Well I am so sorry I didn’t post back yesterday :C I do have a great sketch for you below.

I ended up feeling so sick ALL day at CKC! I thought it was a “possible” hangover from the whopping ONE Raspberry Lemonade Martini I had at dinner on Friday, but it turns out it must be the awful virus Amber & Alexa have passed back and forth the last week.

I was getting WAVES of awful nausea. To the point where people could just look at me and say “Oh boy are you OK? You are green and your lips are white.” When Paulette and I started the trip is when it really hit. He stopped to get some anti-nausea medication-so I could make it through the day (talk about your die hard shopper right? LOL!). So ALL I could find were these Cherry Chewable tabs. Now THAT is the true test right there!! If you are nauseous and you don’t vomit while chewing down those 3 NASTY tabs you are good to go! LOL! Seriously WHY do you want to chew down soe nasty gritty cherry flavored horse tab-that I couldn’t have opted to swallow? Anyway after a 1/2 hour more awful waves of nausea hit. I looked on the back of the box and it said MAY REPEAT DOES IN 15 MINUTES. WHAT!!! What kind of drug did I take? Obviously not a very good one if I can repeat it in 15 minutes!!

Anyway I wasn’t very good company. So not myself.  I sort of shopped on my own so I wouldn’t be a downer, and complain all day. I felt really bad since Tracey, Kerrie and Mom (Tracey’s mom-who is just like the sweetest person ever,  we were all calling her mom) came from NY, and my friend Debbie from MA- who I haven’t seen since last year, and then Molly B (yes she is the WINNER of all the PTI stuff!! and she made me the sweetest card) who I met for the first time there at CKC met up with us from ME, all traveled a long way for me to not be very chipper.

We did make a pit stop at The Paper Tree! That was fun. And yes she takes phone orders and will ship to you. (can you say Scor-Pal and ATG gun! To name a few of the yummies-tell her I sent ya!)

Put it this way-I walked in the door with ALL my purchases and my husband said “THAT is all you bought?” me-“Yes, I told you I feel awful” him-“Do you have some of it hiding out in the car?” me-“No! This is really what I got” him-“Yeah! You ARE really sick! Whay don’t you go to bed, and I’ll put your stuff away for you.”

Don’t get me wrong I still got a lot of stuff. Just nothing compared to previous years. I never come back with money! LOL! I tried too, to not get WAY too much patterned paper.

OK blah, blah, blah!

Let me get to the card for today. Since I got a bunch of emails and requests for THIS CARD (scroll down-its the butterfly pop out), I figured I better share what I did! LOL!

So todays Sketch is a pop out card!

sketch-50-pop-out.JPG Click to enlarge

The one I will share today was done for a b-day Party Amber was attending yesterday, where the theme was Curious George. The  invite had him holding a balloon. LIGHT-BULB moment here!

Side view


Here is what you do!

You make your A2 size card ( 4 1/4 X  5 1/2 FOLD AT TOP).

Then you make your pop out layer! You cut your card layer 4 X 11.

Stamp your image, where you wish, towards the BOTTOM of the card.

Pick what part you want to pop out. You then go to your Scor-Pal, and score UP TO (not through) your image, on either side. Anything ABOVE the score line, you use your Hobby Blade to cut out. NOTE: Use a Basic Grey File (or sanding block) to smoothen your edges if they are too funky from the blade! I went back and did mine on this one later when I realized it wasn’t perfect;y smooth looking

(FYI mine was scored about 2 1/2 inches from bottom)

Then you score it again, where ever your front flap folds down to. So when it is closed the ends lay flush together. From the second score-(when your bottom flap is folded against the card) you will cut the top of the cardstock to be 5 1/4 inches. This makes the layer for the front of the card.


Now the reason for this method is every set is different and where you stamp  things can affect the length you need for you card. This way ensures you will definitely get your card to look perfect every time-just by trimming any excess off the the top.

Once it is cut (so your fold out layer-when folded closed is 4 X 5 1/4) and decorated, adhere to card front.


NOW another tip for an EASY pop out-just score you card pop out layer-then on a separate piece of cardstock-stamp and layer your image, and place it on the scor-line. That is not nearly as fun though!

My card is layered onto black cardstock.

Here is the card from the top view


I used the airplane/banner (LOVE that image) from MFT Going Places, and sentiment is from Happiest Birthday Wishes. I used SU! Markers to color each letter in the colors I liked, and since its an acrylic stamp I just bent it to go inside my banner!

bens-close-up.jpg Birthday Boy Wishes for Ben

Letters are by SEI Penelope’s Potpourri.


I used the monkey from It’s My Birthday (YOU MUST OWN THIS SET). I then created my own clouds using my circle punches, and a sponge dauber. The colors were taken from the American Crafts ribbon.

Inside this clear top nugget tin are Curious George stamps, a black ink pad, sticker book, and stickers. (We included a few other things, but this was the Curious George portion of the gift).

I just stuck the card under the ribbon band. I wasn’t at the party but Jay said he seemed to really love the stamps. YEAH! I ALMOST went the extra mile and decorated the tin, but then thought it would be more fun for him to use his stickers and stuff on it.

So there you have it!

I swear this is SUPER easy and SUPER fun!!! So I hope you give it a whirl. If you do send us a link here so we can check out your creation.

Also if you have ?’s let me know. I do ask that you print the directions out and TRY it, before you think it doesn’t make sense. A lot of times if you at least attempt it first you can figure it out, as oppose to just reading it.

Thanks again for checking in. I’m off to bed again. I need to rest up before the busy week.

Tomorrow I have a post for Pink Cat Studio Challenge!! I hope you will try and play along 😀

Later this week I have a post using some Gina K and who knows what else! LOL! Lot’s to do.

Enjoy the beautiful day (after to you try this)!