Don’t they say that about a woman’s hair? Anyway I am using it for my title today-because I like it, and it fits my post. 

I love having girls! Being a “girly girl”, its a ton of fun to be able to make things for their room. They really appreciate their mommy made things, and that makes it even more fun.

If you haven’t noticed before I LOVE to alter items and create boxes, bags and other fun items.

So when I found these Crown shaped banks at Michaels I was ECSTATIC! Especially since I had been DYING to ink my Once Upon a Time set.

(Noah informed me he wants a ROCKET bank-oh boy! I have no idea how I will pull that off! LOL!)

My girls room is like a “garden” theme. The walls are a very pale yellow, and I stenciled a picket fence around the room, as well as flowers. I painted some animals in there, and a tree with some birds. Oh yeah, and you KNOW there are butterflies.

This allows me to decorate their room with many colors-mainly purple’s and pink’s, since they both love those colors. It also is easy to fit in their love for Princess themed stuff-without totally re-doing the room.

First up we have Alexa’s Crown bank


Well as promised, yesterday-see the flowers? Those are the white shimmery bridal flowers. I just colored them 2 colors using my markers! REALLY pretty huh?

I got the girls names on the banks by using Rub-On’s from Making Memories. WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

The purple paper is a pastel pack, by Martha Stewart. The pattern paper is by Cloud 9. It was a gift.

The princess is colored with Copic Markers, and them some dazzling diamonds was added.

For the sentiment-I just inked the part I wanted on the bank.

Now these banks come already painted white-which is a GREAT time saver! I chose to cover the front, and the back-which is the bank box.

You may wonder HOW to even begin to cover something like this!

Well here is what I do.

I place my item face down on the BACK of the paper I want to use. I then CLOSELY trace the outline, of the item. I them CAREFULLY cut on the INNER part of the drawn line.

Then after its cut-a lay it onto my item, making sure it is PERFECT!!

I then use Martha Stewarts modge podge glue (its clear and I LOVE it), apply all over the item, then carefully apply my paper. Once the paper is on, I cover with white scrap paper (don’t want to transfer the dye of a colored card-stock!!!) and use my rubber brayer to seal it down and smooth it out.

IF I do have any overhang, I lay the image flat, face down, and carefully trim excess with my hobby blade, once the glue is dry.

This one was more tricky because you have the crescent in the front! Again-I just cut away with my hobby blade.

Now onto Amber’s-


Can you see tha back part a bit? This is the bank portion.

It was VERY hard to photograph these and get the back part in the detail. Sorry!!! The back was a BREEZE to cover. For the money slot I just used my hobby blade again. A sharp one really comes in handy.

I used roughly the same layout. Amber wanted a butterfly, so I have to fiddle around a bit. It was hard to keep the balance, adding it.

This is all Martha Stewart WRAPPING paper! The pink is a quilt pattern texture-really pretty IRL, but it made adhering things to it difficult for some reason. Plus it bubbled easily and I had to be VERY careful about the modge podge, and rolling.

There are those shimmery flower’s again. They really are perfect! Great size, and the embossed shimmer really takes you to a WOW!

You would think I worked for Michaels wouldn’t you! LOL! I should get a discount or SOMETHING! LOL! Lord knows I buy enough.

I didn’t have all the same pink rhinestones for the crown jewels so I used adhesive pearls (thanks Barb!!!).

Its funny because Amber and Alexa are VERY different.



Alexa is very independent, and likes to play on her own. She  loves to play with Groovy Girls-has since she was 14 months old-which is funny. She has like over 65 now.  She will make them sing and dance and get dressed a hundred times, and still be entertained. She loves anything artsy. She could color and draw ALL day. She also loves to read.

 But when it comes to GIRLY stuff-she doesn’t like doing the little bit of hair she has, nor wearing dresses and whatnot-unless it is of course a Princess dress! LOL! No nail polish, and its rare she will even want chapstick if she needs it.

Her favorite color is purple. That is why her’s is purple, and she has dark hair.



this is my girly girl-LOVES to go shopping with mommy-ALL the time.

Loves to do stuff WITH people, but can occupy her own time too.

She is very girly, yet she also has some tomboy traits-too funny! Loves video games, and sports. She even watches the football/baseball games with Daddy.

 She loves wearing lipstick, and any make-up she can sneak out of my pocketbook. Always has to have her nails painted, and if she isn’t in PJ’s, prefer’s dresses. She doesn’t play with babies though! Only pocketbooks and trinkets. She will also sneak into my jewelry and wear it.

She loves to sing and dance. She is always making up little songs. She has TONS of little items under her pillow (so much I don’t know HOW she sleeps on it, and her next aspiration is to have mommy get her ears pierced! Um don’t know about that!

Her favorite color is pink, and she is blond-so was her Princess.

I can’t wait to see what Alexa thinks. Amber loved hers, and insisted on carrying it around the house :C While that freaked me out-I did GIVE it to her, so I pleaded that she be careful.

I think these would make super cute gifts for girls-or if PRE-COVERED a fun party activity. The girls could decorate the crown bank, and color their Princess.

Im always on the hunt for fun party ideas.

I wishes this set were out when I had Alexa’s big Princess Party! LOL!

Oh well.

Thanks for reading. Hope you got something out of it.

Till tomorrow!