voilet-thanks-basket.jpg Basket of Violets

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Details on the card-below. But first I thought I’d share a total MOM moment.

It’s Wednesday already! Finally a week that flies by!

Noah has been sick with croup. He started over the weekend (Monday) and was fine after getting his Pulmo-cort nebulizer. He went to school yesterday no problem. Well today when it was time to get up, he acted SO SICK, and  groggy. His voice sounded awful. So, I called the school and kept him home. I SWEAR no sooner did the bus drive of with Alexa, he hopped-literally, out of bed, then down the stairs, and looked just fine.

I told him to get dressed and I would drive him to school. He then proceeded to the couch with a blanket.

Down in stamp land, now around 9:30-too far into school, since he comes home at 11am- I suddenly hear THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!

I come up stairs to find Noah bouncing up & down throughout the house. Are you kidding me? Now if you don’t have boys then you don’t understand the jumping for no apparent reason. Its just what they do.

Don’t kids have that natural instinct to know that if you are going to STAY HOME, act sick at least for a little while longer? Here is a little conversation:

me-Why are you jumping around the house?

Noah-Um, I don’t know. I like jumping.

me-we don’t jump all over the house.

He then said Hey! Can I go play outside?

me-Um, NO! you are home SICK ………………remember?

Noah-Oh, yeah. How about later when I am all better?


Noah-Can I play XBOX?

 me- no XBOX either!

Noah-Oh! Man! Why no XBOX?

me-When we stay home we don’t play video games. We stay on the couch.



Noah-Maybe I’ll be all better to go to school tomorrow


Gotta love kids.

That was my morning.

Anyway-back to the card. The day of Alexa’s LAST Chemo, my PSF Laura sent me a beautiful plant of Violets (they are actually still alive!! yeah, I didn’t kill them yet). Thanks Laura

Here is the plant!


I decided I should create a thank you card like the planter! So I got out my BASKET stamp, and my little flower punch-the small Sakura flower, and created a basket of  little violet’s! I used 2 different shades of the violet collection from core-dinations  for the flowers, then I just used a Souffle pen for the yellow centers.

The large square are the scallop Nestabilities. Ribbon is the satin in Lavendar Moon

I made the tag with a Sizzix die, and stamped a sentiment from Mixed Messages. That is a perfect set!

I think the card is just SO PRETTY!! I am just loving making my own flowers. It makes my entire creation hand made. Plus it is so much fun.

Well I hope you like the basket card. I really love that particular stamp, especially for these flowers.

Laura this card will be in your mailbox as soon as I get to the PO!

OK back to stamping. I hope you also get some MYTIME in 😀

Till tomorrow