I think this lil witchis just adorable. I had fun with her and the layout for this. I’m all about the layers, without overkill. Im not a very complex person . Clean and SIMPLE 😀 I can’t escape the traditional and expected “Halloween” colors. I have no idea WHY, I just can’t.

I colored her with my Copic markers, then made a moon in the back using the reverse masking technique.

The pumpkin is from the spooked set. I love the Happy Halloween sentiment done in the corner in white craft ink-looks like a web!

Then onto the bats! They are just a punch from Martha Stewart. I think its a really cute one.

Im honestly not a huge Halloween person. While I do have a cute collection of images 😀 I don’ have a ton of Halloween STUFF. If you haven’t noticed this is the ONLY Halloween themed paper I have used this entire season!! (By Imaginesce) Since I don’t really celebrate it (aside from school stuff for the kids) I don’t stock up on this particular holiday with stuff. I KNOW! Can you imagine?!

I do create things, and let the kids do things for school, but we don’t go trick or treating or anything like that. Its part of how I was brought up, not celebrating that holiday.

Many people asked if I felt deprived as a kid, honestly no. I did get to celebrate a few Halloweens as a kid, then it stopped when I was about 6 or 7. My last costume was Strawberry Shortcake! Remember the plastic masks? Then the plastic outfits. Good grief!I always remember FREEZING every year! LOL!

I was a cat, a bumble bee, and Smurfette. I can’t remember any other costumes, so maybe that was it.

Anyway we always went and did something else that was fun. We’d go out to eat (usually Chinese food) and get ice cream sundaes. My mom would buy a couple bags of candy the day after, so no big deal. I think my mom worried we’d be scared for life with that decision, but it really was fine.

I have no idea how I even got into that subject! LOL! Oh well, there is a little info you most likely didn’t know about me, but now do.

On another note: I see you all have RAVAGED the Martha isle at Michaels for the test tubes! I KNEW I should have stocked up. 

Those who have emailed me re: the Disney Princess set-I haven’t seen them since I posted. I must have locals here who read my blog, and promptly ran out for the good find 😀

Well I’m off and running. Lots to do. I found NOTHING good for Alexa’s birthday :C Maybe try Toys R’Us. Not like she NEEDS anything!

Noah has a doctors appointment. I think he needs an ear cleaning. He doesn’t seem to be hearing well, and clears his throat a lot. Maybe its allergies. He does it so much. Yesterday he said doing that helps him hear! OK that can’t be good. So off to the doctors we go. Plus its dance class, and open house tonight. Busy times.

Alrighty. I hope you all have a great day.

I would LOVE to hear of some of your Halloween costumes as a kid! Or maybe a memory if you have one you feel like typing out.

I have MUCH more to share, just tight on time.

Stay tuned.