Well I am excited to say that I am going to be an aunt! I know many people won’t care, but I do.

My brother Robbie and his girlfriend Valerie are expecting a baby girl around Feb. 5th! I get to be an aunt. That means having my baby fever cooled by doing the fun things that come with having  a baby, without the lifelong responsibility of having anymore  of my own! LOL!

I never thought my brother would have any children. He is what I like to call a free spirit. After the shock wore off (this was not a planned thing, but I think most of us have one or two of those! LOL!), and finding out everything looks good, I am so excited, and happy for them. They currently live in Las Vegas, but plan on moving back home end of October-ish. I believe they will be living with us for a little while until they get settled. The idea of a new baby in the house is exciting for me and the kids!

I think this will be just what my brother needs to get life together. We are happy to be there to help them get on the right track.  I miss my brother so much!! I have hardly seen him in the last 2 years, and as we grew up we became very close. So, having him so far away is hard. But soon he will be back.

Here is a photo of my brother.


He just turned 28, and is a professional arm wrestler. In a word he is “jacked”.  He also has a “day job” as this won’t pay the bills-yet. He has worked hard getting his dreams to come true, and he recently beat the man who has a title in Guiness book of world records ! I have to ask him the man’s name again because I total forgot :C SORRY ROB!

I thought I would share some photos of that since it was a HUGE deal for him (I hope he doesn’t get mad that I am posting this-OH WELL! Its my blog. :D) and he did an amazing job.


They get ready by shaking hands


Now they get set up to pull

1-2-3 GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess who won? LOL!


He is very modest, and rarely talks about his accomplishments. I don’t know WHY! He should shout it from the roof tops! He was even on a ESPN special last year!!! Very cool. I love seeing people accomplish their wildest dreams.

This does tie into stamping I swear! LOL!  Given the amazing news for a little girl to come, I have a baby card for them, using a set designed by C.C Designs very own Amy R! This set is called Amy’s Boutique, and being released on the 9th.

So lets give Amy a big applause too for accomplishing something she has always wanted to do. Amy’s set is really cute. Wait till you see the FAB samples the design team has created! I don’t have the courage to even think about creating my own stamps! EEKK!! Someday…………..

Check out the blog here for peeks, countdown info and give-aways.

amy-baby-girl.jpg Expecting a girl

I thought this would be a cute little happy expecting card. When I saw this image I had to use it immediately.

The belly is 3D of course. I used some Cuttlebug flowers to create the flowers to match the cardstock (I believe that is Basic Grey) The flower centers are bella bling, colored with markers to match!Sentiment is from SU! I also used my polka  dot cuttlebug folder to tie it together.

Im sad to say my mojo is gone :C If anyone finds it please return it promptly.

So thanks for letting me share more of my insane family life. It will be really crazy when the baby comes. Im just DYING to hold her. DYING! But its not too early to shop!!

Enjoy the day.

Tomorrow is my Saturday Sketch!! I hope you are able to play along. Oh yeah, and a few more peeks!