OK so this is just a Fancy Schamancy way of saying-I made my own envelope’s to match! LOL! But I LOVE how it sounds, don’t you.

In this post I paired Papertrey Ink (Out on a limb), with Martha Stewart paper (the Candy Shoppe collection), and it was a COSMIC CONNECTION!

(Cosmic Connection-that’s a little word we use for Jay and I when we think/say the same thing at the same time, or kill our friends in a game. Corny inside joke I guess. I means an amazing combination of two things-thats us! hehehehe)

I always forget the IMPACT, a pretty envelope-made to match, can have on your creation and the presentation, until I see one stamped, or I create one to match.

 My friend Renee is famous for also stamping her envelope’s. I love it, but am often too lazy to bother! I’m lucky I actually mail stuff out on occassion. My other friend Geny, she always lines the inside panel of her card, and stamps the inside! Its those extra little touches that makes me always say- AWE!

I recently made these cards, with matching envelope’s as a sample to go with my Envelope Tutorial <—click to view, for Scor-Pal, at CHA.

 PLEASE note this formula is copyrighted by ME. Not to be submitted for contest/publication/tutorial elsewhere.

I was very upset to hear that my Onesie Card appeared the other day (the 23rd)on Stamper’s Showcase! That means that it was entered to win a contest, even after I posted a friendly reminder (after I was alerted someone tried to copy/paste my instructions, with their project for publication) that the template using my punch idea was not to be used for publication/contest. This is very disheartening to me, and really makes me question sharing certain things in the future.


It it my “formula” that is copyrighted.

So you could not get paid for a tutorial or write up USING my formula. Please check out the site if that part confuses you. It will make sense if you see HOW I configure a way to make envelopes for every size.

You can make as many envelopes as you want. Be it using my formula or your own template.

There are MANY ways/templates.

But my FORMULA for creating envelopes for any size is what is owned by me-not the concept of making your own envelopes.

Hope that clears up some questions 😀

OK moving on- 

 This helps people SEE what the finished products can look like, using all sized cards, when you use my formula. I heard that people really liked them, so that made me so happy.

Once y9ou get going, you can really whip up a nice envelope in like 3 minutes! After the measuring is done, its a breeze.

All you need is a card/note to make an envelope for! Measure it, then follow the directions to get your size/formula for scoring. Then get creating.

Use your Scor-Pal, Scor-Tape, corner rounder, double sided or plain Paper, and a little creativity, then you are ready to go!

Here is a 2 X 3 note card, made using my rectangle scallop nestability

2X3 size note card

This is your standard A 2 size card-flower is on the closure.

A 2 standard

This is a 5 1/2 squared card


So see how extremely SIMPLE each card is, but paired with that matching envelope, it becomes a more elegant presentation of your note-card/card. Makes quite the statement.

I find it nicer to use double sided paper. But you could certainly add a liner. That always looks elegant.

I would NOT use heavy card-stock. That is too bulky.

My envelopes are held together using the Scor- Tape. I love to add ribbon, scallops and/or flowers.

Well that’s it for now.

Ill be back tomorrow.

Till then.