your cards and stuff in your stamp room, this is my room. Can’t I do what I want in my room?

(I didn’t say it out loud but I thought NO!)

I asked how long he planned on keeping it like that, and he said “forever”.

OH! NO!!!

My honest first thought, when I saw it was when police go into a serial killers homes, and there are TONS of newspaper clipping and stuff ALL over the walls-well this is the 6 year old version! LOL!!!

Is there such a thing as letting your children have TOO much creative liberty? I mean seriously , where do we draw the line between expressing yourself and um,……. that?

Then I felt awful for thinking such stuff. I wanted to take down every sticker and picture, and go back to the clean walls. He had a LITTLE point, but I think this was overkill!

Now me, being into papercrafts myself, I encourage my own children to be creative. I think that I need to set some boundaries though because Noah has decided to save MOST of every page he scribbles colors.

I bought a binder and told him he can put all his pictures in the binder, and that he can keep 6 pictures up at a time (one for each year of his life! LOL!).

OYE! I think I will be checking the room situation more often now!

Now that it is all said and done (as this happened back in May-I just forgot to share it) it is rather AMUSING, but at the time, not so much!

Now its your turn to share something SHOCKING you or your children did!

I have one more story-about myself.

When I was 6, my neighbor got a shiny new black sports car!

I don’t know WHAT possessed me, but I found a rusty nail on the ground. I then decided I would draw (OK Scratch into the paint) a HUGE whale, with water coming out its spout, with my NAME-Lauren, written on top of the spout!

I KNEW when I did it, that it was bad, and I had no idea WHY I did it. I also don’t know why I was so insane to scratch the PROOF I did it, by writing my name! I was a very sweet girl and my brother would have gotten blamed for SURE if I hadn’t “signed” my art work!

Needless to say it was going to cost my mom several hundred dollars (which we didn’t have ANY money) to have the woman’s car re-painted! The woman loved me and I cried a river over it. She felt bad, and decided to NOT make my mom pay for it. If I met her again today I would apologize profusely and thank her for doing that for my poor mom. She was so embarssed and upset I would do that. I can totally understand why.

I don’t think I ever did anything remotely close to that horrible again!

Now its your turn!