Happy Tuesday. Or Wednesday, depending when you decide to visit. If its way past that, then where in the world have you been?

As I wrap up projects here, I realize that I need to get TEACHER gifts done, again!! I think I will get at least TWO done with my Make It monogrammed class at The Paper Tree! Then I am stumped. I guess I could make one for everyone. Im thinking chocolate. Who doesn’t love that right? In a rockin container that I make? I don’t know. Just thinking out loud here. I guess I need to get through Mother’s Day first right? I HAVE to get things for that finished, Ill be seeing my mom on Sat. for Amber’s Dance recital.

Im stalking my mailman. I ordered from Unity Stamps last week (they are a new SCS member company), and am DYING to see what they are like! Seriously! I love the reviews over on SCS-view that HERE! So honest! Dawn and Rose Ann convinced me to at least TRY the set I really wanted-Butterfly Beauty. You know me & butterflies! Must have them!! I was a little surprised by the price, so I hope its worth it. I think Im spoiled with UM.

Speaking of UM, here is another MFTeaser for you! Be sure to check out all the MFT girls. Im sure they have stuff that will blow your mind.

no-one-in-the-world.jpg Goin Places

This uses the NEW! (to be released) set from MFT called Goin Places.

Not sure if you can tell, but I re-stamped her on patterned paper, and made her map 3D by folding it in 1/2, then popping the center forward with dimensionals. I didn’t feel like coloring the map so the paper was a perfect option out of that task! LOL!

I really love this “world” paper by Autumn Leaves. Another thing I bought like 1 or 2 years ago. See hoarding really can come in handy!!

It really inspired me to go with lemon tart and real red. A nice color combo, don’t you think?

I LOVE my circles, and thought this was a great layout for this set.

OK I need to get to the stamp room, before the day is over. I have been busy getting the kids their summer clothing.

QUESTION for those of you with GIRLS-Me & Jay argue this every year! So please tell me Im not alone!

Am I the only one who feels they need like  my girls NEED 4 different pairs fo shoes for winter and summer?

OK Summer:

Sandals (or summery shoe) in a brown, white and black, then some cheapies for the beach. Plus their sneakers.


sneakers, brown dress casual, black dressy, then boots.

Girls wear dresses and whatnot in the summer and I like them to be all matchy. I also buy my girls matching outfits, when I can, even though they are 5 years apart!

NO NOTHING HOOCHIE!! In fact Im having a difficult time finding appropriate sandals for my girls. They wear 13 (Amber-yes she has big feet) and Alexa size 1 (she has small feet)

Seems like they are all heels and I refuse to let my girls wear that stuff. Plus Im not in love with slip ons, no back. I feel like they’ll get injured. Alexa is not the steadiest of people.

THANKS for sharing if you do. Till tomorrow.