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Huston we are set for take off

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OK! The Mag. Citrate has kicked in, and we had more white poop-that progressed into pale yellow, then like a tan poop.

I know- Im grossing you out. But I can’t help but share my finding.

I know you most likely can’t imagine why Im sitting here typing this but I can’t help but share the good, bad and all the in between.

I ended up calling the doctor back to make sure that pale yellowish tan was an OK sign and its a YES! We still have to be wary of any fever though. So lets keep up faith that we are good to go. No fever and more normal poop is a very good thing. She looks good. No real appetite-not shocking.

So its possible her 2 week bug really slowed stuff down in an already slow system. Making her gall bladder a bit lazy and uninspired to do its job. Looks like its back to work for the gallbladder. I would say if this happens to you or your child to still call your doctor immediately because none of this is really normal and can be dangerous if you wait or ignore it.

We aren’t out of the woods yet, but this is very hopeful. Time will tell. That and of course MORE poop. The kid has only gone once! Yeah-I know! I told you she holds it all in pretty well. She is a pro.

I packed stuff up for tomorrow-with 2 changes of clothes for Alexa-JUST IN CASE :C Im hoping if anything she just gets up in the middle of the night and gets it out of her system.

If there is anything I can say for my life it is always FAR from boring. ALWAYS.

Maybe some day this will all be funny-but Im thinking not. Im not gray yet, but am sure Alexa has aged me a good decade or two since birth.

Here to faith for a good night. All I know is tomorrow I am going to need a feeding tube of coffee to keep me going! LOL!

The the games begin!

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The waiting game that is.

So we saw the doctor. I love our pediatrician and her “normal” oncologist. Its weird they aren’t handling this. Im now “cut off” since Cancer is no longer the primary issue. Anyway-

Here is the “plan”

Alexa has to drink 7 oz. of Citrate of Magnesium. We need to clean out her bowels. The purpose of this is HOPEFULLY during the “cleansing” we start to see COLORED poop. It is possible that during her virus, the gut didn’t squeeze enough to activate the gall bladder to work on the  poop-leaving a “usually” small portion of poop un-colored. Since she has a bajillion other issues that lead to constipation it is supposedly likely

Another reason for the clean-out-if we DONT see colored poop-its all white we are in a load of CRAP, and I don’t mean just literally!

We will then do a ultra-sound of the gall bladder and liver (another reason for the clean out-makes results easier to see and more accurate). IF there is something unusual after that we have to resort to a CAT SCAN.

Now in the middle of all this if ANY fever results ER here we come.

Oh and BAD abdominal pain. She will have cramping but it has to be pretty bad.

So I have spent the ENTIRE day begging and pleading and bargaining with Alexa to drink the drink. We still have 3oz to go. I think I know where I will be all night. Sitting in the bathroom with Alexa! Because she has bowels f steel!

I have no idea when this will finally hit her.

A little background-Last year in Jan Alexa was FULL top to bottom-Yes, FULL! Puking Poop!

She got 3 enemas (the maximum allowed) and a tube ran through her nose to her belly pumping Go Lytley. She got 2 FULL IV bags full-not a poop squeezed out of her. Finally the NEXT day (they said most adult would be curled up in a ball on the toilet ALL day after 1/2 a bag) she began to poop ALL liquid. They thought they saw a blockage and the poop was passing around it and she was scheduled for surgery the next morning. Prior to the surgery they did another x-ray-she was CLEAR! She held all that liquid (and not one complaint except the tube in her nose) so long that is liquefied ALL her poop.

Anyway-here I am. Waiting for her to finish the drink and praying the cleansing starts SOON. Then I can get some answers.

So its either a fluke-Auto-Immune Hepatitis, or a blocked bile duct in the gall badder-gall stones-or early liver failure.

Prayers said for the fluke.

Im beyond exhausted and I know its stupid but am a little worried we may have to ditch Amber’s field trip. All the kids were so looking forward to it. ME TOO!! They have missed out on so much in the past 2 1/2 years you know.  Here we are again, different problem. I know I should not be whining but I am always honest and this is part of my thoughts. I just want everyone to be healthy and go to the stinkin farm like a normal family! What is so wrong with that.

 I just want to see brown poop!! I thought she’d be going by now. UGH!

Since the day your child is born we all worry over poop. Geesh.

I have read all the thoughts/prayers and emails and really cannot tell you how much they mean. Im not just saying that. I have really taken some comfort in all of you out there. I know it may sound silly but its so true.

So thank you for being my sounding board.

Ill be back when I know more.

Ok gosh Im freakin out

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OK this is NOT good.

There were some things that happened yesterday with Alexa. Long story short her poop was PURE WHITE. I googled this issue first and NOTHING good was releated to this symptom. I called her Doctor at 11:45 pm and was told it could be a plethora of things involving her liver. White-colorless poo=NEVER good.

It could be Auto-Immune Hepatitis-where her viral infection (stomach bug) has attacked her liver and because she has been compromised it may not be able to fight it, to liver failure from all the chemo. Then a few things in between. I wouldn’t want to close my eyes to point and pick one out.

There is a glimmer of a chance that since her bug has gone on for 2 weeks (on & off-which could also indicate the above-not a bug-but this bug has gone through our house already) the she wasn’t getting the proper nutrients from not eatting much and her liver isn’t working right.

I did tell Jay she seemed “sallow” which is a nursing term for yellow, and he said I was nuts, she looked fine.

Other symptoms are lethargy and nausea which she definitely has. Could be a blocked bile duct……ugh! Just look up white poop.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Im off to the doctors for a full work-up. Not sure what exactly they will do.

I do know I spoke with a newer doctor at the practice who is a man. I say that because he said-after I freaked out on the phone “You need to just go to bed and get some sleep. There is nothing you can do about it right now. Wait for tomorrow”

OBVIOUSLY never been a mother, let alone one of a kid like  Alexa. I wanted to crawl through the phone!!! SLEEP!! Are you kidding me? So I have been up ALL night, with a few disturbed minutes of on & off sleep.

Anyway. I contemplated even sharing but Im totally freakin. UGH!

Thanks for listening. Ill be back after I see her doctor and get info back.

When is this ever going to be OK? I’m really NOT in a good place right now.

Happy Colors

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Well its Wednesday! We are 1/2 way through to the long weekend! Jay has Friday off-Happy Dance!!!

Tomorrow I am taking the kids on a field trip with Amber’s Class to Charming Fair Farm! I have wanted to go there for some time now, and am so happy to have this opportunity to go. I am keeping Alexa & Noah out of school for the occasion. I *almost* had Alexa go to school since she missed Wed-till Tues from her Chemo/stomach bug??, but then I thought-she has missed school always for icky stuff, why not something FUN!

Now may God grant me the patience and sanity to live with being in charge of 3- three year olds and my kids as well! LOL! Better remember the camera too. Note to self : CHARGE BATTERIES! Isn’t that the worst? When you actually remember your camera, only to have it DIE. UGH!

Well today I thought I’d share a card I sent to a special friend to let her know I am thinking of her. I really loved the colors. They are soft yet cheery to me.

I am proud that I actually not only MADE it, but got it out in the mail last week. MIRACLE!

Happy Thoughts


This set is called In the Meadow. I used my square nestabilities for the embossed edge. I then used another to block off the image so I could lightly sponge the pale yellow in the center. Who says you need a Copic Air Brush system? Not I! LOL! I am actually surprised I have yet to cave on that purchase. I think I’ve held off for like a year! GO LAUREN!!!

Upon uploading this card above, I found a card that was similar in cheeriness & color-it was published about  3 months ago in March CARDS magazine page 174!

mytime-birthday-bouquet-by-la.jpg Party for Amber

It uses Its a Party. I just used circle and scallop punches for the flowers. I thought it was the cutest, simplest idea for an invite. It was fun to see Amber’s name in the magazine. Although I CRINGED seeing my handwriting! I should have printed it out. PTI didn’t have their Simple Alphabet then.

I can’t even remember how long ago I made this card! It HAD to be last summer because the leaves are in FULL bloom, and green. So not fall yet. Definitely BEFORE winter. That is the WORST part about submitting-things can get accepted over a year in advance! By the time its published you have a whole new style, or forgot all about it.


I also have a card in Stamp It! Cards page 54 A TRUE FRIEND. I haven’t submitted in so long now, and I forgot all about this one. So fun to see though. Lots of my fellow peeps in there as well.

Well I wish you all a great day. I am needing to get busy since I will be on the run all the rest of the week. I hope to upload all my stuff to share. So much coming up!!! Gotta love new yummies!


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