OK let me start by saying that Amber and I had fun shopping. I didn’t go to the stamp store :C

I went to Target and M’s. I just got more stamps in for my design work, and decided I better “play” with that stuff first. Plus it all looked so yummy.

Problem was I got into “re-organizing” rather than stamping.

I got some AWESOME stuff, for up and coming project ideas 😀 YEAH!

Now I have too many alterables! LOL! I also have too many Prima’s and glitter. Is there REALLY such a thing? I think its more like not enough ROOM. I need more CD racks for my UM sets. Thats my next shopping venture. Organizing is endless. If you have it you need to find it. If you can’t find it you don’t use it. If you dont use it, you accumulate MORE stuff, and its a waste of $$$. If you DO use it, then your purchases are totally justified.

OK theres my “insight” for the day.

OK onto the cards.

mytime-fairy-wishes-la.jpg Fairy Wishes

Kids cards are so exciting! Maybe because I LOVE whimsical images, and cutesy stuff.

Don’t get me wrong-I love elegant images and whatnot, just as much, I just have fun with this style too.

So I will share a card for a girl, and a boy in this post. These use the Little Bits, and can be found ->HERE

I used-the Fairy, Cowboy, and Stars bkgd.

I made these 2 samples I am sharing here, a while ago! I know-you never saw them.

 Here is why- did you know that Lizzie Anne Designs has a Catalog?! Its BRAND SPANKIN NEW!

 Not only does it feature their sets, but it has samples created by all of their designers.  Cool huh?

 I am in there, several times! REALLY EXCITING! It never gets old, seeing your creations in print.

I am awaitng my copy! YEAH!!

The Fairy one I believe is on the back cover, and is also seen when you click in their website on some of the forum icons! Like the Sketchbook—HERE (check out the left corner!!! See my Fairy card)

I got the OK to share my design samples, so I am starting with these 2.

Its things like this that keep me busy “behind the scenes”, and why Im not online much. If I’m online, I’m not “working”. I have alot that I do, that doesn’t get to be viewed for sometimes, up to a YEAR later! Other time’s it is seen in bulk for a reveal, or over the course of a month. It varies.

Howdy Pardner


Sometimes, its the smallest details that really make a card. This is pretty simple. On this one, not only did I paper piece the pants (not sure of the western name for them), I made FRINGE!


Is that not SOOOO cute! And it took NO time at all.

Now not ALL our samples get picked. That must be the hard part for them, deciding WHAT goes, and what doesn’t!

This one was one of my faves, that did NOT get in-

mytime-lamour-la-blue-bird.jpg Blue Bird

This uses on of my favorite sets that almost got TRASHED before being produced!  Its calledL’Amor.

Now what is cool about this bird, is that-it was stamped on Vellum card-stock-colored from the back, and my embossing stylus was rubbed behind it, to make it PUFF out, like a 3D bird! It was then layered over a stamped bird image in my card base.

Really pretty and elegant in person.

I also loved the vellum flowers I punched/sponged, and added to my swirly flourish, which was my “branch”. The swirl is from So Swirly.

So there you have it. Some insight on WHY I am always so busy, even though you may only see a few things I pump out a week.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Till tomorrow