Thanks for all the love everyone about me becoming an aunt! I can’t believe how excited I really am.

I am so enjoying the weekly sketch, I have to say that everyone who participates is REALLY rockin them out! So thank you for participating, as it is pure joy for me to check out your take on it.

sSo that being said, its sketchy sketchy time-

This week is a simple design that I had fun using.


Feel free to use the keyword mytimess04 if you upload to a gallery (code not required-just easy to locate others) Use your creative liberty to interpret the sketch any way that gets those creative juices flowing!

Here is my simple sample using really rust, basic black, and ivory-with a touch of copper.



I love that sentiment! You cannot tell by the photo but the flower is colored with copper pearl-ex and Future Floor Wax! Nice shimmer

These images  are from last months KOTM from Unity. I caved and got a subscription 😀 This is my first time using it though. I would love to have played more. I think I will. I am going to re-do my sketch. More to come!

It has been SO HOT here, and my mojo is so lacking-as evidenced by my card :C Oh well, it shall come home eventually. Im just in a hole of making things Im not crazy about. I know we all have those days.

Don’t miss the sketch team and their take this week! I am sure you will be inspired to give it a go!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Now time for peeky peeky

    count-bear.jpg The count

    Is he not adorable? I love him. He is from C.C. Designs newest (to be released) set called Spooky Spooky Spooky, and is being released on the 9th! Don’t miss your chance to win this set and more peeks/details HERE!

    I just cut a card box in 1/2 and put in a bag of sour gummy worms. I could NOT open the bag for fear I would eat them! This design team stuff is hard making samples for all these YUMMY holidays when you are avoiding all this stuff. I am doing so good on my new healthy lifestyle I dont want to go south! The best part is when people who have no idea you are working out say “Oh my gosh! You look great!” That happened to me yesterday!! Amber’s pre-K teachers just looked at me said you must have lost a ton of weight 😀 You look so skinny! YEAH! That felt awesome to hear. I don’t own a scale but have been working out daily, and eatting healthy for 4 weeks and am noticing a big difference in my clothing. Even more so, over 2 weeks without coffee! THAT is insane. Not too much more to go. I am totally going to get to my goal this time.

    OK back to the projects-sorry I got a little off track there. If you could be in my brain for 5 minutes……’d have a headache. It just runs and runs.

     Again Im not thrilled with this complete project but I was happy with the coloring 😀 I will have to make more samples when the mojo is back. I think its the heat? Its leaving me s uninspired these days.

    Well enjoy the weekend. Tomorrow I have MORE peeks and a fun tip to share to get your hiney in shape and give you some “puter time too!