Well I got the call at 8am. My friend Erin delivered a baby girl! They did name her Avery, and she weighs a hefty 9lbs 11 oz!!! I was already informed I need to create a name from for her 😀

Alexa was 9lbs, and I thought that was big-WOW!

Well in my post yesterday, I made the Onsies shaped baby card to give to her when the baby arrived. It was rather a joke because she has NO 0-3 month 3-6 month onesies! My goal was to wrap the onesie’s in a unique, and fun way. I am going to share with you what I did. I am ECSTATIC over it.

I will visit her today, and spent yesterday FRANTICALLY making my vision a reality. I am happy to say I worked beautifully!!!

Now I will share my Baby Bouquet! I think its a beautiful way to present a gift-rather than REAL flowers!

baby-bouquet-onesies-pti.jpg Onsie Bouquet-Its a Girl!

What’s in the bouquet? 

I used the large heart tin that I purchased from Papertrey. I decorated the outside/cover with embossed paper by Martha Stewart. I then tied a wide ribbon around it by Heidi Swapp. The lid was covered using the method Debbie Olson posted on her blog—>HERE. REALLY EASY!!!

I added some Hydrangea Prima’s (which did you see Jodyis having a huge Prima share?), and Prima leaves (I got those at a stamp convention thingy).

The “bouquet” is made up of 5 rolled up onesie’s- white, pink, yellow and 2 patterned. They are rolled to look like “roses”. Isn’t it so pretty?

They are folded in half, rolled up and taped with white floral tape. I used floral tape because its not too sticky and holds them together! Then an elastic is placed around the bundle. This kept them in place the way I wanted them, and helps them from falling over in the container. The heart was PERFECT size for this, and will be a nice item for the baby room, after it is pulled apart! GASP!!! This will get disassembled :C OK I won’t think about it. But I will instruct her to NOT throw away my flowers! If she can’t sue them, then I want them back! LOL!

Inside the tin I placed some Kraft colored shredded paper, then put in the onesie roses. I then shoved in around the sides and in between, some various green colored large daisy Prima’s to act as “greenery”. I then used more hydrangea flowers, and little pink prima’s to fill in my bouquet!

It came out so pretty. I was then FREAKING out-HOW do I package this, and present it to her?

I can’t just carry it in-since the lid doesn’t fit on, and Im clumsy! My luck I’ll trip and drop it. Then I didn’t want all my work to get HIDDEN in a bag.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to create a box for the bouquet!

If you can’t buy it-MAKE IT!


The top comes off, and the side are all acetate-so you can see it!

I used myScor-Pal to create this.

Here is the top view-


This uses the set Out on a Limb.

I used the sentiment

I Love You-to the moon and back again, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever.

I also included the book “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney.

It is tied closed with the soft pink ribbon.

I can’t wait to bring this to her, and see her baby. I hope she likes it.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

I’ll be back later with my Blogger’s Challenge-I just HAD to post this ASAP! I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Till later-