Life has gotten in the way of me posting. The past 2 days have actually been busy and emotionally draining.

I have a lot on my plate reguarding Alexa. We have a day of appointments tomorrow, and I have about a million things concerning me with her.

Its too much to go into tonight. If you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and I pray for good news tomorrow. I can’t tell if my upset is just in my head, or my intuition. There are always FEARS and risk of her cancer coming back. We have had a rough few days, and will get a full workup tomorrow. I feel (or think I feel) in my heart that she will be OK. I know she is in God’s care. Sometimes that is hard to just give it up to him and have trust.

These days are never easy. There are possible other reasons for things, I just always have to wait

UGH! I just want to scream or cry. Not sure which. I think I just need some sleep. I know this may not even make sense to anyone but this is where I am at today.

Till tomorrow.