Box-ket of Friendship

A tisket, a tasket, tubes in a box-ket.

A what?!

A Box-ket.

Get it? Its like a bakset, but its really a box! OK so maybe not a box, maybe call it a Tube-et, since it holds tubes! LOL! I have to say I am over the moon for this set! TOTALLY!!

Isn’t it cute? Think of how this could be revised! Lots of cool ideas are FLOWIN through my head 😀 you have NO IDEA!!

Anyway, this is a small contribution of MANY, for a good cause. My dear friend Cammie contacted me to ask if I would like to help her for a cause dear to her heart. Check out her vision HERE

Of course I said YES! I am all about paying it forward 😀 So many people (I’m talking about ALL of you out there :D) have blessed my life in many different ways, so I like to do what I can to help others out too. If it involves stamping then that is a double bonus!

I designed this special holder just for the occasion! I used some PRETTY paper from American Crafts to  begin my inspiration. The Poppy Red cardstock was a nice contrast. I thought that Beautiful Blooms was a PERFECT match!! I then paired it with a sentiment from another BIG favorite of mine-Floral Frenzy. The Flowers #1 cuttlebug die is a perfect match to popping out the flowers! I LOVE that aspect of the set.

You may be wondering WHAT THE HECK is IN the tubes!

That is a yummy snack mix by Archer Farms. It is Cashews, Cranberries and Almonds. I thought it matched the colors, was a “healthy” choice, and easily toss-able if someone didn’t like it. Chocolate could melt-YUCK!  It also wasn’t going to be messy to ship to Cammie, if it opens- no big mess!! Unlike a bath lotion set-EEK!!!

So I used the tube from Martha Stewart. I buy the 8pk for $8 (although I got all these ON SALE for like $5 for 8!). They are SOOOOO fun to fill. I used some cool paper ribbon to tie at the tops, then shredded and curled them. A nice simple touch. The best thing is the little gift set is totally regiftable after you eat the contents, and wash the tubes out-replace with another YUMMY and pass it on!

SO my small contribution of this Box-Ket, mixed with many other contributions from others, becomes not so small after-all.

So, I say do what YOU can to pay it forward. Maybe a kind email or comment, maybe actually amil a card (note to self-MAIL SOMETHING!), maybe a nice gesture to make someones day……………..whatever you WANT to do. It shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but something that gives you warm fuzzies inside 😀 It really is the best gift. I know I have a few things I hope to get done to pay it forward this week 😀

OK so go check Cammies blog for details to enter! I know I am entering! LOL! THAT would be so cool to win 😀