Sorry, I am so busy here. I do have plenty to share over the next week or so. Just trying to cram it all in. I have an insane next couple of days, but never fear! I have my sketch all ready to go ūüėÄ

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching I have gift items to make, and I would like to share one with you here today. Very simple, yet elegant. A great re-gift item! LOL! This isn’t your ordinary paper gift bag people.

Here is a clear¬†box I decorated using Lizzie Anne’s In the Meadow set.

This is going to be given to Jason’s grandmother. Her gift will fit inside so nicely. Ill tuck in some pink tissue paper.

While at an antique shop I found the prettiest old broach. It is like¬†a coo-coo-clock, and has a tiny clock in the center. It even has the dangling “pine-cone” thingys that hang from a clock. It sounds gawdy when I type it up, but its truly a gem!! I swear the photo isn’t very good, and does it no justice. Jason’s grandmother LOVES birds, and this clock is just stunning in person. It can also be worn on a necklace. We are getting it fixed at the jewlers tomorrow. The clock is up-side down, and needs a battery. I wish you could see the detail in the photo. Oh and the rhinestone’s aren’t gray or funky in person either.


Back to the box-

I stamped the flower cluster in the corner’s using white StazOn. I then quickly applied Pebble’s pastels. I used a gel pen to create the little dots on the petals. Then, get this-the BLING in the center’s started off as clear diamonds. I used my Copic Marker to color them green, since I ran out of the little green one’s!! YEAH!! Worked like a charm.

I wanted to create ANOTHER paper flower (using my book HERE), since I got the Lily Petals punch, for my birthday, I wanted to give that a whirl. 

I KNOW that the stamp¬†image isn’t really Lily’s, but I like taking that creative liberty and saying YES! they are, for my project.


Here is the top view of the box. PLEASE NOTE: The colors are warped in my photo and after a million, I was too lazy to go back and re-set up AGAIN to get another photo! Can you tell I had to take a million photos today, and it didn’t go very well?

They cardstock is really Spring Moss, and Sweet Blush from PTI, if that helps you visualize the real look. Sorry. I do think its still a pretty darn good looking paper flower.

You can read my review on the Punch Bunch punches HERE if you like.

Now if you read my blog, you know how much I LOVE to look up the meaning of things.  So here is yet another!



The lilies are loved for their bright colors and are often used for decoration purposes. Lily has been an important flower ever since the Biblical period. Like other flowers, lily too has different flower meanings. According to the Bible, petals of white lily signify virginity, purity and the radiant soul of Virgin Mary.

This notion of purity had been with the lily flower since the ancient days. The Chinese and the Greeks had linked white lily to purity. To the Chinese, the symbolic meaning of lily is summer and abundance. The lily flower meanings mainly symbolize the western deities. The Greeks believe that Lilies were born out of the breast milk of Goddess Hera, but the Romans give this honor to their Goddess Juno. Lily is also associated with the Roman Goddess Venus.

In modern days, the lily flower meanings have changed a lot. Today lilies symbolize feminine sexuality. If someone dreams of lilies, then it means that he/she is hoping for marriage, happiness and prosperity. In some cultures, calla lilies and tiger lilies stand for rise in social rank of the individual. A valley full of lilies stands for sweetness and the closeness of loved ones.

There are also other kinds of lily flower meanings. When one has dreams of lily in the winter then it symbolizes the approach of sad news. Such dreams indicate that there would be a departure of a dear one or frustrating times ahead. An orange Lily symbolizes hatred while a yellow Lily symbolizes falsity.


OK so in the end the MEANING of the Lily isn’t the best match for my gift! BUT hey, its the thought that counts-right?

I also want to thank MORE PSF’s who sent b-day cards, and some little presents! A collective AWE!! Thanks girls!

here is a photo


I got lovely cards (Left to right) from Bonnie, Amy S, Sally Renee, Charmaine, Staci M, Katie, Shelby, Monika, Jenn, and Debbie!!

I also got a butterfly Inkadinkadoo stamp (how did you know?!)with candy(hugs Renee), Debbie sent an ADORABLE Memory box penguin that I have wanted forever!!! With my Tastefully Simple Vanilla bean chiller, an adorable A Muse SPRING stamp! Thank you! And Katie got me some YUMALICIOUS lipgloss-that is to de for (not in photo) , and Staci found the coolest butterfly rubber bands and paper clips!! How lucky am I? So undeserving! Thank you my friends.

Speaking of friends my PSF sent me this stuff

secret-friend.jpg Can you say WOW!

The frames were enough and totally did me in! They belong in a magazine. I got Samoas (OMG!), lots of the most gorgoeus bling I ahve ever seen!! Martha adhesive stickers (dont have those) rub-ons and more bling! Then I got the ornament for Cancer Research which this year is a butterfly! AWE! How sweet is that?

My kids look like models in the frames she made-lookie here


I believe these were meant to go in my stamp room, but seriously they need to be somewhere EVERYONE can see them. Im thinking my bedroom. Its on the main floor and everyone sees it.

They are just to pretty to hide for lil ole me in the basement.

So a HUGE thanks.

WOW! I got way off on this post. Sorry about that. Im just feeling so thankful for all the people in my life.

Only ONE MORE WEEK to CKC!!!! In Manchester NH! Im hoping to meet up with some awesome friends! Hope to see you there too.

Tomorrow- I’ll have a mother’s day card for you for the Blogger’s Challenge.

Till then!