OK I know I am late with today’s post. But I will share a answer to a question I get asked a lot-keep reading.

You truly have NO IDEA how much I have going on here. I also have a very cluttered brain, and have for the last week or two. Alexa completes (fingers crossed, prayers said) her LAST chemo tomorrow, and Im really nervous about the entire thing. This milestone and worry, has consumed me more than I thought it would, leaving me to be un-inspired and not stamping as much as I would like to. ALSO Leaving me having to wait to share a lot of what I have done (since it has been release related).

Anyway-I did get some things done, and will get to share over the next few days.

I KNOW I have a ton of unanswered emails sitting in my INBOX, but I’m really too stressed about tomorrow to get back to you all just yet. I appreciate the understanding and patience as you cannot even imagine how I am feeling right now.

This last spinal tap has me really freakin. FREAKIN!

Anyway-I assume you all got to see our PTI baby favors on Nichole’s Blog! I was in awe by what the DT put together! Wait till you see the gallery. WOW!!  Be sure to see Nichole’s blog for the other DT peeks.

Thanks for the super sweet emails. I already was asked by many for a tutorial! We shall see!

I also got some lovely b-day cards from Anne Williams, a card and yummies from oriental trading from my PSF Bee, and cards from Pam, Diane and Sharon. Thank you.

I ALSO got a whopper of a package from Sonia-but Ill share that later this week. WOW! Im so blessed.

I am definitely going to need my retail therapy this weekend as I got to CKC!!

OK now for the card.

You all know how much I LOVE Lily!! Well here is yet another!

lily-smiles.jpg Thanks for making me smile!

This is to you all in blog land, and my PSF’s for all the love and support since the start of Alexa’s treatments 2 1/2 years ago.

Now for the question I get asked so many times:

Q. How do you get that dewy complexion on your people?

A. I never pay attention, and really never considered myself worthy of teaching coloring lessons, let alone with the Copic’s! I am still an amature, but I will share since it seems to be so interesting to people.

I use Ciao Copic markers in

E50-color entire face with this first


E51 outline face with this, then color in a circle from outside of face, into center of face but not all the way in.


R20-Make 2 dots on the cheeks with this

Then go back again with E50 and blend in a circle from outter face to inner face.


Then complete your coloring-here is a close up of finished image



I really don’t have any other way to explain it.

Well I hope that helps you out a little.

I have a million more things to go do, but I do have a special post for tomorrow.

Till then!