OK this is NOT good.

There were some things that happened yesterday with Alexa. Long story short her poop was PURE WHITE. I googled this issue first and NOTHING good was releated to this symptom. I called her Doctor at 11:45 pm and was told it could be a plethora of things involving her liver. White-colorless poo=NEVER good.

It could be Auto-Immune Hepatitis-where her viral infection (stomach bug) has attacked her liver and because she has been compromised it may not be able to fight it, to liver failure from all the chemo. Then a few things in between. I wouldn’t want to close my eyes to point and pick one out.

There is a glimmer of a chance that since her bug has gone on for 2 weeks (on & off-which could also indicate the above-not a bug-but this bug has gone through our house already) the she wasn’t getting the proper nutrients from not eatting much and her liver isn’t working right.

I did tell Jay she seemed “sallow” which is a nursing term for yellow, and he said I was nuts, she looked fine.

Other symptoms are lethargy and nausea which she definitely has. Could be a blocked bile duct……ugh! Just look up white poop.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Im off to the doctors for a full work-up. Not sure what exactly they will do.

I do know I spoke with a newer doctor at the practice who is a man. I say that because he said-after I freaked out on the phone “You need to just go to bed and get some sleep. There is nothing you can do about it right now. Wait for tomorrow”

OBVIOUSLY never been a mother, let alone one of a kid like  Alexa. I wanted to crawl through the phone!!! SLEEP!! Are you kidding me? So I have been up ALL night, with a few disturbed minutes of on & off sleep.

Anyway. I contemplated even sharing but Im totally freakin. UGH!

Thanks for listening. Ill be back after I see her doctor and get info back.

When is this ever going to be OK? I’m really NOT in a good place right now.