card-tin-gift-odb.jpg Path of the Lord ensemble

Bad designer!

This is what happens when you try to say “I don’t need a list”.

OK so I didn’t say I don’t NEED a list, I misplaced my list, but its the same thing in my eyes since I never went to find it.

I totally missed the day of the new release for Our Daily Bread Designs! I got my designs done, but crashed and burned before uploading them. I actually thought the release was set for the 1st! My brain was just in overload I guess. I was just wiped out. Alexa left school really early yesterday because this round has made her pretty sick. So being consumed with my bucket holding got quite exhausting.

I think my projects were worth the wait of one more day! LOL! OK so I HOPE they were!

Anyway the newest sets are so pretty. They are Path of Life and Fruit of the Spirit. I definitely wanted to work with them this month, so I opted IN!

 I personally, normally am not into coloring scenery. Im not very good at it, so that adds to my lack of ambition- but, this scene with the gate, to me was breath taking. I decided to TRY my hand at coloring it al in.

A first I was only going to highlight certain things in the scene, but once I got started I didn’t stop!

So I got my scene done. I used Pebbles Peralescent chalks for some of the “filler”, and bling!  It was going to be a card. I looked at it and thought NO WAY! I can’t just slap this onto a card! It needs to be displayed-forever! Cause Lauren Meader is NO scene maker, but I was happy with this. So here is my Heart Tin, a keepsake I can have forever.


I used some weave paper by Martha Stewart. The stamped/colored image is attached UNDER the lid 😀 Now this definitely opens up a whole new world to me for decorating these tins. as you can see, the path image is rather large 😀 In a good way! It lends itself to many possibilities of being colored, cut down-whatever you like.

These images I find awesome to do a quick, simple, single color. So I decided to make my card much simpler. Lets be honest-I really didn’t want a complicated card to outshine the gift. I wanted clean and SIMPLE!


This scene was die cut/embossed with my oval nestabilities.

I really enjoyed creating this set! What a great gift for someone filled with homemade yummies! Or a few candles, soaps and whatnot.

Speaking of what to put inside:

Recently a friend of mine-Sonia sent me an AMAZING package of fresh smelling soaps, lotions and bath scrubs. I tried one of the soaps immediately, and my hands smelled and FELT wonderful!! Her stuff would be perfect for putting in the tin. Not that I am parting with any of it 😀 She said it was for my 30th b-day. WOW.

When I picked up the pkg from the PO it smelled amazing. The woman at the PO was like WOW! That smells great! (You could smell it all from outside the box.) When I ever opened it I about died. I could not even believe all she sent.

THANK YOU SONIA!! Even more-she is having some tough family issue’s, so for her to take the time to think of me and the kids was just unbelievable.

Here are some photos of all the yummies. I think I won the lottery! Click to enlarge

amazing-gifts.jpg   more-gifts.jpg

She personalized Noah’s bubble bath stuff to say Noah’s Monkey Farts bubble bath. Boy did he think that was HILARIOUS!! He kept saying he was taking a bath in Monkey Fart’s and was going to smell like a big Monkey Fart! Oh BOY! You gotta love BOYS! LOL!


You can see her stuff here-Essential Goodies.I am so excited she has an Etsy Shop! Now I can just order what I want in the future.

Now as if the lotions weren’t enough, she sent me jewelry! I already got several comments on the ring! The ring comes apart and you can change out the stones!!!! They can match your outfits! I LOVE it.

The butterfly necklaces are for the girls-Amber has Purple, and Alexa has pink. They are butterflies. You have no idea how bad I wanted to keep them for me! LOL! We can share.

handmade-jewelry.jpg You have to enlarge it!

Here are the girls with the jewels on!


You can find the jewelry here->   Sonia Jung Designs. Next up for me is a Mother’s Bracelet! I never found a mother’s ring I really liked, and since Im done ADDING to the family its time to get something I can wear.

I had to go and ask her where to find all this stuff!! So thanks for sharing with me Sonia! You made my year.

Color Challenge Fruit Bowl


Im so sad that you cannot see the SHIMMER in my project. I colored most of this image using Twinkling H20’s. I got them at CKC last year, and LOVE them. Again, Im so not a great colorer of things in “Nature”. Im bad with color choices and shadowing, but Im a work in progress. I see some other’s work and about fall over, they look so real!

You may be wondering WHY I have all these colors on my card! Well, it is a fruit collection, and Kelley at ODBD gave us a bit of a color challenge! I LOVE a challenge!  I had to add the blue. Not sure WHY, looking back, but I just did.

Here are the PRISM colors:

Herbal Garden Light, Medium and Dark
Sunflowers Light
Blush Red Medium and Dark
Spring willow Light

The cardstock on this card is by Prism! You can view the colors HERE!

I stamped/colored/ cut my main image. I layered it onto a cut piece of embossed vellum, that was layered onto a scallop white circle. Added to the texture and elegance for me.

Fruit of the Spirit Paper Pieced!


Would you believe me if I told you this entire fruit assortment is paper pieced-except for the leaves?  I can’t tell you how cool it appears to be in person!! Everything is layered on!! I stamped 7 different images onto patterned paper to get my colors.

I used the Basic Grey Aerial Collection for my fruit bowl! I then added a touch of color to some of it with my Copic Markers!

The place mat was done with the stripped pattern

The bowl used a funky leaf pattern

grapes-the purple pattern

Bananas and pears from a yellow on the paper’s

The orange was a bird on the paper

Pretty cool.

I used my circle nestabilties  to cut out  the image. Since I was paper piecing, I just layered the place mat so it overhung.

Clean and simple with a pop of purple! Love it.

 OK peeps! That is all for today! That’s enough isn’t it? Well maybe-I need to get a challenge card done. OYE!

I am having dinner tonight with  some of my bestest friends!! Counting down the minutes! I really need a night out after this week. Then tomorrow is CKC in Manchester! Are you going? Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Till tomorrow.