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I am exhausted! Who would think having 5 kids at the Farm would be so tiring. I had my three and watched 2 others. I have to say they behaved so well.

I had a couple of teary moments. Just thankful for my kids and all I have. Sometimes little things they do get me all choked up. Like the unsolicited I love yous or a kiss. Sometimes just a look. I see them, and know this time will pass so fast. It has already. I want to LIVE in each moment, each day and absorb these faces, hugs, kisses and memories forever. Memories are made of the moments we live today.

I figured you may like to see it. It was VERY windy and cold. I thought it was going to rain but it held off.

I am happy to report Alexa cleaned out last night, and it was ALL brown! YEAH! She had a fabulous day and looks great! It was a huge deal that she was able to walk through the entire park! In know that is normal to so many of you, but for us, Alexa normally can’t walk that much. We are a week past chemo and I did see a big difference in her endurance and energy levels. Plus for her to not complain of pain is a big deal too. Her chemo made her bones just ache. I never realized how much she complained/ached till it stopped. She was running and just so happy. I got my “normal” family day afterall!! Thankfully we don’t get many “pity” looks anymore since she walks better and her hair is getting fuller.  Let me just tell you if you see a kid with cancer or any other problem, PLEASE don’t give that LOOK or STARE!! We see it, we just usually try to ignore it,  and we know what you are thinking. I’m not saying that to be rude, just be aware if you do it. No one wants the “LOOK”. You may only get what I mean if YOU have gotten the “LOOK”. Just look at us, or them like anyone else. I hope that makes sense.

We came home and everyone took a nap-for about 3 hours!! All except Alexa, who stayed up to play Groovy Girls!

Thank you so very much for the prayers and support! I so believe it worked!  I did use lot’s of bribery to get her to drink that stuff, and tomorrow I need to go buy the doll she saw in the store that talks and moves.

I do have creations to share but as you know I am drained! LOL! They have not been photographed at all. Hopefully tomorrow. Rest is necessary first! My hubby pointed out my spelling in my Alexa post for “Houston” we have take off, was spelled Huston. OH well! Im sorry but I was too stressed to be doing a great spell check!

Jason has tomorrow & Monday off! Vanilla Bean Chiller (with TGIFridays Mudslide mixer) here I come! Its well deserved this week!

Again thank you! If I could reach through the screen and give you all a BIG HUG, I so would.

Enjoy the night!