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RELEASES!! and info

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OK so I missed the release party and announcing the special info due to no internet! So keeping you in the KNOW-

Pink Cat Studio is releasing Christmas Kitty !!


Here is a little sample!


New sets from C.C. Designs is now available —> HERE!

Another little sample


AND new forum news for MFT!

Wanna get cozy with the MFT crew?  Want excuses to buy more stamps and play with the ones you have?  We are changing up our forum to make it tons of fun for the MFT lover in you!  On Sept. 13th, we unveil our MFThemed Forum Days!

  • Play along with Who’s That Girl? Monday
  • Find out more about MFT crew and fans on Thread Starter Tuesday
  • Chat it up MFT style Wednesday nights at 9pm(est)
  • Get a little sketchy on Thursday
  • Hum a little Oldie PLUS Goodie on Friday

What’s in for you?  We thought you’d ask! So we decided to offer a $5 store gift certificate to one lucky winner each day!  And on top of all that goodness, the daily winners will be thrown into a monthly drawing for a $25 gift certificate!  Now that’s a reason to celebrate, don’t you think?

Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to party on Sept 13th.  Wanna know a little secret to get you started?  You’ll need Rain or Shine for the very first challenge, so from now through Sept 13th, it’s 20% off, just to get you in the mood!  

AND I do have a bunch of Magnolia stuff to share, and some super cute stuff using Lizzie Anne 😀 BUT! A lot of it was “holiday” themed and until today I felt weird posting holiday stuff!!!! Now I have to accept that fact that “tis the season”.


Sneaky Peeky Pink Cat

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Fishes of Wishes

This post uses the set by Pink Cat Studio called Christmas Kitty! Releases tomorrow 😀

I love it because some of the images can be used ALL year, not just at the holidays. That was great thinking on Melissa’s part. I know I “try” to limit the amount of holiday specific sets I purchase, so having this option is a great value to me.

Again I had to go NON-holiday with one of them, to show some versatility 😀


I call this Fishes of Wishes

Don’t you LOVE her in purple! Or should I say Lavender Moon! The great thing about cutesy stuff is you can totally make it ANY color and it will still be HOT! I’m totally in love with the layout too.

 The patterned paper Bitty Baby Blessing from Papertrey is PERFECT for the cat and goldfish combo 😀 Don’t you think? Again, lots of dimension on this card. You need it for that POP!!! You can’t see in the photo but the goldfish is all glittery-using my atyou glitter pen.


Down the Chimney

HOW flippin adorable is this cat? I love it. I love the sentiment too. Way cute.

I put some rhinestones on the collar, and made little holly leaves/berries from bridal confetti (colored with copic marker-but any-marker will work) and some rhinestones that where silver, but I colored red! I love changing the color of things like that! Saves me $$!!!

Again I love my layout! LOL!

This image allows you to create a “scene” if you like that sort of thing. I am not particularly good at it, so I’ll leave it for the experts!! I like mine more clean 😀

Well that is it for today! Tomorrow is THE day that this set goes up or sale. Don’t miss it. It is alos a good time to add on Q.T. Hooty, Lily or Billy!! Those are my FAVORITES!!!! LOVE THEM!

Tomorrow is the start of the Papertrey Ink peeks-so be sure to check in again

Later 😀

Christmas Kitty Peek!!

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SO I am not in a chatty mood today! LOL! Enjoy it because that is a RARE occasion. My brain has so much going on that its just crazy, and my to do list is OUT OF CONTROL!! I am happy about what I have to share, so I will let the projects speak for themselves.

OK so today is day one in the newest Pink Cat Studio release called Christmas Kitty.

This set is so super cute, you will love it.

I decided for my first card to go totally NON Christmas. I am having a hard time transitioning to the holiday’s to be honest! Plus I think she can bet SO cute for any occasion that involves a gift!


PURR-fect Birthday Wishes

I used some pretty paper from Making Memories (I think). It was thier spring line. It inspired my colors. I made the cat PINK for obvious reasons! PINK CAT STUDIO! The side panel is wrapped like a pretty little gift. I love these colors. You can obviously deck her out for the holidays too-great for those cat lovers out there!


Joy to the world

Here is the angel Kitty. She is spreading joy all over! LOL! I pierced a little flying trail for her. I think she is so cute. I love her glittery wings. This one was pretty simple as I wanted her to be floating on air!

So that is it for the peeks today from me. You can see even more by going to the Pink Cat Blog!

Stay tuned tomorrow-more to come!

More SPOOKY stuff going on…………

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How can you resist LUCKY?! OMW! He is adorable. This card was suppose to be posted yesterday but I ended up crazy busy with the kids, so I am posting it today. It uses the Spooky Spooky Spooky & the Sugarplum Spooky Scenes  set by C.C. Designs. That set will be released on the 9th!!

I just stamped my fence in white and colored it randomly with a white marker. The Ghost & Lucky are 3 D. This was another bad mojo day. I didn’t have any great Halloween paper, which was a huge bummer, so this was sort of plain jane. I just worked with it and couldn’t make it go anywhere else.


Witch Street

Sugarplum Halloween

This set is super duper cute. It had some great elements in it as well-like the different signs.

This is a tunnel card. I believe that is what it is called. The witch is suppose to be flying in the sky, across the moon. Great concept-awful execution. But that is what I got :C

This was made on my BAD mojo day. I truly do not work well under stress. I am a PLANNER. I don’t feel creative when I am under a tight deadline, and it puts me into shut-down mode. I usually have my projects done in advance, but sometimes it just doesn’t get to work that way. Well that puts my OCD into a bad place, and I create crap.

ANYWAY we all have those days, and these are mine. I think, thankfully the images are cute enough that you can get a bajillion ideas flowing! I will be making some more “worthy” samples once the mojo comes back to me. It has to be missing me by now!

Well if you want a chance to win, and see more samples check out the BLOG!! The DT has done some fabulous work!



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Its not easy fitting everything into life in just 24 hours a day.

If you are like me you’d rather be blog hopping than literally hopping, and getting fit.

Think of the number of hours you spend ONLINE? And we all say we have NO TIME to exercise! I decided that was a LAME excuse. I use to spend more time answering emails than taking care of myself. Now 4 weeks in, and I am actually looking forward to my time to work out. I feel weird if I don’t!

Well since I am on a mission to get in shape, and no matter what make 1 hour a day to do that., I figured it would be great to make the most of my time doing it. I have a solution that will allow you to combine the best of both worlds!


What does this mean? Well exercise WHILE you surf your favorite blogs, update your own, answer emails, or any other online task you may have!

Here is a photo!


What on earth are you looking at?

I saw a episode on 20/20 about a company that ordered special desks for their workers so that they could WALK on a treadmill ALL day as they worked! They had them special made and the workers all got in shape walking at a slow pace 8 hours a day!  Personally that seemed exhausting, but I thought it was a cool concept.

I looked at my elliptical machine and asked myself HOW I could do that too.

SO I got my laptop, and using my sons (one size fits all adjustable) belt I strapped my laptop to my machine!!! It works great!!

View while ON the machine


I pop on my head phones, and get moving!! I can now go really fast and type at the same time. I have been doing my blog posts WHILE I workout for an hour for over 2 weeks now! The time goes much faster when you surf the Internet! No pages to turn on a magazine, and great reading! You get use to it quickly too. Just go to your favorite places, read and work. Before you know it an hour has flown by and you have not only made the step to getting healthy and in shape but you got in your computer time too!!

Now seriously how can there be any excuses?


Just strap it to the back, resting on the tray, snuggly!

Pretty cool huh?

I hope you give it a try if you have longed to get fit but want your computer time too. OR if you thought there weren’t enough hours in a day! You deserve to give yourself TIME! The healthier we are the better we feel. I never thought I’d feel great giving up coffee but I do.

OK enough of the exercise blah blah blah, I just wanted to share my fun find with all of you and hope it helps someone out there who may be wanting to make a life change too!

I will be back later with more peeks 😀


Sketchy Sketchy-Peeky Peeky

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Thanks for all the love everyone about me becoming an aunt! I can’t believe how excited I really am.

I am so enjoying the weekly sketch, I have to say that everyone who participates is REALLY rockin them out! So thank you for participating, as it is pure joy for me to check out your take on it.

sSo that being said, its sketchy sketchy time-

This week is a simple design that I had fun using.


Feel free to use the keyword mytimess04 if you upload to a gallery (code not required-just easy to locate others) Use your creative liberty to interpret the sketch any way that gets those creative juices flowing!

Here is my simple sample using really rust, basic black, and ivory-with a touch of copper.



I love that sentiment! You cannot tell by the photo but the flower is colored with copper pearl-ex and Future Floor Wax! Nice shimmer

These images  are from last months KOTM from Unity. I caved and got a subscription 😀 This is my first time using it though. I would love to have played more. I think I will. I am going to re-do my sketch. More to come!

It has been SO HOT here, and my mojo is so lacking-as evidenced by my card :C Oh well, it shall come home eventually. Im just in a hole of making things Im not crazy about. I know we all have those days.

Don’t miss the sketch team and their take this week! I am sure you will be inspired to give it a go!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Now time for peeky peeky

    count-bear.jpg The count

    Is he not adorable? I love him. He is from C.C. Designs newest (to be released) set called Spooky Spooky Spooky, and is being released on the 9th! Don’t miss your chance to win this set and more peeks/details HERE!

    I just cut a card box in 1/2 and put in a bag of sour gummy worms. I could NOT open the bag for fear I would eat them! This design team stuff is hard making samples for all these YUMMY holidays when you are avoiding all this stuff. I am doing so good on my new healthy lifestyle I dont want to go south! The best part is when people who have no idea you are working out say “Oh my gosh! You look great!” That happened to me yesterday!! Amber’s pre-K teachers just looked at me said you must have lost a ton of weight 😀 You look so skinny! YEAH! That felt awesome to hear. I don’t own a scale but have been working out daily, and eatting healthy for 4 weeks and am noticing a big difference in my clothing. Even more so, over 2 weeks without coffee! THAT is insane. Not too much more to go. I am totally going to get to my goal this time.

    OK back to the projects-sorry I got a little off track there. If you could be in my brain for 5 minutes……’d have a headache. It just runs and runs.

     Again Im not thrilled with this complete project but I was happy with the coloring 😀 I will have to make more samples when the mojo is back. I think its the heat? Its leaving me s uninspired these days.

    Well enjoy the weekend. Tomorrow I have MORE peeks and a fun tip to share to get your hiney in shape and give you some “puter time too!


    It’s a girl! Dreams come true-and a peek preview

    Sep 5, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    Well I am excited to say that I am going to be an aunt! I know many people won’t care, but I do.

    My brother Robbie and his girlfriend Valerie are expecting a baby girl around Feb. 5th! I get to be an aunt. That means having my baby fever cooled by doing the fun things that come with having  a baby, without the lifelong responsibility of having anymore  of my own! LOL!

    I never thought my brother would have any children. He is what I like to call a free spirit. After the shock wore off (this was not a planned thing, but I think most of us have one or two of those! LOL!), and finding out everything looks good, I am so excited, and happy for them. They currently live in Las Vegas, but plan on moving back home end of October-ish. I believe they will be living with us for a little while until they get settled. The idea of a new baby in the house is exciting for me and the kids!

    I think this will be just what my brother needs to get life together. We are happy to be there to help them get on the right track.  I miss my brother so much!! I have hardly seen him in the last 2 years, and as we grew up we became very close. So, having him so far away is hard. But soon he will be back.

    Here is a photo of my brother.


    He just turned 28, and is a professional arm wrestler. In a word he is “jacked”.  He also has a “day job” as this won’t pay the bills-yet. He has worked hard getting his dreams to come true, and he recently beat the man who has a title in Guiness book of world records ! I have to ask him the man’s name again because I total forgot :C SORRY ROB!

    I thought I would share some photos of that since it was a HUGE deal for him (I hope he doesn’t get mad that I am posting this-OH WELL! Its my blog. :D) and he did an amazing job.


    They get ready by shaking hands


    Now they get set up to pull

    1-2-3 GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Guess who won? LOL!


    He is very modest, and rarely talks about his accomplishments. I don’t know WHY! He should shout it from the roof tops! He was even on a ESPN special last year!!! Very cool. I love seeing people accomplish their wildest dreams.

    This does tie into stamping I swear! LOL!  Given the amazing news for a little girl to come, I have a baby card for them, using a set designed by C.C Designs very own Amy R! This set is called Amy’s Boutique, and being released on the 9th.

    So lets give Amy a big applause too for accomplishing something she has always wanted to do. Amy’s set is really cute. Wait till you see the FAB samples the design team has created! I don’t have the courage to even think about creating my own stamps! EEKK!! Someday…………..

    Check out the blog here for peeks, countdown info and give-aways.

    amy-baby-girl.jpg Expecting a girl

    I thought this would be a cute little happy expecting card. When I saw this image I had to use it immediately.

    The belly is 3D of course. I used some Cuttlebug flowers to create the flowers to match the cardstock (I believe that is Basic Grey) The flower centers are bella bling, colored with markers to match!Sentiment is from SU! I also used my polka  dot cuttlebug folder to tie it together.

    Im sad to say my mojo is gone :C If anyone finds it please return it promptly.

    So thanks for letting me share more of my insane family life. It will be really crazy when the baby comes. Im just DYING to hold her. DYING! But its not too early to shop!!

    Enjoy the day.

    Tomorrow is my Saturday Sketch!! I hope you are able to play along. Oh yeah, and a few more peeks!


    Bloomin Basket revised

    Sep 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items


    Kids + School =Mytime

    Mytime + Stamping =Happiness

    That is me-HAPPY!! I have so much to be thankful for, and I am. I made this during my “happy” mood. I think it is obvious.

    Happy colors. Happy day.

    I LOVE this box. Its so crisp, clean and cute. Plus I {love} polka dots.

    Just looking at this puts me in a good mood 😀

    It is VERY rare that I use my own templates twice! Why? Because I usually just make a new one! LOL! But I really loved that Bloomin Basket –found here, so I “revised it” a bit.

    This time I scored top portion of the sides. I went right in the middle of the side panel to score (so at 1 inch) and scored down about 1 1/2  inches, so only the top portion folds in (see a bit from the photo?). Then tied the handles together.

    C’mon…….isn’t it cute?


    I created and partially assembled my bloomin basket. I then stamped Polka Dot Basics on the bottom portion, in olive ink, then assembled box fully.

    Beautiful Blooms has to be one of my most favorite flower sets- ever!!The fact that these flowers layer perfectly with the Cuttlebug Flowers #1 die is brilliant. It has gotten SO much use from me 😀 In fact I always want to use it, but then have to say NO! Use another set Lauren. I have lots of awesome flowers sets, but this one always gets me. If you never noticed, I LOVE dimension. I go through at least a hundred dimensionals a week-I swear! LOL! Well worth it.

    When I saw Nichole cut apart the leaves off her leaf ribbon and use them on her flowers, well I had to do the same. Just so elegant looking.

    Then for the sentiment-I think Women of Life was perfect-with the little dotted sentiments. It matched just right.

    Now to fill this with something fun. I have many birthday’s coming up!! So this should give me a head start.

    Well I am off to get the kids off to school so I can do some stamping! Tomorrow starts some peeks from C.C. Designs, and don’t miss the MFT special below!


    The Sept release is sure to be one of the most fun and funky we’ve ever had, so to celebrate, I thought we’d sweeten the pot even further by offering a HALF PRICE SHIPPING promo on all US orders over $25 through Sept 6th!

    Enter the code HALFPRICESHIPPING upon checkout to receive your discount of $2.38. If your order is over $25 or an INTL order, you will still save the $2.38 by entering the code, so everyone wins!

    You HAVE to enter the code to receive the discount! The code is all one word, all caps, HALFPRICESHIPPING!!

    On Wed night (Sept 3rd) from 9-11pm EST, we will be hosting our newest release party, so grab your favorite cocktail and join us for some fun! Follow this link to the party:

    I would recommend an Appletini as the cocktail of the month, and you’ll know why as the MFTeasers start making their way through the gallery.

    This months First 50 orders will get a Petaloo treat! Our biggest First 50 prize ever! I will post the ending order number at the beginning of the party so you’ll know in a flash if you qualify.

    Just an FYI – there’s a good chance a couple of the sets will sell out, so no pressure, but if you like em, grab em early.

    The Sept collection is on special this month for $58.95 but does NOT include the BC Dznys set, so you’ll order that seperately.

    Not able to make the party but still want to be part of the action? Check out all the new sets at, under Products, Stamp It Out, Brand Spankin’ New!


    Did you all make it to the party?? Boy was it chatty and moving fast. LOTS of amazing samples were added in there. I was in awe of them all.

    I still have more from the release to share too! So stay tuned (oh and wait till you see next months stuff! WOW!)

    OK signing off!
    Enjoy the day!

    Kits are up!!

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    Go to The Paper Tree to place your order!!

    I know I have had so many emails waiting-thank you for your interest. I always get so excited when releasing a kit.

    AND we do have the Not So Tricky Treats class available!!

    Don’t miss them, supplies are limited 😀

    who emailed me

    Sep 3, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    asking for some teachabella images???

     I LOST everything in my email so please re-email me so I can send that to you.

    Also if you emailed me and I have not replied it is most likely because I have lost every thing. So if you need something-please re-send.

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