Look at all the pretty flower’s!!! Can you say SCORE!!!!

OK ladies-you don’t need to be a Bride to take advantage of this deal! I was shopping at Michaels,and I happened to browsed by the Wedding section, and for a whopping $4.99-found their BRIDE’S BUCKET, with a TON of GORGEOUS, SHIMMERY, EMBOSSED paper flower’s.

It is on an end cap! So eye’s peeled. AND PLEASE-try to restrain yourself from buying every last one, and leave some for the other crazy stampers! LOL! You really do get a bunch in each bucket.

You are looking at a cream  bucket and white bucket.

These are just amazing in person. Imagine what a 50% off coupon could do too!!


I decided to share what they look like on a project 😀 As well as another use for them.

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The Princess and the Potion

I made the following 2 projects using Once Upon a Time. I had so much fun FINALLY using this set, that I created 6 projects for the day! Two I will share here now.

Think- invite to a VERY special princess party.

Here is a card I made to match my little potion (seen below). I went with a yellow/green theme. Not MY usual thought for Princess colors, but since I was focusing on the FROG, they worked! I like doing an unexpected color theme.

I added the little flowers randomly around my card. I colored some cut petals of those flower’s with a green Copic for “leaves” for the flowers! Don’t they look great?!!!! And the SHIMMER in person is SOOO pretty!So that is the cool thing you can do! Make leaves, and color them! More on that tomorrow.

My onare piercing template, helped make the flourish leaf/vine at the bottom flower.

Lots of glitter made it really SPARKLE! I colored my images with my Copic Markers. They really make coloring SO EASY! I actually LOVE to color. Reminds me of being a kid. Only now I have an excuse.

PRACTICE- PRACTICE- PRACTICE! I am by no means a pro when it comes to the coloring with these, but am very happy with my results. Just have fun with it.

Now onto the little gift to match my card-a party favor if you will.

frong-prince-pills-l.jpg Frog to Prince Potion

Also in the bridal section, I got 20 mini jars for only $9.99-after my coupon. These little jars can hold the coolest little things. When combined with a coupon its only .50 CENTS each!

Think Princess Party Favors! I wrote a poem to match! I included this little poem, rolled up in a scroll!


You have a frog-Cute as can be

Is he your true love? How can he be?

Here is the potion, just make him eat three.

Before you know it, your Prince Charming he’ll be.

By Lauren Meader © 2008


Inside this jar, is a bunch of  green Starburst Jelly Beans.

This took literally under 5 minutes to make! Assembly line and you could really whip them out.

See my pretty flowers on the side? PERFECT!

My Spring Moss Twill byPTI-is also a perfect touch! I have to say if you could only afford ONE style of ribbon, THIS is my choice. Its so not like OTHER twill. It feels soft as satin, and as you can see ties beautifully.

So that is it for my BIG FIND, and projects for today. Sorry Im late posting but had a FULL day with the kids.

I am super busy and have a ton of emails to sort through.

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Again feel free to obtain the answer’s you may need.

Thank you to all for offering your points of view.

All I ask you all be is courteous to your fellow stamper’s, and when in doubt ASK!

Thank you all for reading! You all mean so much to me. I enjoy my time spent here sharing with all of you-

Till tomorrow!