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Today I am running late for several reasons #1 my kids keep killing each other #2 my camera batteries died, and #3 I was putting together a post, jam packed with FUN ideas for you to try!

So grab your coffee and get ready for a FULL post of fun!

In this post you will learn to make a Moving Mermaid card, be reminded how to make your own cloud template and use fantasy film, make simple “starfish” and how to MAIL these interactive, or more 3D cards, in style!!!


Last August I made a Hula Kitty. You can find that —>here! I got many requests on “how to” do it. I did answer many of you privately. Well, now is the time to share it here.

When I saw this Mermaid from Lizzie Anne’s set By the Sea (FYI this is the “sister” set to Shore Thoughts which is where the Sun image is from on this card), I knew I had to make the Mermaid “swim”. That took me back to the Hula Kitty idea.

So here are two photos for you to view, the motion this Mermaid has!

Swimming to the right


Now swimming the the left


All you have to do is tilt the card from one side, to the other, and she is swimming side to side! Isn’t she so cute?

Moving Card-You need- one or two pennies,  1/2 inch Circle punch and Dimensional’s

QUICK DIRECTIONS-Punch 1/2 inch hole in cardstock. Layer 2 dimensionals stacked onto each-other on back of image, and place through hole in cardstock. Adhere penny to back of cardstock layer. It is important that is layer is on dimensionals so that the penny can rotate around!

I have another Make It Move <—-tutorial . If you like this one, but want a slider idea 😀

Here is a photo once the layer is complete-from side view


See 2 dimensionals-penny is behind wave layer. My waves were done using my Creative Memories Wavy cutter. I LOVE that tool!!! I sponged the wave edges, each on dimensionals for depth.

Now for the Mermaid! I colored her with Copic markers, and used a clear Atyou glitter pen for her seashells, star fish, and the sun!

I made her tail using Fantasy Film, in waterfall. You can see a tutorial on Fantasy Film–>HERE. I thought it was just PERFECT for the tail. Shimmery, and fin-like!

NOTE:If you “Google” Fantasy Film you will come up with some X Rated material! LOL! I was informed by one of my reader’s when she tried to hunt some down. You can purchase it at most Stamp stores, or online venue’s. I am going to be asking Christine at All That Scraps to get some in. Since it has a variety of colors, feel free to give some input on your faves, so I can “make a list” for her to place an order!

Now I made the cloud, making my own homemade template. It is my most favortie way to create them! And CHEAP!!

Tutorial for that can be seen ->here

Lastly the Starfish! I loved the Starfish from the Shore Thoughts set, but by this card’s end I was TOO lazy to stamp/color/cut out the one’s in the set! LOL!

I used my SU! Star punch, and used the little elements from the stamp set (the swirl, and sand stamp) to create my own EASY starfish! I stamped ALL the edges with the sand image (on this I only did 1/2 so you get the “idea”), then I rounded the tips with my paper snips, and curled the ends under.


Now this is for the LAST idea.

I get so many emails asking me HOW to mail interactive cards, of bulky cards without ruining them, or how to go about sending them”in style”.

SEE TOP PHOTO!!! My Mermaid card in a box.

I put mine in the Clearly Creative Card boxes! Just secure the ends with tape, and put the mailing and postage labels on the back! Isn’t this the cutest way to send a special card? I wanted to add a few more things to pretty it up, so that is where the starfish and filler come in.

Now it will cost a little more to mail, but can you imagine how cool this would be to see when you open your mailbox? AND you can bet the women at the PO will take extra care not to squish it-unless they keep it (YIKES! LOL!)

This is going to my friend Jenn in Canada who made me the most BEAUTIFUL address book with all my PSF’s info! It was just the sweetest thing to do for us. I wanted to send her a special TY note, and I think this should do it! Her gift was so amazing and thoughtful. I am going to send her a GC via email , to an online store. I dont want to send one IN this card package-just in case.

So that is all for today! I hope you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I will FINALLY have my seed packet tutorial for you.

Till then-