believe-for-a-cure.jpg Believe

Well TODAY is THE day.

The day that I waited for since the day I heard Alexa had Leukemia. The end of treatment. It is amazing how fast time passes. I feel sad that I rushed through part of my daughter’s childhood. To get to the END of a long road.

This is Alexa’s LAST chemo treatment. Not the end of the road to recovery, but the end of most of the fear and worry. We have a 5 year window, that is very important to be considered in “remission”. I don’t think this thing that sits in the pit of my gut, since the day I first heard her say “Mommy my knee hurts”, will ever go away. Every complaint will be met with that panic. Every fever will forever be a big deal. But I now get to at least take a deep sigh of relief. Relief that she can fight her own germs. Relief that she can go forward and just be a kid. Relief that she has over come a HUGE battle! She has done so amazing.

I am so beyond overwhelmed. I started this post attaching photos of her along her journey. Photos of before with her thick straight dark brown hair, then onto photos of her in the hospital right after we cut her waist length hair to up above her shoulders so that when it began to fall out it wouldn’t be so bad, to photos of her in the hospital, looking like I never ever want to see her looking again.

Then I deleted it all. I had to. I thought that is OVER! DONE! Not going back. Not dwelling on all that.

 I couldn’t even bare to see some of the photos. They brought the rush of emotions and turmoil those first few months had brought to me and my family. A huge SOB in my throat. Photos of my kids wearing masks to protect their sister against germs that anyone could fight off, but now for Alexa could become life threatening, Photos of them playing with dolls that have port-a-caths. Photos capturing hings NO person, let alone children should experience. To think I even limited the photos because I didn’t want to capture that time. I can see why I didn’t want to remember any of that.

Now its time to move forward in HOPE, FAITH and BELIEF that this is behind us, and she is in God’s care.

I have worn a purple wrist band that is inscribed inside-Faith in Healing Alexa. I have never taken it off. I don’t think I can. Lavender is the general cancer awareness color and is also the color for Cancer Survivors-so I went with that. Plus its my favorite color.

If you can, send up a prayer for Alexa today. A prayer that she is still Cancer free and will remain that way for the rest of her LONG life. Thank you!

I truly believe this has happened for a greater purpose, and was meant to teach me and my family countless lessons. Through it all I just had to believe it would all be ok.

Now for a card I made above-it holds a limited edition Tic Tac cassette. The front panel opens up with a magnet.

This is the Think Pink set from MFT. A great set for a cause. You can color it to suit any type of cause that affects you. Not just pink.

Leukemia color is orange. Most causes are represented by a color.

CLICK HERE to learn more about that.

believe-open.jpg Band opened

I stamped the Sweet Blush Satin ribbon using Berry Sorbet ink.

SOOOO-This is my thought for today-Believe. Believe in a cure. Believe in Healing.

Thank you all again so much for stopping by, and if you read my post and send up a prayer I appreciate it.

What a journey.

Till Tomorrow.