Well peep’s this week you will get 2 sketch’s to play with from me 😀 

I forgot all about being asked to do a sketch for the Sisterhood of Scrap! I did this sketch month’s ago. I was excited to be invited to play along, but I had NO idea what to do since Im am NOT a scrapper. So I made a square card 5 1/2 around, and did a sketch that I thought may also be doubled as a scrapbook page! So if you scrap and have been waiting for me to do a page this is as close as you are going to get from me! LOL!

I hope you check it out HERE!!


I had to use Alexa’s set. I am not sure what is going on but I don’t think she isn’t resuming order’s till June :C. She is expecting a new baby, and is on bed-rest. I hope all is well with her. I did email her since there is an article in June Craft’s n’Things, and have not heard back. I will keep you posted.

Those who have read Alexa’s story and shared comments and well wishes/stories-thank you!! So sweet of you all to be concerned. Many asked how this last round went, and Alexa did fabulous! She is at her father’s this weekend.

Its the spinal chemo (last one next month) that gets me worried. I have had some bad dreams over it since treatment began! I think its just my underlying anxiety playing out. I wont say what the dreams entail, just know it feels so real, and upsets me for days afterwards.

UGH! Shakin it off.

Anyway here is the sample for the sketch.

alexas-challenge-mytime.jpg Feelin Groovy

The circle bkgd, and sentiment is by Stamping Bella (and no my over 50 count did not include bkgds, and sentiments. So many of you are SO BAD!! I got emails asking just how many I REALLY had! That is confidential info! LOL!). I used my SU! markers to color the circles various colors. I then added these little sequins I got from Queen & Co. Love the funky colors.

I had this acetate tag, so I stamped the butterfly from Alexa’s set on there, and cut, color, and pasted it on the top.

This is definitely a groovy card! I love it. Alexa has a friend who seriously dresses just like a Groovy Girl. Its so cute. She’s a modern day Punky Brewster!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this gorgeous weather! I have a feeling NO ONE will be doing this weekend’s sketches anytime soon! With weather like this, who can blame you?

Also if you have emailed me with something in the past and I didn’t get back to you, there is a great chance it got lost in the shuffle!! I feel like I was suppose to do something and I forgot! LOL! I get back to every single email I receive, I just often may forget, of have it get lost in the shuffle. So in the future-if you email me and don’t hear back in 2 days (unless you read something is up) then feel free to re-send it. I’m not ignoring you! LOL!

 Have a supah day!