dog-tags.jpg Dog Tag

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s Friday!

No Vanilla Bean Chiller big girl drink for me tonight! LOL! I have to be bright eyed (ok that never happens until coffee #2 at least) and ready to go for tomorrow. I have everything set to go for my classes tomorrow! I think I actually got it ALL together! I’m getting very anxious, and when I am excited I talk a LOT. So I hope I can shut up long enough to crank out the awesome projects we have planned.

I am already planning my next 3 card classes!! One is going to be different BLING techniques!! I’m excited to get started on that one, and one will be cards using acetate in different ways (LOVE acetate!!) and the next, I may do cards with punches.  I am thinking of doing Friday evenings at 7pm. Think GIRLS NIGHT OUT!! Plus with summer here not many people want to be inside on a Saturday. PLUS I don’t want to miss Noah’s T-ball games too often. Anyway, that is more up to Michelle and YOU people out there who may be ready to sign up. So you will have to let me know. No worries I think I will do some Saturday’s at 10am if she can fit me in.

OK I am sorry, I’m going on and on and feel like I should be asking What about YOU? How are you, what are you doing this weekend? Feel free to chime in 😀

Onto the Blogger’s Challenge. Make sure you check out some of the talent. Today’s challenge is Animals.

Well I had an idea of what I was going to do………….then that changed when I went to Old Navy to buy the kids some summer stuff. Well at checkout was this ADORABLE coral color corduroy dog collar! Well I had to get my fur-baby something!! So I got it, and took it home.

Well I go to remove the tag, and I thought WOW! I LOVE this tag! I can’t throw it away!! I have to use it. Then I said- I know I have a stamp like that German Shepard! So I run down to stamp land, and find my MFT Gone to the Dogs! Sure enough! I do. But I didn’t want to use that image. After some thinking I used the bull dog. I think its cute. Whole new meaning to DOG TAG isn’t it!! See this really shows how inspiration really is EVERYWHERE!

The bone tag is Friends Furever. I have to say how much I adore that simple image! I really love it, and would have bought the entire set JUST for that image. Heck the entire set was only $9! You can’t get many wood mounted images at that price! Thank goodness the entire set is adorable!!!! Love that boy/dog! LOVE IT!

I punched the paw prints (EK Success) and placed some patterned paper under it.

Now to share about my fur baby! It has been a while since you saw Daisy. If you are new here-Daisy is a Cockapoo. She is now almost 9 months old! She is full grown, and I took her to the vet yesterday for her flea/tick stuff and she weighed and WHOPPING 14lbs. She is a ball love. I really can’t imagine that we DIDN’T have a dog for this long. I can’t believe I let a dog sleep with us! My kids don’t even do that.

She is definitely a CHEWER though. They say thats the cocker spaniel. The rungs of my wood chairs look like chew toys. NOT COOL.

If we leave her home alone too long she will retrieve someones shoes and bit them farewell! She knows how to open gates, and can jump so high! She gets really spoiled because I am home ALL day, everyday, so when no one is around to pay attention to her, she gets mad.

Since we got the pee smell out from the carpets during the  earlier puppy days , no more piddles! Unless someone comes over. She just pees everywhere with excitement. Its the strangest thing.

A couple weeks ago I came out of the shower, and my bed hadn’t been made yet cause Daisy was still sleeping.

THIS IS WHAT I FOUND-NOTE: Objects in photo are much larger than they appear!!


In case you are wondering WHAT you are looking at-THAT is a HOLE she chewed into on my Memory Foam layer on our mattress! We had a memory foam overlay.

She ripped through the sheets, and went to town. Now we have a King Size bed, so that memory foam layer  is NOT cheap. I had to call Jay at work so he had time to calm down. She really needed to look REALLY cute when he walked through the door.  She was SOOO happy to see him he couldn’t be that mad. Who else gets that excited when you come home from work?

Well, I took her to a new groomer. And she cut her down all even. Poor Daisy looked SO HOT with all her fur. It was so long and curly. I would brush her but you couldn’t even tell! LOL! I guess that is the POODLE part.

Anyway-here she is sporting her new look.


How could that sweet innocnet face do all that naughty stuff! Must be the cats!

 She is so soft!! Oh and smells SO GOOD!! I was VERY happy with this new groomer. I already booked her next appointment for 8 weeks from now.

I know in 2 weeks she will just look SOOOO cute as it grows in a little. The groomer put the bandanna on her. I thought it was adorable! AND Purple! Hello!! Love it!

I bought her the cutest little tie on summer “dress”. She use to let me dress her up. Yeah! Now she did everything she could to rip it off before I could get a cute photo :C Oh well. Can’t blame her I guess.

Anyway, that is it for today. I have some projects to prep. All my blogger friends I am sorry I have no paid anyone a visit in SO long. Next week should be better. I rarely get out into blog land as it is.

Well thanks for visiting me here.

 Come back tomorrow for the Saturday Sketch. Oh and pray I don’t BOMB tomorrow! LOL!