Nothing earth shatttering today. Finishing up some projects 😀 FUN!! FUN!! I love when it all just flows. 

Stamping-This OBSESSION we like to affectionately call a “hobby”.

Many people just don’t get it. I know most of my friends don’t. They most likely think I’m insane. Some of the few friends I do have that stamp, well it really is just an “occasional” thing they do. Some haven’t replenished their cardstock, or bought any new stuff in months-maybe even over a year! (Can you imagine?)

Anyway-I try to tell people that don’t get it, what I get with stamping, is that you can do ANYTHING. Whatever you see in the store, YOU can do that, maybe even better. Again, they think “Oh here is crazy Lauren babbling on again”. So, whenever I get a Wedding, shower or even a birthday invite, I like to take the invitation as my card inspiration.

We can get inspiration from everywhere!! I  know I do all the time. Now to show some of you what I mean. It’s sort of like casing.

I told you that I have a baby shower to help with. Here is the invitation, which I was inspired by 😀

jenny-baby-shower.jpg It was a rather large invite. Sorry for the photo. To capture it I had to take a large photo, but then it was too large to load here. I had to tape out the personal stuff.

Anyway the large card, is the invite for the baby shower. Below it is my card, inspired by the shower invite.

Here is a closer look.

jenny-baby-shower-card.jpg Sweet and simple-yet oh so cute!!

This card is 4 1/4 X 4 1/4 square card

I had this clear set Sassy Shilouette’s for over a year. NEVER used it! LOL! Till now. The images are pretty small. Cute though. SEE you never know when you are going to need something-LOL! (I think that is where the hobby goes to obsession)

I decided to use the border’s around the girl in the invite. Can you see all the nestability embossed border’s on my layers? I stamper her in chocolate since really didn’t want her in white. I wanted her in brown. She is afterall a shilouette right?

Since it is a shower card, to go with the gift, I tied the ribbon behind the layer to look like a gift 😀 I love doing that.

The spring moss cardstock, and sentiment is by Papertrey Ink.

So see you can make just about anything! I would have wrapped the gift to match too, but we got her the Bassinet-a little too large to have custom made wrap. I just bought a large gift sak at Target, which ended up being WAY bigger than I thought! Turns out you can fit a BIKE in it! Or even myself-with room to spare. It was only $4.99, so I thought it wouldn’t be THAT big! WOW! Im thinking Santa needs to get one for each kid next year, and they can just have a blast riffling through their new toys in the gift sak! LOL! Talk about a time saver. (Kidding, I know the fun is unwrapping every little gift)

Well that is all for today. It is the actual shower today so I will be pretty busy. Should be fun though. I have some more great things in store for the week. Hope you enjoyed the weekend 😀

Till tomorrow