OK you better answer YES to this question! LOL! I’m not that old yet!

Do you remember the movie Clash of the Titans? I so loved that movie when I was a kid.

Harry Hamlin was the HOT Greek God Perseus. Oh did I love him.

Here is a You Tube clip of when he met up with Medusa! There is a ton I found on Google. LOVE IT! I never knew they made Clash of the Titan’s figurines!!

By now you MAY be asking “What is my point?”

Well THAT is where my love of owl’s started! Remember the golden owl in the movie?

9.gif This is Bubo!!

Bubo was the name of a mechanical owl in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans. It was a gift of Zeus made by Hephaestus for Perseus since Athena would not cede her companion bird.

The name is derived from the Bubo genus of owls. Bubo watched over Perseus. REMEMBER?????

Now, when I saw this owl (below)from C.C. Designs A Hootin Good Time, it brought back fond memories of watching that movie a million times. AND my love for Bubo. I’m sure if I watched it now I would die of laughter. So I’ll keep the memory as is!

clash-of-titans-owl.jpg 2008 version of Bubo.

I used some HOT colors, gaining inspiration from some Basic Grey paper. LOVE IT!!! I colored my bridal confetti flowers, with my copic markers, to look like the flowers in the paper, for a little something extra. Sentiment, and flourish are by Stampin Up!

I thought the phrase-so thoughtful was cute for the owl! LOL!

So after that super long explanation, I am leaving you with the sketch for today! I know a whole day early! Happy Mother’s Day! LOL!


Here is yet another sample!

Its the same layout! My focus became the panels, not the center circle image.


This sample uses In the Meadow my Lizzie Anne. This is going to be Jason’s mom’s Mother’s Day card. It doubles for my blogger’s challenge too! The blog challenge was to create a card for Mother’s Day! YAHOO!! Here is one of them.

I wanted a VERY SOFT look for this, so I brushed my Pebble’s chalks onto my cardstock. They are shimmery, so while the color is subtle it makes a huge impact.

I then took my quickie glue pen (yes you need one) and colored in parts of the flowers. I then added white flock, so they look just like the real deal!! You just want to make a wish, and make them blow away.

Here is a closer view-because they are worth it!


This is a sweet & funny card to me because Jay’s mom is a total nature person. If I ever got stranded somewhere, with anyone, I want it to be her! Me and my mom would cling to each other and just die! While, Jay’s mom knows all that naturey stuff, of what you can and can’t eat. If its poisonous to picking the dandelions out of her yard for salad! When the kids eat something weird she is the first person I call to identify what it was they ate so I can call poison control-I kid you not. Last year Alexa ate a Lily of the Valley berry-THAT is poisonous. Great right?

ME-so NOT naturey! I love the beach, and any place that has “amenities”. No reptiles, rodents, or a large assortment of bugs that could freak me out, and possibly kill me. Places with a bed, and HOT shower. Anyway, we got her a grow your own salad kit, since she does this in her own back yard, she can bring it indoors. I hope she likes it, because I really did think a lot about her card. Every-time I see a dandelion I think of her.

DID YOU KNOW-She is the one who introduced me to stamping! I loved all her hand-made cards she would make for me, that I decided to give it a whirl! I owe finding this passion to her, for sure. How can I possibly thank her for all that?

OK so that is it.

Today I am off the a field trip with the kids to the Space center. Amber has her dance recital this weekend. My mom is coming up for a visit, and things will be busy. I hope whatever you do, is enjoyable! I’m picking my mom up some of those YUMMY desserts from Jacques Pastries, like I got on my birthday! She was tickled pink, when she saw them here! I hope to get her a couple to go with her gift.

Have a great one.

If you try the sketch, send us a link here so we can all see it!

Till tomorrow-maybe!