OK! The Mag. Citrate has kicked in, and we had more white poop-that progressed into pale yellow, then like a tan poop.

I know- Im grossing you out. But I can’t help but share my finding.

I know you most likely can’t imagine why Im sitting here typing this but I can’t help but share the good, bad and all the in between.

I ended up calling the doctor back to make sure that pale yellowish tan was an OK sign and its a YES! We still have to be wary of any fever though. So lets keep up faith that we are good to go. No fever and more normal poop is a very good thing. She looks good. No real appetite-not shocking.

So its possible her 2 week bug really slowed stuff down in an already slow system. Making her gall bladder a bit lazy and uninspired to do its job. Looks like its back to work for the gallbladder.ย I would say if this happens to you or your child to still call your doctor immediately because none of this is really normal and can be dangerous if you wait or ignore it.

We aren’t out of the woods yet, but this is very hopeful. Time will tell. That and of course MORE poop. The kid has only gone once! Yeah-I know! I told you she holds it all in pretty well. She is a pro.

I packed stuff up for tomorrow-with 2 changes of clothes for Alexa-JUST IN CASE :C Im hoping if anything she just gets up in the middle of the night and gets it out of her system.

If there is anything I can say for my life it is always FAR from boring. ALWAYS.

Maybe some day this will all be funny-but Im thinking not. Im not gray yet, but am sure Alexa has aged me a good decade or two since birth.

Here to faithย for a good night. All I know is tomorrow I am going to need a feeding tube of coffee to keep me going! LOL!