Night Life

Tonight is the MFT release! I am watching American Idol, and will then pop into the forums. So this is a quick post, just for eye candy. I vote for David Cook! I think he’s the most original and consistent. Then I like David A. Share your fave here if you like! I normally don’t get into TV reality chatter, but this is what Im thinking right now.

My favorite image from Goin Places is the city (and of course the plane and banner).

My first thought was a night sky.

Silver ink, on black cardstock, and you have a perfectly easy night sky. I really could not decide on a sentiment, so I will wait. Who says you HAVE to stamp a sentiment on every creation you make, right away? Not me.

The paper is Scarlett Letter by Basic Grey.

I keep my MFT stuff a little on the simpler side cause that is me, and I think the images can be really dressed up and kept simple. So whatever your style, I think they can work for you (wink).


Celebrate the journey

LOVE that sentiment! This can be any type of journey! A literal trip, or life venture.


OK I gotta run. Sorry!

Enjoy the night of the release!

See you back here tomorrow! Gotta get those photos done.