Sorry this is so late. I wasn’t even going to post. Then I was just sitting here doing nothing! A very RARE occurrence at my house.

My body is screaming at me to SLOW DOWN! I feel awful. I have a head cold, and am plain ole exhausted. This usually happens once I get to “calm down” from the storm. But here I am. I can’t just sit and do nothing! LOL! I hope I can sleep in tomorrow. Alexa had school so I had to get up and get her ready. Yes, I’m definitely sleeping in tomorrow! That means Ill probably get up at 8am! I’m so used to getting up at 6:15 that I have a hard time sleeping past that. Then my brain gets going and I need to get up and start moving. I get a lot of my ideas during this time. CRAZY! I have 2 30th b-day cards to get done, and a ton of thank yous to still get out.

This time of the month is hard for me to post because I create so much, but can’t share any of it!! Release time is coming!!

Well you may know that one of the designers for Papertrey InkCandice Aguilar, is getting married! A very big time in a woman’s life! The PTI girls all got together to each create a special Wedding card for her, and Nichole is putting together a Marriage Advice album, that each of us also participated in!

My best personal adive to ANY couple-you need to continue to date each other! Be it just movies on the couch one or twice a week, or dinner out. It is vital to any relationship to keep that spark there! Especially when you add kids to the mix! You may not get “out” of the house, but it is SO important to take as much time as you can, be it 2 hours or more, each week, for each-other. Otherwise time passes and you look at the other person and wonder where “it” all went! Once your children grow you may be so empty and move on. That is not good, and not healthy! If you can get a sitter (we NEVER can) then there is no guilt in maintaining your relationship. Kids who have parents that have a happy & healthy relationship, grow up to to better in that area too! Im not saying I grew up with parents who were in a perfect relationship. It was quite the opposite. But I realized how important all of the “dating” really is.  Plus communication is really key. Try to use these times to focus on positive stuff, so it doesn’t become a “let’s attack all the things you did wrong this week” session. No one is going to view “date night” in a positive way if that is the vibe, and that is the conversation each time. Try to reslove that stuff, if you have any, before the date.  Remember-you don’t want to become strangers living under the same roof. YOU have control of your happiness-so get happy! If you put in your 100% then thats all anyone can ask for.

 WOW! I even give marriage/relationship advice! LOL! Sorry I went WAY off on that portion of the post. I do hope you find it helpful 😀 I know it has really kept Jay and I happy and like we are still “dating”. Especially when you have a child with a serious, life threatening condition. We were told this would make us, or break us. It’s very hard to get through some of this stuff, let alone worry about staying bonded to each other. Jay and I were very committed to doing what was neccessary to get through this in one piece-TOGETHER!!

OK there is a point-I swear!

Since Candice designed Honey Bees, I thought I should make her Wedding card with it.

card-for-candice.jpg Bee Happy

That is what it says inside-Bee Happy

The IDEA of bees for a wedding card was CUTE, but getting it to be ELEGANT proved to be otherwise. I cannot even tell you how many designs got TRASHED! I finally settled on this, which in the end I loved.

Simple, and the gold embossed bees make it elegant. I think Wedding cards should be very clean and simple. I don’t know WHY, I just do.

Candice is a very clean & simple person, who loves black and white-or so I am told!

So I felt a splash of Lemon Tart was perfect. You cannot have bees without a splash of yellow!

I used the Bridal Confetti flowers from Michaels, and colored them with Copic markers to make the bees seem like they were falling in love over the flower. I know I get too in depth with my ideas. That is also why I chose the heart nestabilities-think LOVE!

I then needed a subtle bkgd for the layer, so I always turn to embossed vellum cardstock! I used my Stylized Flowers folder for this one. Add some wide sheer organdy ribbon you got ELGANT BEES!

So that is all for me. I’m off to my “date time” with my hubby.

I REALLY hope I am inspired to stamp. I still have yet to photograph my projects that I DO have to share! Tisk! Tisk!!

Till tomorrow